Hildebrand holds a paranoid presser on secret “vote no” campaign. That seems to be all in his head.

Don’t you just hate it when secret cabals organize opposition campaigns… (but don’t raise any money, or advertise, or run a campaign):

At a news conference Monday afternoon, supporters of 3 ballot measures claimed the state Republican Party and Chamber are working together to push a “Vote No on Everything” campaign, which was a shocking revelation to both state agencies.

Supporters of initiated measures 21, 22 and Amendment T revealed what they call a secret plan from the republican establishment.

“We’ve heard directly from Republican legislators and business people in this state that the state GOP and the state Chamber of Commerce are coming together in an effort to do a blanket “Vote No” campaign,” IM 21 sponsor Steve Hildebrand said.


“There is no concerted effort to work with any group for a “No on Everything” campaign,” Ryan Budmayr stated.

KSFY News reached out to Hildebrand again Monday afternoon, after the Republican Party denied planning the ad campaign.

“I think they’re lying to tell you that they’re not running this strategy, because they are,” Hildebrand urged.


Hildebrand would not say who told him the party is planning the ad campaign.

Read it here.

He can’t say WHO is letting him in on all these nefarious & evil Republican and Chamber-type plans…. but there’s a plan! Trust him, there’s a plan!

Er, yeah.

So, maybe when Hildebrand organized this paranoid presser on a secret “vote no” campaign, he should have also announced that it is all in his head.

(But that’s what they’d tell you. They’re all in on it.)

18 Replies to “Hildebrand holds a paranoid presser on secret “vote no” campaign. That seems to be all in his head.”

  1. mhs

    Maybe, while they’re at it, somebody could explain to this crack cub reporter the difference between a state “agency” and a statewide “organization”? I have no illusions any SD media type would ask a simple question like “have you got any proof of that?” so at least they could not make it read like it’s a plot by the DMV.

    1. Anonymous

      The question we should all be asking is WHY ISN”T THE SD GOP AGAINST ALL OF THESE?

      A group of Republicans in Minnehaha and Pennington were trying to find support for a statewide vote no at the state level but were denied by the current SD GOP.

      So I think Hildebrand is wrong unless the SD GOP has seen the error of their ways.

  2. Anonymous

    Anything Hildebrand is for I”m against, period. He ‘s right up there with the other left winger Weiland. No on everything!

  3. Anonymous

    If they haven’t started a NO on everything campaign they should.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE….These measures are all pushed by the Democrats….NO on Everything!

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. The State Republican Party has become the biggest let down. Budmayr has a lot of potential that is being wasted.

  4. Carl Bernstein

    Hey Steve, perhaps we can meet in the parking garage attached to your establishment?
    You can share your information with me about the nefarious & evil Republican and Chamber-type plans….
    You can trust me, I’m writing a book.
    By the way, are you catering the meet-and-greet for Chelsea Hubbel Clinton tomorrow evening at the Johnson estate or did the Maître D’ under bid you?
    Do I smell fresh scones!

  5. Anonymous

    Ryan Budmyr doesn’t get it. A vote no on everything campaign would be the smartest and most effective way to combat these ballot measures. If V passes then their really isn’t a state party anymore. He will be the ED that let the Republican Party die in SD. Great legacy.

    I don’t want to rip on this guy but what qualifications does he have and does anyone in the grassroots have any contact with him? Most of the Republicans I talk to across the state say just vote no on everything. Even Schoenbeck is advocating for voting no on the tech schools issue with Liz May.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Your statement doesn’t make sense. You’re saying he needs to oppose everything, and needs to oppose V. But of he opposes everything, that would dilute any party efforts against V.

      The party does not have unlimited resources, and they should not become the Democrats, getting involved in every ballot measure to their detriment. They’ve vocal on Amendment V, which directly affects them, but otherwise, they need to concentrate on getting people elected.

      Paranoid conspiracy theories of Steve Hildebrand, aside, of course.

  6. Anonymous

    So the Republicans (most of them, Adelstein) and Chamber are getting together to defeat crappy amendments. What is so nefarious about that? The Republicans are not using state tax dollars to try to defeat Ricky Weiland and his out-of-state, socialist buddies, so why the sourpuss, Hildebrand?

  7. duggersd

    I did not know the Republicans were against EVERYTHING. I have not heard their position on Amendment R. I was planning to vote in favor of it. I might change my mind if I find out Hildebrand is in favor of it…. 😉

    1. Anne Beal

      Amendment R: the tech schools will be governed separately in a manner determined by the legislature, instead of school boards.
      Consider the possibilities: maybe they’ll put them under the control of GF&P. Or maybe they’ll just turn them all over to the Catholic Dioceses?

      Who writes this stuff?

  8. Anonymous

    Amendment R is not worth passing if V passes.

    I think the effort to defeat the horrible Hildebrand/Weiland/out-of-state measures is worth losing on some lessor issues as long as the bad ones go down. Have you seen the sample ballot its long….

    No confusion to defeat the bad ones with Vote NO ON EVERYTHING

  9. Adam Zobel

    A lot of voters may look at the long list of ballot measures and end up voting no on all of them. I’ll be surprised if more than one of them passes.