Herseth Sandlin still straddling the fence…

Even out of office, Herseth Sandlin still likes to sit on the fence. Making a decision was never her strong suit.

Over at Mount Blogmore, Kevin Woster recently gave us some insight into former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s process for deciding whether she is going to attempt a rematch with Congresswoman Noem.

Herseth Sandlin indicated that she would make a personal decision known sometime in December.

Not only does blogmore speculate on this, but Noem’s finance director Jessica Arend quotes the blog in a recent fundraising letter.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin recently made the trip to South Dakota from Washington, DC (where she works as a lobbyist) to raise money for the state Democratic Party.  As the Rapid City Journal’s blog noted, “Attendees said SHS sounded very much like a candidate in the way she took on Congress and specifically [targeted] Noem. They said she sounded fiery and inspired, as if she were gearing up for something soon.”

Obviously, the continued speculation Herseth Sandlin allows about her possible return to SD politics only makes it easier for Noem to raise money. The fact that SHS is even remotely allowing speculation to persist only hurts the other Democratic candidates in the fundraising race.

So what will Herseth Sandlin’s decision be? Can she handle letting someone else take the spot light in the Democratic party? Especially Matt Varilek, a Johnson staffer who is being supported by none other than Steve Hildebrand, who famously demanded his financial contribution be returned during the 2004 election over Herseth Sandlin’s stance on gay marriage.

It is apparent there is a segment of the Democratic party that does not miss Herseth Sandlin or wish to see her return. It looks like Herseth Sandlin’s coy indecisiveness is only helping Noem’s finance director build a war chest against Mr. Varilek.


3 Replies to “Herseth Sandlin still straddling the fence…”

  1. Anonymous

    Varilek and Barth must not raise Noem much money… I’m surprised she isn’t running fundraising letters that include Mike Rounds possibly challenging her for Senate in 2014. Maybe that would raise even more money?

    I’m a supporter of the theory that we need to throw all of the bumbs out in favor of real people taking these jobs instead of princess Stephanie or farmsubsidy Noem.

    What about a real person who just wants to serve?

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve never met you Jeff. I look forward to the oppurtunity. Though I’m sure I’ll vote for Noem again…

    (also she’s not a tea partier)


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