Herseth-Sandlin receives award

Herseth-Sandlin - from Madison Daily Leader

Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin keeps making positive  appearances in South Dakota, most recently when she received the East River Electric Power Cooperative Eminent Service Award.

“I accept this award today, but want to assure you that my service to cooperative values is in no way at an end.”

I admit that I am very intrigued to see what her plans are for the future. We can all agree that losing stings, and the potential for a rematch or an open Senate seat don’t come along very often in SD politics. My guess is she has her sights set on a 2014 run if Johnson steps down. So in the meantime, why not collect a few awards from former constituents in South Dakota and add to her resume?

“Stephanie has been a strong supporter of East River Electric, its members and the rural electric cooperative model as a whole, and we appreciate her vision to advance programs important to rural America,” said East River General Manager Jeff Nelson.

Herseth-Sandlin is likely to get plenty of attention like this award over the next couple years. This kind of praise often goes to former members of congress, and we are going to be hearing from organizations that Herseth-Sandlin served when things were generally good across America. She didn’t need to make the hard choices that are confronting our elected officials at the present time. With a divided congress, it did’t become an issue that her political philosophy was more liberal than most of South Dakota.

As times change, it will be interesting to see how the public views Herseth-Sandlin. She was never unpopular or disliked by voters in South Dakota. Even during the 2010 election, she regularly polled with favorables in the mid 50’s to low 60’s. People liked her. They just didn’t think she was fighting hard enough for South Dakota against the liberal onslaught in Washington.

If Herseth-Sandlin chooses to run again, it will be interesting to see how the political climate has changed.

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  1. Anonymous

    She won’t run if Rounds is our nominee for Senate.

    If Noem runs for senate it will be round 2.

    Yes you are right that she will be getting her fair share of fluff media.

      1. caheidelberger

        If we want to ride Clay Grüber for minutiae, we should point out that he can’t even recognize that Herseth Sandlin has never hyphenated her name. The original article he cites reflects this orthographical fact.

  2. Experienced

    Writer: Who are you? Do you have any knowledge of SD politics? In 2 short years this site has lost half it’s credibility.

    1. grudznick

      I like it too. And the dark bags under her eyes are lessened these days. The life of luxury in DC probably does that to a person.

  3. caheidelberger

    “didn’t need to make hard choices”? In the midst of two wars and economic stagnation? In the midst of the economic collapse of 2008? In the midst of the heated debate over health care reform in 2009 and 2010? Come on, Bill/Hans, do you think we’re stupid? SHS was making all sorts of hard choices. Noem doesn’t make any hard choices; Speaker Boehner makes them for her while she runs the blowdryer on high before her next appearance on Fox News.

    1. Name

      Wow. What a sexist pig. A woman is attractive, so she must automatically be stupid. Do you hate all women, or just the pretty ones?

      Go back to your cave.

  4. Just Call Me Joe

    Wasn’t there some other Washington, DC, resident more deserving? Say, Jim Aborezek or Larry Pressler? I mean, all good things come to us from Washington, right?

  5. Duh

    Big deal. It’s not like she saved a cat out of a burning tree or volunteered to haul sand bags during a flood. She was doing her job. That’s like getting an award for actually showing up for your job.

    Pinheads: Quit nickpicking. The point was made. If SHS didn’t hyphenate her name, that was HER error as the hyphenated name is grammatically correct.

    1. Hmmm

      It’s her name. She should be able to hyphenate or not as she wishes. I know that’s a hard concept for men to understand.

      BTW, I would vote for Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in a minute over Mike Rounds. And I’m a Republican.

  6. Duh


    Kristi has a brain and is beholden to no one but us. You have absolutely zero basis to make the claim Boehner controls her in any way. Conversely, SHS got whacked because of her blind allegiance to Pelosi.

    1. Mr. Potato Head

      Kristi isn’t beholden to her constituents or John Bohner. She does what Kristi wants. Period.

      Kristi hits a lot of different areas with her personality. She has Tea Party support, conservative support but she also is trying for the reasonable moderate type of image also.

      She’s diverse and she’s not going to fall in line for anyone or group.

  7. Doug Wiken

    Pray tell, what are Herseth Sandlin’s values that don’t agree with South Dakota values? Doesn’t the right wing ever get tired of irrelevant campaign nonsense?

    For whatever it is not worth, Stephanie looks like a new Betty Crocker in that photo.

    1. Any Name

      Well, since you asked… she clearly doesn’t value being here in SD. She has done everything possible to be away from here, and to work away from here. Right wing? Better check your scoop, not everyone that voted for Mrs. Noem was a right winger.

  8. Duh

    Wiken: She lost because she didn’t represent our values. She backed Pelosi and ALL she stood for which was incredibly disliked in this state. She pandered to the FAR left that she turned off moderates. How else would you interpret the election results?? She was one “I’m a proud D.C. resident” comment away from having to go buy red Sally Jesse Raphiel glasses and double for Daschle.

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    it hits me wrong when commentators make the looks of female candidates part of their analysis (you don’t see people saying that Ron Paul or Barack Obama looked stunning today in that cashmere jacket with the tie that had a hint of fusia — and obviously sporting a ‘do from a stunning new barber) – that aside…

    the challenge for SHS has always been, and will continue to be, that her abode of choise since high school graduation — other than when preparing to run for congress – has been a zip code in the DC metro area. I don’t think that you can seriously argue that cares about the state or knows a lot about the state. But, name three community projects that she has been a part of on a monthly basis over the past decade in her community. You know, the den parent, PTA, soccer coach, build-the-swimming-pool, United Way kind of things. She hasn’t. Her life is not here. She may run again in South Dakota- although I highly doubt it – but unless it is for a spot where the incumbent (or recent incumbent) has recently killed somebody, that lightening won’t strike again in South Dakota for SHS. I would not be at all suprised to learn that she won a race in the locality where she makes her home. It just won’t be a 57— zip code.

    1. Mr. Potato Head


      As always you make a great point but I don’y think accomplishments have much to do with winning an election (we pretend they do and like to read off our lists).

      It’s about climate and likability as a candidate.

      Who has a better business? Curd or Noem? Or Rounds for that matter?

      Who accomplashed more as an elected official? Nelson or Noem?

      Looks have a lot to do with things just like gender.

      Dusty looks different than Thune but his personality is electric and it works for him.

      1. anon

        Not even the same ball park.

        One (Weiland) is the metrodome the other (SHS) is PNC park.

        Meaning one is great the other is in need of a great many things. (PNC park obviously being the great one of the two)

    1. insomniac

      I must say good for Bryan Noem and Kimberly Thune for being 1300 miles away from their families for 4+days at a time but if any of them ever decided that they wanted to be with their spouse there I wouldn’t hold it against them.

      It has to be hard for Kristi and John aswell I mean Thune’s kids grew up while he was away and Noem’s are going through a time in their life that she will miss plenty of.

      There are also trade offs. I’m sure the oppurtunities Noem and Thune’s kids far outway most families.

      Whatever works I don’t hold it against either.


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