Hey — look who poked her head out…

Tom Lawrence at the Mitchell Daily Republic got the post election scoop — he scored an interview with SHS.  As I’ve said previously — Tom has been doing really solid political reporting.

Read it here

Apparently SHS didn’t like some of your comments about her fleeing the state.

The Argus’ Jonathan Ellis on his blog says rumor has it that the Tom and the MDR may have had to do some creative arm twisting to get a return call.

I know several of you think “she lost, she’s done, leave her alone” — but others read her comments in the article and from election night as leaving the door open for another run — perhaps even a rematch in 2012.  Kevin Woster at the RC Journal blogged about that possibility along with the SHS statement that she’d been in Brookings for the two weeks following the election….I’m guessing an intrepid reporter like Tom Lawrence might actually try checking up on her story that she was in Brookings…..surely someone would have seen her.

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  1. LJ

    If Herseth was in Brookings for the two weeks after the election then I’m the queen of England. That’s malarkey. It’s ok, Stephie, you can stop lying now.

  2. Ace-R

    Word on the street is that the Mitchell newspaper finally got tough with Herseth and said if she didn’t stop dodging reporters and refusing to do interviews then they were going to run a story about how she’s MIA. At the last minute, Herseth called them and stopped that story. Somebody should write a story about that.

  3. caheidelberger

    Fleeing the state? “Word on the street”? What rot. Where’s your evidence? I am sick of you Noem drones making stuff up and presenting no evidence to back your charges. Put up or shut up.

  4. Anon

    Good work by the Mitchell paper! they sniffed out and pursued a good story. Where are the geniuses at KELO who couldn’t wait to rush on air with the speeding ticket story fed to them by Herseth’s campaign?? Is KELO getting snubbed by the Princess? Doesn’t she owe them for smearing Kristi?

  5. Saba

    you’re right to bring this up Kristi, because Herseth is running again, there’s no doubt about it. She stayed out of the news for over a month so her anger didn’t show, but now she’s getting back to the business of preparing a comeback in 2012. She did this after 2002 also.

  6. PP at the SDWC

    Since my wife or I drive by it multiple times daily to take kids to school, go to the office, etc. I would grant her that that there appeared to be activity at Stephanie’s house for a couple days after the election.

    But 2 weeks? No way.

  7. CubbiesMo

    It seems that Herseth got out of South Dakota as fast as she could after the election. Why would she fib to Tom Lawrence about being in Brookings for two weeks after the election? It’s just weird and pathological. Stop the charades Stephanie. And you also have a home in Washington too. That’s not a crime, just stop lying about it.

  8. Troy Jones

    While I don’t have a problem with someone investigating whether or not she was in Brookings or not, I do take her at her word. Just like I take KN at her word she read the Health Care Bill while traveling the state.

    This said, I don’t think it would have adversely reflected on SHS if she had gone to DC or Texas for a few weeks. Nor does it reflect positively on her she spent it in Brookings. Some things just are and have no hidden or symbolic meaning. Campaigns are hard work and after giving your all for several months, downtime with husband and son are warranted anywhere they choose.

    I also think the talk she might run again is nothing more than her following advice of those around her to close no doors. Over the next few months, she will begin to evaluate her options and desires for her life (personal and professional) and begin to form some clarity.

    Finally, I do like the recent letters to the editor in the Argus from her supporters calling us stupid for not re-electing SHS as they don’t help her. They are like Republican 12th men on a football team. 🙂

  9. Peaver-Pat

    I’m glad one reporter had the guts to hold Herseth’s feet to the fire and stop treating her like she’s God or something. Enough with the tantrum Stephanie. Now do your job.

  10. Anon

    it’s funny that Herseth has to be threatened before Her Highness will actually speak to the media peasants…. whatever works. Good get by Lawrence.

  11. Duh

    I frankly don’t care what she did after she got booted. She is human and was probably very distraught. However, her situation is just like many kids to aspire to be an athlete. They don’t put the time in, they don’t work on their skills, they do enough to get by, they don’t listen to the coach or the other players, they don’t show their “teamwork” attitude and then are emotionally destroyed when they don’t make the team. Tough cookies.

    She has no political money (i.e. stiffing landlords), she has no desire, she’s a pathaological smoke and mirrors magician, she’s still on the payroll and went missing for a month. If she runs again, it’s only because SD voters have alzeimers as to why she lost in the first place. If she was transparent, met with us, actually acknowledged us, she wouldn’t have been booted. It’s that simple.

  12. Les

    Stephanie obviously lost any connection she might have had with South Dakota, both liberal and conservative.

    She tried pleasing all, but lost when running with the monster Pelosi, and hid in fear.

    When she did return to campaign, the captain of her ship put her in the rocks and cost her the election. This should have been an easy win amongst the wave of GOP takeovers and she blew it big time personally, by not taking her own reigns two years ago forward, and being a South Dakotan.

    A waste of a good mind and a nice lady.

    Let’s hope Kristi has the gut’s to stand up the to the monsters of DC.

  13. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think Troy Jones was making a joke about the Vikings with that 12th man on the field thing. I bet he’s secretly a Packer fan

  14. Jeff J.

    You wanted her to do an interview nad now she has. Can we be done with this? I expect her to continue her usual communicaiton regarding votes she’s taking or has taken and that’s all she needs to do. I hope her staff lands on theri feet.

  15. Anonymous

    With all of the unsubstantiated allegations (SHS doesn’t pay her rent) and sophomoric topics (Whe is SHS), one can tell PP isn’t running this blog anymore.

  16. Duh

    Anon 8:49 “With all of the unsubstantiated allegations (SHS doesn?t pay her rent)”

    What is unsubstantiated about hearing it from the person who got stiffed first hand? I did. Again, she cannot run her own personal/professional finances and you apparently defend her ability to run the country’s????

    You go missing for a month (if indeed you work for pay) and see how sophomoric your boss gets…

  17. Anne

    Duh…is your friend a landlord in Sioux Falls? Otherwise there is no way he/she got stiffed. There was only one Stephanie for South Dakota campaign office. Any congressional office had no choice but end their lease so it shouldn’t be one of those either. Therefore perhaps your blame should be aimed at SDDP or local democratic agencies.

  18. Duh

    If you pull out early from a lease, that’s a breach, unless there’s a “we got beat” provision in the lease which is doubtful. Try doing that with your car lease, rentals.. you’d get sued before you knew it. It was SHS’s office. The blame lies where it belongs, with SHS.

  19. Troy Jones

    SHS’s campaign report thru 11/22 is in.

    She has $4K in cash and $34K in debts reported (I couldn’t figure out how to see who she owed the money to and don’t have the time) so I don’t know if who Duh refers to is listed or not.

    Frankly, I don’t find this level of debt so high she will not be able to raise the money or use personal funds to settle all debts. This is often done as it can be hard to know all expenses in the last furious days of a campaign. Just give her time to finish it all out.

    FYI: KN ended up the campaign w/ $68K in cash.

    Bottomline IMHO: I think we should give SHS time to wind-down her committee and see if all debts are paid. Duh, if the lease delinquency is not resolved in a few months, let me know and we can discuss it later.

    What is interesting is:

    SHS spent $2,157,000, raised $1.16 million from PAC’s, and $890,000 from individuals.

    KN spent $2,195,000, raised $260K from PACS and $1.9 million from individuals.

    Personally, I’m not anti-PAC so nothing I’m going to say is to be inferred as criticism for SHS’s $1million from PAC’s. What I’m impressed with is KN’s ability to raise money from South Dakota individuals and especially the quantity.

    SHS had just less than 600 individual contributors (about 400 from South Dakota) while KN had over 2,300, of which 2,000 were from South Dakotans.

    Also, approximately 80% of KN’s individual dollars were from South Dakotans vs. approximately 60% of SHS’s.

    Again, I don’t want my information to be a criticism of SHS. I expected her to have a PAC advantage of about 3:1 (actual was 4:1) and a 2:1 out-of-state advantage (actual was close to even). What I never expected was KN’s huge SD advantage which was about 3:1.

    Netting it out, SHS got probably $300K more PAC than I guessed but KN getting $500K more from SD individuals than I guessed impresses me greatly.

  20. Les

    If this is real Duh, there should be no reason to not say the names and places.

    BTW Duh, Mo does need phonics. I’m not sure what you need(“”Zipper, I didn?t get stiffed, a friend did, and early pull out””)? I won’t ask and of course you don’t have to tell!

  21. danno

    i find all this fleeing the state commentary pretty funny, everyone forgets so quickly that their favored son, Thune, upon losing to Johnson, made $500k as a lobbyist in washington the next year.

    hypocrites, one and all.

  22. Bill Fleming

    It doesn’t make it anything. An anonymous guy on a blog quoting a person whose name he won’t mention. Might as well be a popcorn fart.

  23. Elais

    *hands the Dakota War College bloggers a brickbat, so they can continue beating the dead horse that is SHS for the foreseeable future*

  24. Troy Jones


    Since I LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the smell of popcorn . . . .

    Is a popcorn fart a good thing or bad thing? 🙂

  25. Duh

    The bottom line here, is the election shows the fiscal restraint and competency of the candidates. Ideology prevails again. Kristi is above water to the tune of almost $70K. SHS is in the hole $30K + and has to resort to “may I have some more gruel saa” letters to pimp people into throwing more money down a rat hole. And we wonder why the nation has more debt and deficits now than in any time in history. Blue Dog. My popcorn fart.

    If SHS decides to make another run at it, I will personally make bumper stickers in SHS’s honor. “Vote for SHS – No Matter What It Costs”. More ideas on the way….


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