The Democrats "2012 dilemma"

Jonathon Ellis indicates Dem Chairman BJ Nesselhuf is seeking at least one more candidate to challenge Congresswoman Noem. One has to wonder if he will be hoping for one more candidate until he gets the candidate he wants. (I’m sure it isn’t anything personal intended toward Varilek and Barth.)

And, if Nesselhuf is right, there will be at least one more candidate.

Of course, most people wonder whether that candidate is former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Herseth Sandlin told Kevin Woster, the resident sage at the Rapid City Journal, that she would make a personal decision about whether to run again sometime this month….

She?s also being pressured, I?m told, by various Democratic honchos to make another run.

My advice to Herseth Sandlin, she should get in this race and remind people why she campaigned for Obama in the first place. That stimulus worked out really well.

But for fun, let’s assume Herseth Sandlin doesn’t run. Who else could be a third candidate to get in this Democratic primary?

I doubt Brendan Johnson will run since his in-laws are already on board for Matt Varilek. Could it be former senator Nancy Turbak Berry? or former Senator Dan Ahlers? After the 2010 election, there are mostly “former” Democratic legislators for Nesselhuf to choose from.

Apparently the bench is pretty thin.

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  1. name

    What I love about the blog is how this site can get under your skin so much Corey. I bet you and your dem/socialist friends spend too much time being hacked off about republicans and what happens on their blogs.

  2. Draft Jim Hunstad II

    There is no way Mrs. Sandlin can beat Kristi Noem. Does anyone remember Rick Wieland? Thune pounded him in Round II.

    If Jim Hunstad decides to step into the ring, Noem could be beat. But I bet Hunstad will wait for the Senate seat. We need Jim!

    1. ***Draft Jim Hundstad for US Congress 2012***

      I am glad to see someone echoing my feelings about Senator Jim Hundstad. He is a man of great character. Few match his oratorical skills. He has risen to the rank of Assistant Minority Leader in the State Senate based on his shear ability to communicate his incredible depth of policy.

      Hundstad knows the family farmer, the blue colar worker and the caring teacher. He understands the 99%.

      As a farmer in rural Brown County he has built a reputation as a leader in his community. He comes from the same area as greats like Tom Daschle, Lars Herseth and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. It’s time for Democrats to nominate another winner from the North East. The SDDP should look no further than Senator Jim Hundstad.

      Hundstad will advocate for property, income and sales taxes or as he would refer to them “the three legged stool of tax.”

      Varilek and Barth would pail in comparison to Senator Hundstad.


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