House Commerce and Energy Committee. Otherwise known as US Senate Candidate Nelson’s ‘twitter time.’

Did you catch the twitter exchange yesterday between US Senate Candidate Stace Nelson and myself? If you didn’t, don’t fear, you didn’t miss much.  It was kind of stupid.

Basically, I raised the question why US Senate Candidate Nelson chose to advertise on a Democrat website in the Republican primary. And in response, Nelson chose to unload on me in a particularly snippy manner in an exchange that Argus Leader reporter David Montgomery described as “striking and vitriolic.” Nelson’s comments didn’t always involve the truth, but whatever. He’s running for US Senate, and the truth doesn’t always fit the narrative he needs at the time.

As my wife tells me I do, I have a tendency to ‘feed the bears,’  so when he went at me, I poked right back at him. That continued on for some time, and that was that.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Last night as I was in the middle of watching a movie with the kids, a reader dropped me a note which painted it all in a different light.  The note said

“I’m curious if Stace was squabbling with you while sitting as a committee member, on his state computer?  Interesting timing.”

So, I went back to the timing of the tweets. And you know, they were 100% right.

So, yesterday, the State House of Representatives Commerce and Energy Committee had a different name. It was otherwise known as US Senate Candidate Nelson’s ‘twitter time.’

Assuming the committee started exactly on time at 10 (which they usually don’t),  it lasted an hour and 38 minutes, until 11:38-11:45 or so. I pulled the recording so I could listen to the narrative against the timing of Nelson’s tweets.

They started with this one, at about 10:26.

This was in the middle of Steve Hickey’s bill on Carnival Ride safety.  Then he had another tweet which was seemed designed to promote his candidacy:

The second amendments tweet came right as House Bill 1154, a measure to “authorize the commissioner of school and public lands to grant certain surface and subsurface easements to provide access to oil, gas, minerals, and geothermal resources” was being introduced.   Not seeing a lot of 2nd amendment in that one.

  (Aside from the special price part being a lie,) that one came during questions of School & Lands Deputy Ryan Brunner on HB 1154….

…Which  was quickly followed up by his tweet extolling the conservative values of Cory Heidelberger.

Then, this tweet patting himself on the back for being “an honest public servant” came while people were starting to testify in committee on House Bill 1160, An act to revise provisions and requirements relating to certain environmental complaints.

This one was also written on House Bill 1160, about the time when the opponents to the measure had begun their testimony.

 As was that tweet about my bitter computer. (my favorite, BTW)

Then Nelson was kind enough to give a shout out from the South Dakota State House Commerce & Energy Committee to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on behalf of the campaign (Whoop Whoop!).

This was about the time of committee discussion opened on HB 1160.

More committee discussion between legislators as Nelson tweeted furiously, noting how folks are tired of ‘crooked politics’ (Same bill, it must have been a boring committee discussion).

And,coming on the tail end of the committee meeting, (or immediately after it) Nelson tweeted “I have sponsored HCR1014 requiring fiscal responsibility of Congress.”

It’s great to see that Representative Nelson hasn’t let up on his campaigning in 140 characters or less during those long boring committee hearings.

I would point out that it looks like there’s other examples out there, such as the previous Commerce and Energy Committee hearing on Wednesday the 5th, where they were hearing one of the measures on alcoholic beverages…

Glad he cleared that one up.

25 Replies to “House Commerce and Energy Committee. Otherwise known as US Senate Candidate Nelson’s ‘twitter time.’”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow- what a great public servant!

    So, if this any indicator, Stace wants us to elect him to go to DC so he can play around on his computer as he pretends to listen. Nice.

    1. Anonymous

      We already have a member of Congress who got caught doing that but was using a phone: Kristi Noem!

      And if I had to listen to Steve Hickey speak, I’d be doing something else too.

  2. Anon

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Nelson is a twitter addict and full of rage.

    Bosworth is delusional and she and her camp like to stretch the truth. And scam a lot of people.

    Just doesn’t seem like this ends well for them.

    1. grudznick

      Mr. Rhoden probably knows all about twitter and is smart enough not to play with it. Don’t know how it works my granddaughter showed me the Stacethought twitters and explained what a Hodor was and it was funny.

  3. Anon

    Wasn’t David Montgomery up at the Capitol while all this took place? Why isn’t he asking Nelson what he was doing while he was on the taxpayer’s dime?

  4. Anonymous

    Team Stace,
    that Sinking feeling you have in the pit of your stomach coupled with anger and embarrassment, yeah it’s normal.

  5. Troy Jones

    Personally, I don’t think it unreasonable that members multi-task. I can listen to music or committee hearings, and do work at my desk/emails at the same time. In the old days, “social networking” was signing letters/writing notes and done all the time. Legislators are busy and the best of them multi-task.

    However, also in the old days, people might have thought vitriolic things, wrong them down, and then through the note in the trash after counting to ten/before sending.

    Nelson allowed Pat to play him which was an exercise in bad judgment.

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      I’m still waiting for Stace to agree to #stopthehate by disavowing “Rino Mike” and to support whoever wins the GOP primary.

      I suspect I’m going to be waiting a while.

    2. Anonymous

      Call it multi-tasking when it comes to most people if you will, but when it comes to Nelson, I’m guessing he can only uni-task.

    3. Anonymous

      This isn’t multi-tasking. It is not possible to give your undivided attention to South Dakotans who drive all the way to Pierre in the winter to testify to matters that are important to them while one is engaging in a social media feud. In between all the tweets are many distracted moments when he was sorting through his emotions, frustratins and angers and replies – probably writing and deleting some and refining the ones he sent. He needs to be repramanded by the Chair and publicly apologize those to who were testifying.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s times like this that begs the question “was he REALLY an NCIS agent????” He shows zero discretion when he has his ‘hate’ turned on. He acts without thinking, similar to having the first robocall go to his own phone and when he inadvertantly unleashed on the entire SDNG just going after one person. Just another example of him showing zero control when he’s angry. He’s simply out of control and has no idea because he has no real concept of self awareness or self control. His constituents must be so proud…

  7. Troy Jones

    Maybe Rep. Nelson can’t multi-task but I’m going to assume he can until there is evidence otherwise.

    A story. circa 1984, Senator Abdnor had steered out of his subcommittee a bill strongly opposed by the Dept. of Treasury. I had done a lot of work on the bill so I was “engaged.” The day it was going to the full committee was as big day. I’d worked hard to get the data, talking points, questions all organized (even though Abdnor often just used them to brief and went off the cuff) and thought we were ready.

    When we left the office, Abdnor took his letters he signed. I thought why is taking them as he’ll just carry them to the committee and bring them back. it was battle time.

    Anyway, when the Treasury guy was giving his testimony,, Abdnor was signing letters, writing notes and not looking like he was even paying attention. The guy from Treasury was doing a really good job on the other side, offering to discuss further, outlining compromise. I’m thinking this is going to be a disaster. All my talking points were now irrelevant. To make it worse, Abdnor would call me up and say things like “is this right regarding information in the letter he was signing?” Staff from Treasury is thinking “Abdnor is just giving up. Worst that will happen is he pulls the bill to send back to his subcommittee.” I could see it on their faces as I looked at them from behind the Senator. Other staffers from Senators on the subcommittee come over and ask “Abdnor cut a deal? What is going on?” as I think they could see he “wasn’t paying attention” either. I say I don’t know but am now worried he will lose his subcommittee support at best.

    Treasury gets done speaking, Abdnor is still writing, Chairman says “Anything from the committee? (my heart is sinking) Senator Abdnor?”

    And, Jim let’s him have it. Hardly referencing my work, knocking him down point-by-point calmly with precision that would make a laser guided bomb look like a 5th century catapult.

    I don’t recall with certainty what happened in that committee. I kinda think Abdnor’s bill died but it wasn’t because he was multi-tasking.

    My point: I think it possible for members to do more things than one, including giving the witnesses their attention, etc.

    At the same time, I’m not sure it was wise to Nelson use his multi-tasking to spar with Pat.

  8. grudznick

    Stace Nelson probably does not have Mr. Abnor’s experience in these matters. I don’t know if that is a good compare.

  9. funonymous

    What a d-bag! I am so tired of this self-important bloviating moron. In the law enforcement community someone this narrow minded and vindictive is typically referred to as “badge heavy.” I for one would take anybody but this buffoon. Don’t even get me started on his legislative record, may be he’ll get something passed acknowledging RinoMike as SD’s official twitter account…Yawn! Oh wait, what is everybody else doing, furiously fundraising and meeting with people while extolling their own positive attributes. Take a cue from the rest of the world! Oh and by the way, you aren’t principled, special or unique just because you feign defiance to the norm…you are just abnormal. Drop out or don’t, because nobody actually cares either way…and that my friend is the saddest part of your entire charade.

  10. Anonymous

    Didn’t Nelson vote present in this committee? Does that mean he didn’t know how to vote or is he more political than anyone else in Pierre?


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