Hey! Am I at a Republican convention here? Is it the Summer of Love?

A wise political sage once told me that he doesn’t usually go to Republican conventions, because convention is where you go to see old enemies, and make new ones.  Funny, but somewhat accurate, since you’re usually running against someone or some issue.

I had to do a double take tonight, and wonder if I was actually at a Republican convention, as this is – hands down – the friendliest and most convivial convention I’ve been to in 20 years. No committee fights. No Platform fights. No Resolution fights.

Were there disagreements? Absolutely. But people were happy to reach compromise, and find middle ground. They generally agreed on Republican principles, and made things work. People would bring things to committee with hard hard to support language, and the committees worked with people to find something that worked for everyone.

And what was anticipated to be an anemic crowd of 120 or 130? Tonight I’m hearing the banquet swelled to over 300. People are interested and engaged, and ready to go to work. It was a nice change of pace, and gave hope that the GOP is capable of coming together to do great things without leaving each side bloodied and battered.

The Dems may be in serious trouble this year. Because we’d rather spend our time this fall on them, rather than against ourselves.

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