Herseth Sandlin ignores self imposed deadline

Looks like the clock struck twelve for Herseth Sandlin’s decision. Do you think she is conflicted or just sitting on a fence somewhere toiling with another decision? She used to really like sitting on the fence as long as she could when she was in congress. Maybe it reminded her of the prairie here in South Dakota? Kevin Woster blogs:

I seem to recall that when I called her about Bill Janklow?s illness, an interview in which she gave thoughtful, poignant commentary, we also strayed – at my urging – into a short discussion about the U.S. House race in 2012…

I asked her if she had ruled out a run in 2012. She was coy.

But she also said, I thought, that she would announce a decision of some kind by the end of the year.

Woster ponders an interesting question:

I?ve left two or three different voicemails asking for her to call me about that. She hasn?t. Which makes me wonder, even as Tim Johnson sends out strongly supportive fund-raising letters for his former staffer and announced Democratic U.S. House candidate, Matt Varilek.

Are those two Democratic camps not communicating, or what?

Don’t you feel bad for Herseth Sandlin that Kevin Woster seems to be the only person interested in her 2012 plans… I’d have thought Tim Johnson could have reached Herseth Sandlin without too much trouble, considering they both reside in that city far from South Dakota known as Washington DC.

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  1. Dawn

    Herseth Sandlin was a flawed congresswoman. So is Noem. In fact I’m upset with Noem at the moment and that surprises me since I never in my life voted Democrat.

    I think Noem might have found that she likes the princess outfit SHS used to wear and has decided it’s better than being one of the people.

    I’ll be voting against all incumbants in ’12. NObama, NOem. Pretty easy.

  2. Anonymous

    Herseth wouldn’t have a chance in Heck if she got into this race with Obama on the ballot. She knows it and she knows the SDDP in SD is run by Senator Johnson. Stand aside Stephie and let Varilek take the butt woopin’ this time. You can go in ’14. But you’ll lose to Rounds.

  3. Duh

    We bury the dead cat and someone keeps digging it up and dragging it on to the porch. Who cares. Don’t give SHS the benefit of the limelight, even if it’s brief.


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