Hi Ho Hi Ho

Well this is introducing me….Kristi Golden.  Many of you might know me as the host of KCPO’s The Facts or as the gal who tried to moderate the rowdy governor’s debate for the Tea Party or as an occasional guest host for Greg Belfrage on KELO-AM or even going back a long way in time as a staff member of Larry Pressler.  You might even know me as the mom of the Golden girls.

If you don’t know me in any of those roles — well allow me to introduce myself,  I’m a political talking, mini-van driving, gun-dog training, girl-scout leading, church lady chatting, Disney and Peanuts loving, school volunteering, right-leaning writing, happy wife and mom who is looking forward to sharing opinions with you.

Thank you Pat for leading the way and creating a superb forum on SD.  I look forward to the challenge and am honored by the opportunity.

14 Replies to “Hi Ho Hi Ho”

  1. Cliff Hadley

    Back in the day in Idaho, I knew a Kristi Goldie. Am pretty sure it was her, uh, stage name. (Hey! I was single then.) Welcome!

  2. CaveMan

    Kristi if PP thinks you are made for this than you must be. There is a time in life for everything to begin and also to end. PP is a very smart man and I appreciate anyone who calls their own shots. Too bad Farve did not get that bit of character.


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