Hmmm… Where did we last have an awful campaign rollout from a Democrat for Congress…..

Hawks_videoIf you were reading below and caught the Paula Hawks video (which was quickly taken down), you’d probably agree that this is one of the worst campaign rollouts of a statewide race that we’ve seen.

But as a reader reminded me, wasn’t there another awful campaign rollout that we’ve witnessed recently……..

That’s right! It was about two years ago in October – January that we witnessed another campaign rollout debacle – Corinna Robinson!

Her campaign started out with her going on about terrorism being caused by the minimum wage, declaring for office on October 13th…  a campaign kickoff in November… and February….  and about five different campaign managers in about as many months.

So, our sincere congratulations to Paula Hawks for so far having the best campaign rollout from a South Dakota Democrat for Congress since Corinna Robinson!

Good luck and best wishes to this election’s Democrat sacrifical lamb for Congress.

3 thoughts on “Hmmm… Where did we last have an awful campaign rollout from a Democrat for Congress…..”

  1. Speaking of Rep. Noem and the Conservative majority in The House … How has your majority translated to slowing the overwhelmingly popular populous agenda of the most productive President since FDR? ~ “What’s the difference between Reid and McConnell? None. We’re doing NOTHING!” -says Ted Cruz. Stay tuned for Debate Week, pilgrims.

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