How did we get to Rambo Jesus?

Under the post I did about Gordon Howie’s endorsement of Zach Lautenschlager’s bad manners, the comment thread quickly went astray and is now on the topic of Rambo Jesus, courtesy of Bob Ellis, who says the party platform is absolute, and we’re going to get it from Rambo Jesus:

Some of you have made mocking references to a ?Rambo Jesus? when I pointed out that Jesus Christ is no wimp who doesn?t mean what he says, not a weak-willed ?moderate? who doesn?t expect us to follow his standard.

While you meant ?Rambo Jesus? in mockery, you were actually closer to the way Jesus will someday behave than you realize.

Read that here.

My argument is that the party platform is fluid, and can change every two years, courtesy of the whim of delegates, and that it should be treated as a guideline based upon the views of the party as a whole, as opposed to Bob’s view that it is absolute.

Over 24 years, I’ve seen a lot come and a lot go in the platform, as well as a lot of candidates who have no idea what’s in it, so if its a litmus test, it’s not the best.

So, IS there a litmus test for being a Republican?

And will Sylvester Stallone come down to earth to judge us all with automatic weapons fire?

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  1. Anonymous

    I believe we are in serious and concerning times. A large portion of our problems are a result of our leaders self-indulging and doing what is politically expedient over what is principled and correct.

    We have been lied to and cheated for too long by both parties who have sold our nation to the Chinese and European socialists policies. I believe we have reached a critical mass that De Tocqueville described: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    Unfortunately, I belive 95% of the politicians have subscribed this theory, including many in Pierre. This country is being destroyed and some of us believe that the re-election of Obama is close to the last shovel-fill of the grave we are digging for ourselves.

    After this election tipping-point, I think conservatives are going to throw-down the gloves. We were manipulated into nominating moderates and phonys for too long.

    This country is worth fighting for with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. Nothing less and we need to rid ourselves of the folks who are destroying this country for their own political and personal gain.

    Now, I know to many this statement is radical, but no less radical than Patrick Henry and what this nation is now becoming. Playing footsie with the facists will soon no longer be fashionable and cannot be tolerated any longer.

    1. Anonymous

      Well said.

      PP, seriously, you claim some of these people are “good Repubicans” and yet you offer no evidence or voting record to support that opinion. In fairness, show your cards. What makes some of these former life-long Democrats, “good Republicans?” Many of us just are not seeing it in their actions (voting records).

      1. Jammer

        Politics in this country and sadly also in South Dakota have become PARTY over PRINCIPLES. Way too many voters have fallen for the “street gang” mentality that simply believe their “gang” is better than the other “gang” and will vote for them regardless of what they stand for. As a result, there are far too many RINO’S in the Republican Party that do not represent true conservative principles and values.

        Voters should only vote for politicians that advocate and support the same principles and values as the voter. This is always best determined by the voting records of the politicians. Certainly politicians can evolve over time as even Ronald Reagan did. However, this mistaken philosophy that democrats can overnight turn into a conservative Republican by merely switching party registration and uttering a few sound bites is utter nonsense.

        1. Anonymous

          Well said Jammer! Problem is? The RINOs run from their records and scream bloody murder when a snap shot of how they really vote is put out for the public to see.

          They just keep claiming they are conservative to fool the public, while attacking those that are and who stand in stark contrast to them.

  2. Anonymous

    It appears that the religious radicals that are attempting to hijack the SD republican party are applying the same standard to the platform as they do the bible. Inerrancy with respect to the bible, although not universally accepted, is defensible from a religious point of view as a matter of faith. To apply it to a political document is sheer lunacy. It provides yet another reason for the concept of absolute separation of church and state.

  3. Bob Ellis

    First, I never made the claim that the party platform is absolute. As you and I both know, the platform undergoes some level of change every election season.

    What I DID say is that if you’re going to be a leader in the Republican Party, you ought to have the integrity and the fealty to the party’s clearly documented values to support those values, or at a minimum, don’t get in the way of the party’s pursuit of them.

    The Republican Party platform has NEVER embraced big government, socialism, socialized health care, financial irresponsibility, lawlessness, disrespect for law and national sovereignty, contempt for freedom, mockery of God and our Christian heritage (preamble, 4.10, 7.2), disregard for the protection of innocent human life, or a desire or willingness to pervert or destroy marriage and family.

    Also, the silly discussion of “Rambo Jesus” was not courtesy of me at all, but liberal mockers with whom RINOs seem to have more affinity than they do the base of their own party–the base which, I might add, still respects God.

    Third, we should note that even though the platform does undergo relatively minor changes every election season, it has not significantly changed in many years. Everyone knows what Republican values are; the only problem is that some people want people to believe they are faithful Republicans, even as they give the middle finger to the party’s clearly stated and documented values.

    Sadly, our governor and his RINO buddies consider it more important to stay in the good graces of their politically correct friends (and recipients of government largess), than in upholding the clearly documented goals and values of the party to which they claim allegiance.

    No amount of lying, deception, mockery, obfuscation, misdirection, or focusing on garbage that just does not matter will erase the truth, or the fact that the things which are truly important are only a distant and minor concern for the pathetic excuse we have for leadership in Pierre.

    Some may have their sights set extremely low, but I (and most of the Republican base) expect better from our leaders. I expect our leaders to quit playing around, quit worrying about rewarding and staying in the good graces of their cronies, and get serious protecting the people they ostensibly serve from the looming disaster our state and nation face.

    That is not too much to ask.

    1. Sunday School

      Don’t you put that evil on us, Bobby Ellis! And don’t be sending Rambo Jesus after us. For every Rambo Jesus you send after us, we’ll send a Rocky Jesus after you. And we’ll throw in Judge Dredd too!

  4. Anonymous

    Bob, your ever slippery logic never fails to amuse me. In one breath you quote the bible to support your radical religious view of the republican platform and in the next breath you deny that you believe the platform is inerrant. You can’t have both ways . You are one confused ex AP.

  5. Bob Ellis

    “Support” or “harmony” or “agreement,” in the context of the manner in which the GOP platform is compatible with Biblical truth, does not equate in any way to bestowing inerrancy on the GOP platform.

    You assume a statement or a connection I did not make, in complete absence of any logical support for your assumption, as a lame attempt to once again avoid the uncomfortable truth that the Republican Party is being led by liberals who do not believe in the clearly documented values of the party.

    You are either logically challenged, ethically challenged, or both.

  6. Bob Ellis

    Despite having made a stupid comment for which he has apologized, Akin has a record of defending Republican values…unlike some other “Republicans.”

    Unlike some RINOs, I don’t worry about what morally bankrupt liberals think of me.


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