Hey Jeff, which primary are you running in?

Issue by issue, Democratic congressional candidate Jeff Barth apears to be reavealing a unique Democratic campaign strategy, especially for a primary. Agree with Kristi Noem. Here is what the MDR reported when discussing Noem’s dust bill.

Barth said he agrees with Noem.

?I am not one of those who would ridicule Noem on this issue,? he said. ?Dust is an issue for many businesses and local governments, not just farming. Those of us who drive on gravel roads learned many years ago to roll up your car windows as another vehicle approaches on a dry day.

?Who thinks banning gravel roads is a good idea?? he asked. ?We should not regulate people out of business (mining, woodworking, smelting, concrete, farming, lumber, grain elevators and grain transportation) with our economy so weak.?

Barth said before he was elected to the Minnehaha County Commission, he thought lawyers were the biggest trouble in the country.

?I am now more worried about bureaucrats,? he said. ?I remember the story about British colonial office buildings in Singapore being required to have 45-degree roofs as the bureaucrats in London wanted to be assured that the snow would slide off. One size determined in D.C. or London does not fit all.?

Jeff Barth is now batting 2 for 2 by supporting Noem’s dust bill and also supporting the Keystone pipeline through SD. However, his liberal opponent, (former Johnson staffer) Matt Varilek continues to promote the typical liberal delusions on the trail. No surprise there…

It’s always nice to see Democrats coming to their senses and agreeing with Congresswoman Noem. Especially when she is right to not trust the EPA, stick up for farmers, and advocate for jobs building a pipline.

Someone must have forgotten to tell Barth that before he can support reasonable, bi-partisan and intelligent policies, he must first win the Democratic primary vote where Kristi Noem is always wrong and never ever even remotely close to being right.

But I guess if Barth agrees with Noem on the issues and Noem is right, that must mean that Varilek is… wrong.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think that Noem is all that popular outside of a certain segment of Republican activists who like her because she is mildly hot. But Barth and Varilek are so not popular and will go down to her without her even breaking a sweat.

    I don’t know many people who aren’t hard core GOP women activists and some old men who love Noem like people universally love Thune.

    In many areas Noem is right but that is partly because the Dems are so loony.

  2. Anonymous

    Noem is absolutely right on the dust bill. I thought it was stupid to begin with but the left is just out of control in this country.

    1. Troy Jones

      I think we should just say thank you and not read anything into a few agreements. This is South Dakota and not every issue is a wedge issue.

      1. 73*

        I disagree. I’m tired of the dems trashing Noem at everyturn. Especially when they call her dust legislation “pixie and fairy” dust.

        That is sexist. It is wrong and I’m tired of sitting by listening the those clowns run her down.

        1. D.E. Bishop

          That’s not sexist. Unless you think pixie and fairy dust only applies to women. That would be weird.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Troy in your historical perspective when did a congressman or woman from South Dakota ever get elected to a leadership position in Congress their first year there?

    And who of you could hold your composure under fire from the news media as well as Rep. Noem did in the last two years?

    Do whatever you care to but Kristi Noem is here to stay for as long as she wants to be involved in politics.

    1. Anonymous

      Republicans like to play identity politics even while they accuse Democrats of the same thing. In a freshman congressional class full of white men, they pushed a woman and a black man out in front of the cameras.

      Sure, Rep. Noem and Rep. Scott are articulate, but so are all of the 77 white men who make up the 87 members of the GOP freshman class.

      1. Anonymous

        Noem and Scott are articulate. I’m sure their gender and race didn’t hurt but let’s not forget they are also talented. But no she isn’t John Thune. Not yet anyway.

    2. Amadeus


      Senator Thune held the role of freshman liason to leadership Congresswoman Noem currently has when he was elected to congress in ’96.

      Thune is the one who advised Noem to seek this position.

  4. Troy Jones


    I think it has probably been rare. Essentially I think her selection is making the her the President of her class, a position that Thunder and Obama both held. Like you, I am surprised the attacks on her of such a personal nature. Personally, like *73, I think is has a not so subtle sexist tone.

    Regarding the first comment, I think that is an unfair standard. Thune is the rarest of politicians with regard to his complete skill set. In all my years of being around politics, I really believe he has no peer. All others have had a weakness.

    I will use a baseball analogy. Thune is a five tool player (speed, can hit for average, can hit for power, can throw, and play defense) which is the rarest of players.

    1. Anonymous

      One of the issues I’m most impressed with Senator Thune on is the fact that he is a tireless worker behind the scenes and a policy wonk at heart. He might look like a jock but the guys knows the issues better than almost anyone.

      In that aspect Noem has a long way to go before she is even in the same ballpark as Senator Thune. Noem is fine but let’s not overstate her ability because she was tapped to be the leader of the freshman class. She was picked because she is articulate when on message and an atractive woman under 40. (how many of those are there in congress – that’s right 2 or 3)

      I’m by no means saying Noem is not qualified (i voted for her twice and will do so again) but I’m saying she was chosen because of her unique physical traits more than anything else.

      1. anon

        Tim Scott of Sout Carolina is an African American and Noem is a woman. I wonder how in a caucus of white mail leadership they chose them over everyone else? Easy they aren’t old white men.

        Scott is more conservative than Noem and I’m inclined to believe he is doing a better job.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    My comments were geared 100% towards shining a bright light on Rep. Noem’s accomplishments in her freshman year as being picked from a dozen women; not all of them white, to be the female leader of the 112th Freshman class of Congress.

        1. V

          You just keep dreaming Cory. Maybe one day she will see you for all your worth and come running with open arms…

  6. Winston

    Barth is a pragmatist and the only chance for the Dems to beat Noem.
    He is the New York Giants this year and Varilek is the Green Bay Packers.
    Its time Noem started to take Barth more serious as Varilek is left in the

    1. V

      “Dust” literally. Barth might be better suited to dropping out of the primary and running as an independent.

      He is not suited to running as a Dem in the primary.


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