Holien out. Solum in. Lots of things happening!

This evening, my spies are telling me that there are some changes happening in the Watertown area State Senate race.

What I’m hearing is that current State Senator Ried Holien is taking a step back, and not running this fall. What IS happening, is that State Representative Roger Solum – instead of retiring from the legislature – he’s going to be turning in petitions for the State Senate seat.

This election is nuts already!

12 Replies to “Holien out. Solum in. Lots of things happening!”

  1. grudznick

    Young Mr. Ried is probably disgruntled but he seemed a swell enough fellow. Let us hope that Mr. Schoenbeck is not putting voices into his head.

  2. Anonymous

    Tragedy. This ensures the leadership will remain left of center.

    Was Solum going to primary Holien?

  3. Darrin Holien

    Rep. Solum was not going to primary Sen. Holien. Rep. Schoenbeck was not putting voices in his head. Rep. Solum always said the only way he would run for Senate is if Sen. Holien resigned.

  4. Anonymous

    You know the more people throw political labels around as frequently as table salt, the labels start loosing their meaning and flavor. Roger Solum is, by average South Dakota terms, a normal conservative, a practical one.
    Near as I can tell, if you are in favor of fixing potholes in roads and having competitive schools, you’re not a conservative. In fact, by some posters definitions the only thing a conservative could vote for would be cemeteries – so long as you don’t waste money mowing them

  5. Conservative Watchdog

    In reference to Rep. Solum voting as a liberal, the American Conservative Union Foundation’s ratings for the 2015 South Dakota House found an average rating of 72% among Republicans. Solum scored 73%, just above the conservative average. The ratings reflect “how state officials view the role of government in an individual’s life. The South Dakota legislators with the strongest scores voted most consistently with the ideals articulated in the US Constitution: limited and transparent government, individual rights, personal responsibility, and a healthy culture. Scoring lowest among House Republican was Jensen, with a score of 36%. Tied for highest score was Deutsch and Otten, with a score of 91%.

    Scores are based on voting record on ten issues.


    1. Anonymous

      Funny how the RINOs hate comprehensive report cards when it shows detailed voting records but love fluff like this out of “South Dakota, DC”

      There’s two of those “worthless resolutions” on here that RINOs are always mewling about too.

      How about if the RINOs put one out claiming raising taxes, fees, and increasing spending and government is actually “capitalism” and conservative.

  6. Rep. Mike Verchio

    I worked with roger for 8 yrs. a liberal he is not . Like a lot of us he is right of center & so are most of our citizens . The far right in the legislature are mostly ineffective & rarely recognize who their allies are .