Ruckus in House GOP Caucus

What’s this I’m hearing about Representative Stace Nelson and former SD GOP executive director Lance Russell getting kicked out of the House Republican Caucus?

I heard this was announced 1pm yesterday in the Senate caucus.

More details to come…

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  1. Anonymous

    I heard that Lance’s ex-communication was basically a non-event, since he hadn’t been going to caucus anyway. When leadership represents themselves instead of the caucus, why bother?

    Bring on the primaries! We need to clean (the) House!

    1. anon

      Obviously, you don’t know the subject very well. Leadership represents the vast majority of the caucus. Lance and Stace are on an island. They not only don’t have the support of leadership, but they have lost the respect and support of 90% of their caucus as well.

      1. Laughing...

        Whatever Brian! Keep telling the public you voted against a bill because you didn’t like those that supported it instead of the merits of the bill!

        You & Kris enjoy the primary, gift of West River Tea Party people!

    1. Anonymous

      Stace Nelson is an outspoken person, needs to learn a little diplomacy. Doesn’t mean he is wrong, just bends some people the wrong way.

    2. Freedom Rocks

      How true. He?s also the one to be right by your side when you need him. It?s a shame there aren?t a hundred more like him in our legislature. Of course, politics wouldn?t normally be the place to look for his type, would it?

      1. MC Post author

        Most folks that are like Representative Nelson have little use for politics and politicians. These are folks who want to get in, get the job done, and move on. They dislike endless debates over meaningless topics. They will stand up and defend (sometimes to the death) what they believe in.

        The very fact that Mr. Nelson offered himself to go into the arena to serve and represent the people of district 25 says a lot about who he really is.

        If we want someone who is willing to follow the lead of the established GOP leadership, Mr. Nelson is not your man. He will follow the will of the people of District 25. If that puts him in conflict with the house leadership, so be it.

        1. anon

          Go in and get the job done…

          Part of that job includes building relationships and support. No one vote gets the job done.

          Nelson has proven to be totally incapable of getting the job done. He should resign.

          1. wow

            Personally, I think Rausch is very unprofessional in this case. While it may appear that he has support, I think it is only because he is the leader for now and many who appear on his side were exposed in past voting stats for what they really are: rhinos.
            He handled things incorrectly, in my opinion. It should have been more professionally handled;he punished Nelson as a naughty boy..very childish.

  2. Anony Mouse

    First they came for Stace Nelson
    and I didn’t speak out because I hadn?t challenged leadership.

    Then they came for Lance Russell
    and I didn’t speak out because I?d been going to caucus.

    Then they came for the Tea Party members
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Tea Party member.

    Then they came for the Republicans who believed in the platform.
    and I didn’t speak out because I didn?t think it was so important.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left in caucus.

  3. Gary Jerke

    Stories like this truly sadden me as a lifelong Republican. Our constitution I had thought guarantees freedom of ALL speech and we should not be ashamed ever to put our names on our comments or any other document with the hope that mature individuals can openly and without fear of repurcussion voice their opinions. Sadly the quest and acquisition of power and authority whether in Pierre or anywhere else often comes at the expense of that which we hold most dearly. Leadership tell me we are still a party that protects the First amendment.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes Gary, we are told this. However, the vindictiveness continues. Heard today, Thur, that Speaker Rausch would not recognize Stace Nelson when he rose to speak on a bill. Totally ignored him and then called on Rep Gosch who had already spoken once. Stace Nelson could not have been accidently overlooked by Rausch as Stace stands, what, about 6′ 6″, and weight maybe 280.

      The lack of fairness, class and maturity is very evident in our House leadership.

      1. Anon

        Just like we Learned in school, freedom of speech does not mean you can yell fire in a crowded movie house. In this case it means that the largest (arguably most intimidating) legislator cannot threaten one of the smallest legislators (who happens to be a youth pastor) with physical violence, call him obscene names on the house floor and pass it off as freedom of speech. He waives that particular right and deserves to be muzzled.

        Ask around. It happened.

        1. Anonymous

          What specific names did he call Rausch? Or better yet, what day did it happen? Then I could go to the LRC website and listen for myself. So, give me the date to back up what you are saying.

            1. Anonymous

              Anon 12:12 Were you responding to me who wanted the date that Nelson supposedly called Rausch the names?
              Nobody has given the date that the alleged name calling occured so that it could be verified. Must not be true.

              1. toga

                Am I the only one that thinks Moser swallowed a frog? I can’t understand a word that comes out of his mouth so it’s unlikely going to be clear if Moser was being an attack dog or not. My guess is Moser is comfortable saying whatever he has to to get love from leadership.

  4. Anonymous

    Interesting. There’s no secret that there is a group who is so frustrated by the lack of radicalism in the party that they are either going to push the party to the brink or leave the party.

    What strikes me as interesting is that no one has smacked the ultra radical wing of the party down.

    Welcome to the new Republican Party of South Dakota! Controlled by the fringe and for the fringe…because it’s easier than actually taking a stand.

    Stace, Betty, Ed, Lance and the gang…Congratulations! You have totally destroyed the opposition within the party and shown them to be without courage.

    Long live the new Republican Party and pity those that stayed silent. Without spines, they cannot rule!

    1. Anonymous

      MC your comments explain why the state patrol stepped up forces there today. Nelson stooped to being a dangerous physical threat to his colleagues. He should step down and apologize to District 25 for his lack of self control which cost them their voice in Pierre

      1. anon

        He should step down and apologize to his district for leaving them with the equivalent of an empty seat in the legislature.

        He can blame leadership all he wants, but he’ll find out soon that virtually none of his caucus will support him on anything.

        He should leave now, so the Governor could appoint someone from his district that will at least have a voice.

      2. Anonymous

        Nelson is a danger to no one. Having this former law enforcement officer on the floor of the House keeps everyone safer. He would willingly die to protect Raush, Lust and Moser and any other legislator or staff who were threatened, regardless of how they treated him. I thank God for Rep. Nelson.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t see Nelson as someone who would threaten anyone.

    If Moser thinks Nelson threatened him then Moser needs to grow a pair and stop slicking down his nerd hair.

    Nelson is a big guy but he wouldn’t be threatening anyone.

    1. He's an Oaf

      This comment about Moser is unacceptable. Nelson is the only one on that House floor who is weak, too weak to control even himself. He’s a big guy alright. He’s a big guy who never figured out how to compensate socially for his intimidating size to relate normally to people. Resorting to brute force to solve differences now puts him with all the wife beaters. It’s a character weakness. Get out Stace. Let the Governor appoint someone who can do the job you failed at doing.

  6. anon

    It’s about time the caucus got rid of them. I was hoping to hear this news before session ever started.

    Keep paying attention to this story, because all you’re going to hear for a while is the radicals touting stace as a hero. But keep listening, because one by one other legislators will begin to talk, and you’ll see that the overwhelming majority of house members are in full support of leadership and their actions on this matter.

    Stace still doesn’t understand that he is now, and always will be a useless tool in the legislative process. Watching him get pummeled in the next few weeks will be entertaining.

    1. anon

      They didn’t really need to kick him out, because he wasn’t coming anyway. Probably his own strange way of not showing respect for leadership. I’m guessing that he was told to either attend regularly, or not at all.

      Too bad Stace doesn’t figure him out… Russell is pulling the strings, and letting Stace do the dirty work for him. He’s a spooky character.

          1. insomniac

            Larry Russell is one of the best. I would support Larry for office if he ran again. Any office against anyone.

  7. Stace Nelson

    From: Representative Nelson, Stace
    Sent: Thu 1/26/2012 9:47 PM
    Subject: FW: Personal Inapprorpaite Comments on House floor during debate

    Mr. Mercer,
    In response to your emailed question: “Speaker Rausch said this afternoon that you have been reassigned to a new seat as punishment for threatening another House member Tuesday afternoon. Do you have any comment for the story?”

    Sorry for the delay. I will try and address this with as much details as possible so you can see this for what it is. I swear that the below information is the truth to the best of my knowledge and recollection:

    After several pointed personal comments towards me during debate on Tuesday, several legislators commented that it was inappropriate and that there was a concerted effort to go after everything I advocated on the House floor. Over the course of the afternoon, I talked with Hal Wick and Roger Hunt and asked them if I was overly sensitive to the comments or if it was in fact as it appeared. Both told me that some of the comments towards me were in fact not appropriate and they encouraged me to address it with the legislators or the majority leader if it could not be resolved. Later I was on the House floor enjoying some friendly conversation, joking around, and taking an opportunity to post some comments on Twitter with/about Rep. Tornow, Hansen, Kloucek, Olson, and Joshua Klumb:!/RepStaceNelson/status/161954222898814976 (5:31PM, 24Jan12)!/RepStaceNelson/status/161954918616416256 (5:33PM, 24Jan12)!/RepStaceNelson/status/161955809239105536 (5:37 PM, 24Jan12)

    About ten minutes after the last picture/post, at about 5:47, I noticed that Rep. Moser had came back on the floor. Taking Wick & Hunt’s advice I thought to try and resolve the issue at the lowest level and avoid any future issues by discussing it with Moser. I said “excuse me Rep. Moser, do you have a moment?” He said he did and I told him that I was hoping that we could discuss the debate today, that I felt some of his comments were pointed personal attacks, that I was offended and hurt and I was hoping to resolve the issue civility. Right away he derisively demanded I specifically recount exactly what he said and I replied that I do not have a photographic memory and that I could not dictate exactly what he said, that if we could simply avoid such things in the future it would be appreciated. He again demanded to know what specifically he said, I said I didn’t want to get into the nanoweeds on it but if needed to if he would simply consider reviewing his comments of the day, and if he confirmed that they were pointed personal comments to avoid doing so again in the future. He then launched into comments that I offend him and that I made a personal attack against him during the debate when I mentioned the Republic Party Platform plank on lowering taxes. He alluded to the past report card put out on him by voters as my report card on him and said I offend him because he said that I believe I am the expert on all that is Republican and started going off on the issue. I explained that I have never stated that or wrote that and that it was his errant opinion. He was continuing to go off on a tangent on the issue, repeating his comments that I am offensive to him, that I don’t know what I am talking about on being a Republican, etc. I realized it was a lost cause, and I had already put up with a sufficient amount of his arrogant tirade so continued to move away and told him “maybe we can talk someday when you finally get your big boy pants on.” After I made that comment, he said something to the effect of “oh that’s real civil, you idiot” and more. When he initially started becoming animated, I moved away from him and there were several chairs between us. As he got more animated, I increased the distance. By that time I was almost at my seat, on the front side of Jim Bolin’s desk, and he was standing behind his desk, when I turned looked at him and said “you’re a dumbass.” Stop the personal attacks in debates or I will return the favor during debates and eat you alive on the floor.” I turned and sit down at my desk. That is the extent of my conversation with Rep. Moser and that is what they are trying to claim is a threat. While I am not proud of stooping to the level of this arrogant young man, I sure the heck never threatened him nor did I act in a threatening fashion. Other than my last comments to him, my voice was conversational. Rep. Romkema & I believe Rep. White were nearby, and probably heard the last ugly parts of the exchange. The other the folks I mentioned above were I believe still on the floor. The whole conversation lasted a couple minutes at best. Compared to other comments I am aware others have made, and that has been complained to leadership on another legislator, our exchange pales in comparison.

    Within a couple minutes of sitting down, I opened my lap top, turned it on, got into the email, drafted the below email, and sent it. I then went back up front and talked with Rep. Tornow & Hansen. I asked them if they heard any of my conversation with Moser and they said they had not. I told them I had tried to talk with Moser but he turned it into an argument and it didn’t work out. I shared the comment to them that I made to Rep. Moser about us talking more when he got his big boy pants on.

    There is a proper due process for handling complaints in Chapter 6 There is a reason when someone departs from that process either to improperly convict someone or to acquit themselves. Please note that the Speaker does not have the authority to “punish” anyone. House rules chapter 6 is clear on how ANY complaints of misconduct are to be handled and that it is the House body that decides if a member should be punished, not the Speaker of the House or Majority Leader.

    Please note that Joint rules 1-4 & 1-5 indicate that it is NOT the speaker’s discretion to keep members from speaking on the House floor. He also violated this rule with Rep. Kloucek during ’11’s final appropriation’s bill.

    I would ask you to review this with the an educated eye and remember that Rausch did admit during the recent hearing that he was aware of the charges for months and notice the similarities to his current professed intent to remove me from judiciary as punishment:

    Of note, Russ Olson told the Senate Republican Caucus at 1:00 sharp yesterday that Russel and myself were kicked out of caucus, the news was given to lobbyists, etc,. as you noted, and someone spread the untrue rumor that I was in a meeting this morning with Rausch and was heard hollering. Hope you can see all of this for what it is. If I can be of service, you got my contact information.

    God bless.
    Stace N.


    From: Representative Nelson, Stace
    Sent: Tue 1/24/2012 5:56 PM
    To: Representative Lust, David
    Subject: Personal Inapprorpaite Comments on House floor during debate

    Rep. Lust,
    There were several pointed ugly untrue comments made towards me on the House floor today (“self-serving,” etc) by Rep. Moser, Abdallah, and Turbiville. It was my understanding that such things were inappropriate, yet nothing was done to reign it in. While some may have taken my comment about the GOP platform personally, it was not directed at anyone and simply cited the platform.

    I attempted to discuss this matter civilly with Rep. Moser just now semi-privately and it degraded to angry comments. I would appreciate it if the matter was addressed in general terms and people reminded to avoid such personal attacks.

    God bless & Semper Fidelis.

    Respectfully, your public servant,

    Stace Nelson
    Representative, District 25 (Hanson, McCook, Northern & Western Minnehaha Counties)
    South Dakota House of Representatives

    South Dakota State Motto: “Under God The People Rule”

      1. What a CLUSTER!

        As someone who likes Lust and Rausch I say it’s time for them to grow up. They won the battle earlier this year now they need to stop acting like children running a dictatorship and act like leaders and bring the caucus together.

        Lust and Rausch need to straighten things out or their leadership will be marked as a failure.

        As far as Moser goes he is a dweeb who thinks he is a big deal. Moser has always been near the bottom of the food chain and should remain there.

        Stace needs to start fighting for real issues and forget leadership exists. No more fighting the system and leadership it’s time to start fighting for issues in the district.

        1. William

          I agree, this needs to be resolved, resolved quickly and everyone needs to move on. The sooner, the better.

          That’s what leadership is supposed to do, right?

          If I assume Stace is “wrong” in this matter, I would still have hoped leadership would have prevented this public display of division and the “he said, she said” nature of the discussion.

          Nobody “wins” in this game…

  8. Geez

    District 25 should be having voters’ remorse. Too bad most voters don’t pay attention to what happens in Pierre. Stacey’s behavior is so unprofessional, and it’s embarrassing. I wish Oran Sorenson was still in the house. He was a former teacher with a heart of gold. And he knew how to behave himself. Anybody got any videos of Stacey misbehaving? Upload them to YouTube so voters can see the real Stacey Nelson.

  9. Les

    Stace may not always be right, but I bet he wouldn’t hesitate to testify under oath, something that can’t be said for most.

    1. whatsupdoc

      Secrecy is power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      But also a loose of the people
      as power does not tell the complete truth………..

      It hides behind power.

      What is the truth

  10. Pierreite

    I have friends that are Reps and Senators and they were saying last year that Rep Nelson was an issue. They were all for vetting the issues but with Stace, he alllwwwaaays wanted to talk and if you weren’t as cloaked in the Stars and Stripes as he was, you were completely wrong. They were tired of his antics early on. This isn’t political power playing in GOP leadership, its leadership trying to neutralize a zealot. Passion is one thing, a “loose canon” is another. Is there easy documentation on who spoke on the Floor? Wonder what the % of Rep Nelson’s speaking time to other Reps is.

    1. Anonymous

      Leadership is not only weak but also utilize abuse of power. I hope they all lose this year either in the primaries or in the general.

      1. Nick Moser's Hair

        Yes it does look like Nick Moser slicks his hair with his own spit.

        He should change the style. He is too old to still look like the Dennis the Menace of the legislature.

  11. William

    I DO suggest that to further this discussion by reading Stace’s response at this link:

    Let’s hear BOTH sides on this issue, as it appears to be escalating and second hand replies will likely not improve our understanding of what’s happening.

    Personally, I hope ALL parties concerned issue public statements as to what is going on this session.

    This is certainly a more important issue than creating a new flag design…

  12. Anonymous

    I’m siding with Stace and Lance. I think there are several petty tyrants running ramped in Pierre and they are a disgrace to the party.

    1. The Watcher

      I am with you on this one.

      Val Rauch has a serious case of “Little Man Syndrome.” (he needs a gun on his hip or some other kind of power to make himself feel bigger. It is so serious that he can’t manage any kind of humility because someone might see through to the real little man inside of him.)

  13. What a CLUSTER!

    This makes NEWT vs MITT look good. (well ok maybe not)

    Lust & Rausch vs Nelson and Russell just is a joke and a shame for our state.

    I expect more from our legislators. Stop embarassing South Dakota.

  14. 73*

    I don’t know Rausch but is it possible that he has little man’s disease?

    I mean if Stace is 6’7″ and Rausch is 5’4″ I bet it often makes Rausch feel inferior…

    I’m just sayin’ he wouldn’t be the first little man to go postal with a pathetic reason…

  15. anon

    Do you remember that knife fight Lust, Gosch and Rausch were in? Well apparently that was all an act and an attempt to intimidate Stace Nelson. I guess Stace didn’t believe that they were knife wielding super heroes.

  16. bs

    Remember that SECRECY IS POWER and the people in power do not want to loose it. They will never tell the truth as they would loose POWER………..

    What have we as a party turned into………………..

      1. William

        I’m afraid this has gotten so out of hand that it’s resorted to personal vendettas.

        I really don’t care who let it get to this point, but it really has to stop, and stop now.

  17. The Truth

    Nelson will pass fewer bills than his swingman Frank Kloucek.

    Right or wrong, he’s clearly disruptive and ineffective. His district and the process deserve better than this circus.

    1. Huh?

      He is being muzzled because he does influence votes when he speaks. Votes on issues that liberals like Rausch, Lust, Moser, etc. trot out and use their stolen (R)’s on to try and dress up liberal issues as Republican issues.

      If he truly was ineffective, they would allow him to speak more. Instead, Rausch is desperate to shut him up.

      Curious, they had the state pay for a dog and pony show “investigation” where they had their friends as detective, judge, and jury on their misconduct; however, Nelson and Russell are convicted in absentia and thrown out of caucus by edict of Rausch and Lust? What the heck is this, NAZI Germany? Now that you mention it, understandable why Rausch and Lust signed off on this:

      Get rid of that pesky “Under God the people rule” comment.

  18. anon

    I hope most folks who read this jibberish are like me, and understand that we’re only hearing one side of the story. The one that Nelson and his band of wackos want us to hear.

    Anyone who’s watched the legislature for a few years easily recognized that this big doofus thought he had it all figured out with only one year’s experience.

    Leadership is doing exactly what is needed. Nelson has zero power and influence. He should resign.

    Somewhere along the way he forgot that respect and authority are things that are earned, not demanded. Lust and Rausch were elected by their peers to serve in the roles they hold today. They earned the respect of the caucus. Nelson never has and never will.

    1. toga

      If Nelson should resign because he doesn’t have influence so should the 5 Democratic senators and 18 Democratic House members. They don’t have any influence either.

      The Dems in SD have less influence than Stace Nelson.

    2. Not so fast...

      Voters across the state have found out that Rausch was a life long Democrat who changed parties only to get elected, and his voting record still reflects his liberal leanings as well as a slew of others:

      This recent abuse of authority by Rausch and Lust show them removing Nelson from the Ag Committee was retaliation.

      Not so fast in thinking the voters are buying the lies of these two self-serving politicians.

    3. William

      “Leadership is doing exactly what is needed.”

      Turning the House into a laughingstock is NOT “exactly what is needed.” I’m honestly conflicted here, because almost all the information I have is second hand and I know, and have good relationships, with the people involved. I hope to get more concrete information this weekend, but that “day job thingy” has kept me an observer thus far.

      It’s obvious there’s a problem, it SEEMS obvious that it’s NOT being handled well, or it would never have reached the point it has.

      I’m mostly disappointed that whatever triggered this dispute has resulted in a public conversation based on rumor and innuendo.

      The entire situation has escalated to a point it should never have have been close to.

  19. agent 99

    Stinkin’ tea baggers…

    Leadership is having a good old laugh right now but it’s possible that next year the Dems will win back some seats and the GOP will need tea party members to pass legislation.

    Just two years ago we needed bipartisanship. Now we have chaos. The Tea Baggers are out now but when things tighten up again their votes will matter.

    What goes around comes around.

    1. William

      I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about concerning “tea baggers”. Obviously, you have no love for anyone identifying with the Tea Party, but I honestly have no idea what that has to do with the issue at hand.

      IF you’re simply referring to the “report card”, which I’m not a fan of BTW, while Stace may have provided a host system I’m not aware that he was directly involved in its content, nor do I believe he was.

    1. Laughing...

      Didn’t you read the press? Gasp! Nelson had a legislature friendly pistol competition trophy on his desk last year! Rausch said he is (drum roll) scared of Nelson!

      You know what is really scary? Rausch and Lust’s voting records!

  20. homer

    I will try to inject a little truth into this discussion since I’ve been in the Capitol. This is clearly more retribution on Nelson/Russell from Lust/Rausch. Remember how between the letter singing from the 6 legislators in early Dec until the leadership was “cleared ” in early Jan. you never heard much from Lust/Rausch/etc. ? It was mostly “no comment”. Now that they’ve been cleared by the phony hearings conducted by their friends,they’re cocky again and want revenge on anyone daring to question their “authority”.
    There have been lots of heated arguments over the years between legislators. Have you ever heard of one “alleged” verbal threat being met with 3 forms of punishment? 1.Kicked out of caucus. 2. Moved his desk. 3. Not recognized in floor debate (Thurs only). Rausch got a lot of heat,rightfully so,from his caucus. Rausch has no authority to do so, House rules clearly sate the only ones who can discipline/censure are a special investigative committee. Also such an investigative committee has the power of subpoena and testifiers are sworn in to tell the truth. Such was not the case in the phony E-board hearing in early Jan. No wonder they insisted on getting it done before session started,when they would have had to abide by session rules. Too bad Nelson,Russell,and Nelson’s friend who overheard Nelson’s conversations with Bezpaletz and Lust, weren’t there early the morning of the hearing. If the friend had been allowed to testify,and/or testifiers had to be sworn in,it could have been a whole different story.
    Now for the “kicking out of caucus.” Did you know that Russell had talked to Lust that Wed. morning to ask if he was welcome in caucus? Lust said “sure”! Russell hadn’t been coming because he didn’t feel welcome after the 2 nasty personal e-mails he had gotten from Kirkeby. (Who was never disciplined,to my knowledge). He didn’t want to go just to be made fun of. So Lust and Rausch had a plan. Since they thought Russell was coming to caucus,and since they heard about Nelson’s argument with whip Nick Moser,they had an excuse to run them out ! They had been using their authority and fear of reprisal on the young caucus members to “keep everything that happened in caucus,in caucus”. But rather than lead by example,they notified lobbyists and the press ,and even Senate leadership of the upcoming “whooping”. They even made up the story that it was a “caucus decision”. It was not,they never voted.
    But there was one problem, Russell and Nelson didn’t make it to caucus since they were meeting with a group of tea-party ladies. Nelson texted Lust at 1:13 to tell him. Embarrassed, Lust came into caucus late. He called Nelson after session that day to tell him.
    There are so many inconsistencies in their stories. First, Rausch said alternately that Nelson’s rift with the Ag Sec and the big dairy were not the reason he removed him from Ag committee,and that he (Rausch) didn’t even know about the big dairy ! Now he’s quoted that the rift with Sec Bones was one of the reasons he removed Nelson.
    Right after the squabble on the House floor Tuesday after session, Stace admitted he’d gotten mad and called Moser a “dumbass” told him to put his “big boy pants on” and said “Keep that up and I’ll eat you alive in a floor debate”. We didn’t hear Moser’s version until a week later in the TV story when, off camera, he said Nelson said he’d “bury him alive”. Meanwhile Rausch “called in the cops” and had a personal bodyguard, and told caucus that Nelson was “mentally unstable”.Even if Nelson did say “bury” did anyone actually believe he meant it literally?! Plus it couldn’t have been that loud/bad/long of a fight if Nelson’s friends Tornow and Hansen ,also on the House floor, didn’t even notice it !
    Interestingly, Abdallah swore out loud at Russell after a committee vote one morning that same week. Ever hear of any disciplinary action? Turbiville, Moser, and Abdallah all attacked Nelson by name during the floor debate,which is against floor ethics traditions. Were they reprimanded by Speaker Rausch? No,he let it continue. There are clearly two sets of rules in our State House: One for friends(accomplices) of leadership and one for anyone who has the “guts” or “balls” to stand up to their form of “leadership”.

    1. anon

      and you know what?? none of that matters.

      You obviously have never been in the caucus, so you’re forming your opinions on what Stace tells you.

      The vast majority of the caucus knows the whole story, and supports leadership 100%. Stace needs to understand and accept that. He’s only making his problems worse.

      1. homer

        It all matters,and it came from your caucus,not from Stace. Even little Nick admitted to his whip group that Stace didn’t threaten him or scare him.

        1. Sing it, Homer!

          The real outrage should be that they used such dishonesty in an illegal attempt to silence a sitting legislator from his committee assignments and representing his district during session.

          They claimed they didn’t abuse their authority by tampering with bills when no one was looking, but then have the arrogance to lie about a legislator and illegally forbid a legislator from speaking during session in broad daylight?


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