House Bill 1182 just moved to top of Legislative Calendar today.

Right after Paula Hawks took personal privilege to welcome Planned Parernhood and NARAL to the State Legislature today, Rep. Brian Gosch made a motion to place House Bill 1182 at the top of today’s Legislative Calendar.

And one legislator tells me that over 100 School Districts are represented in the Gallery at the moment.

Here we go!

….  and that was quick. HB 1182 was just deferred to next Tuesday.

6 Replies to “House Bill 1182 just moved to top of Legislative Calendar today.”

    1. Rep. Jim Stalzer

      We had just received 18 pages of amendments,there was no way we could listen to the speakers, read the amendments and make an informed decision. Doing so would have been like passing the bill to see what was in it. We needed a day to see what we were going to vote on

  1. Troy Jones

    Whether one is for it or against, this bill deserves careful and informed consideration. We will have to live with the consequences either way and the matter is just too important.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Troy you just wrote again the words thought of by many out here on the edge of things wondering what just happened. Rep. Stalzer pointed out the impossibility of having everyone understand just what they would be voting on. Thanks to the Democrats in DC forcing Obamacare down our throats we now can easily make the case to never do that again in any setting.

  3. Anonymous

    I heard the Democrats went home because there were plenty of Republicans to vote for a tax increase. Guess they figured that wouldn’t look good.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought it was Planned Non-parenthood and doesn’t NARAL stand for “National Association of Really Awful Losers”?