Once again, Former State Rep. Mark Venner is out of the US Senate Race.

I’m losing track of how often former State Representative Mark Venner is in and out of the US Senate Race.

First he was exploring.

Then he told a close friend of mine directly to his face that he was not running.

But that ‘not running’ statement was quickly rescinded.

And now, once again, and definitively we hope, Former State Rep. Mark Venner is announcing that he is out of the US Senate Race.  According to Tony Mangan at Today’s KCCR News:

Last month, Venner had said he would make a final decision between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At the time, Venner said he was still leaning towards running.

But Venner, who farms north of Pierre, says the recent death of his father, Eugene, has changed “the landscape” for him. While a campaign is still something he wants to do, Venner admits that given his family and farming responsibilities, this is not the right time.

Venner served 12 years as a Hughes County Commissioner and served two years in the state House before losing the 2012 primary in his re-election bid. Venner says he has thought about running for the Legislature in 2014, but says he is not ready to make such a decision.

Read it all here.

I can understand and sympathize with his reasons for not running this time.

But, it is also interesting that he’s looking at jumping back into politics at the same time he’s saying no to a US Senate race.

7 Replies to “Once again, Former State Rep. Mark Venner is out of the US Senate Race.”

  1. Anonymous

    He’d have been a better, more viable challenger than Stace. He obviously thought so also if he was still considering running this late in the game. He probably was/is aware of the inevitable “wait for the top to pop” but the timing just isn’t good for him and we have to respect that. Bummer.

    1. Anonymous

      Venner is a good guy, but the above is just more Rounds spin. Mark couldn’t beat Tim Rounds in one of the most republican districts in the state. Rounds wanted another Candidate like Rhodent and Bosworth in the race to bleed off votes from Nelson.

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry, no place to draw a picture on here for you. Rounds wants more people in the race because it hurts his chances in a straight head to head race with an actual conservative like Nelson.

          1. Anonymous

            Nelson will end up with 10-12% at most. He doesn’t represent South Dakota or its values and never will. Since when is batshit crazy considered conservative?

          2. Anonymous

            I don’t need a picture. It’s simple math. Rhoden and Bosworth announced before Nelson. Rounds didn’t talk them into it “just in case” Nelson ran. I don’t think Rounds is the least bit afraid other than who knows what will spew out of his mouth which is why SD would be afraid if Nelson went to DC. I’d be waiting daily for the bomb to drop!


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