How do they choose a GOP presidential debate moderator?

I watched some of the most recent presidential debate after Tivo-ing it. Nothing I saw changed my mind. And I actually got a little bored.

One question popped into my head though. Why is George Stephanopoulos moderating a Republican presidential primary debate?

STEPHANOPOULOS:  Should voters consider marital fidelity when making their choices for president?

Interesting question coming from Bill Clinton’s former communications director.

In all seriousness, I thought Stephanopoulos did fine, but my hunch is that Republicans who vote in Republican primaries would ask better questions of the Republican candidates. Another thought – maybe Karl Rove can moderate the debate if Hillary chooses to challenge Obama?

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    1. anon

      G Stephanopoulos: “Think of yourself. I guarantee you that if you do this you’ll never work in Democratic politics again, nobody will believe you, and people will think you’re scummy. The alternative is you don’t do it. It causes you some temporary pain with people who tomorrow aren’t gonna matter, and you have a campaign that understands that in a difficult time, you did something right.”

      This is from the movie the war room when George was doing his best to stop affairs and accusations from coming out. Looks like George tells several different sides of the story…

    2. veldy

      Although he didn’t have a problem helping manage “bimbo eruptions” prior to there being a Clinton Administration.

  1. anon

    It’s a fine question in my opinion but why is Stephonopolis moderating a debate in a GOP primary???

    Gingrich is 68. How much tail is he chasing at that age?

    1. BF

      Because it models the real debate these clowns will face once they leave the circus tent. The one that will determine who the next POTUS will be, not just the coolest freak in the GOP’s carnival side show.

  2. smokin' aces

    “And always his public role was the same — the man relentlessly promoting Clinton’s virtues, tirelessly defending him against character assaults on issues from his Vietnam draft history to his alleged affair with Gennifer Flowers to the sexual harassment allegations of Paula Jones”

    But it was ok for Stephanopoulos to defend Clinton against these allegations right?

    Good to know Stephanopoulos shut people up in the 90’s during the campaign and while he had a job with Clinton but once he was out of a job in 94 and could make $2.3 Million from a book deal he wanted to go hardline and refresh his image. Good for Stephanopolous.

  3. Bruce Whalen

    It is not a matter of who but a matter of why. To get video footage for Obama’s billion dollar scorched earth campaign against any GOP candidate. Obama can’t defend his record so it seems likely that he will use attack adds featuring GOP candidates against the GOP nominee. And he will blame everyone but himself.

    I am ready to cast my vote today against Obama and any add he runs or blame assignment he offers won’t change my mind.

    Did you hear Obama say “reversing structural problems in our economy that have been building up for two decades [back handing Clinton] is going to take time” and likely more than one president. George was there defending those piling up “structural problems”, so Obama stiffed him too. Or was Obama talking about the falling snow on a weak roof – Barney Franks of 1994?

    I recall a debate scheduled for later in the month was cancelled and joined with the one George influenced. So I suppose you play the cards dealt.

  4. duggersd

    In 2016 when the Democrats run a primary to see who runs against either President Gingrich or Romney, the Democrat debate will be moderated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, and if still around G. Gordon Liddy. And all of these people will use the same trick of beginning the “question” with a diatribe that may or may not be true, followed by a gotcha question. I can hardly wait.

  5. Duh

    That question by the liberal media was directed specifically at Gingrich with a slap at Cain. That question has no validity. It didn’t with Clinton either until he lied under oath. You’re seeing a preview here from the pinheads that run many news outlets by helping Oblabla defuse his horridous job as President and focusing on personal attacks on the GOP.

      1. Anonymous

        The question is the elephant in the room and the more often Gingrich gets the chance to put it to bed before the general election the better off it is for him.

        Do you really think that the day before the general election is the right time for him to answer this?

        If you are thinking that now isn’t the time to have the hard questions vetted and asked, when is the right time? My guess is that behind the scenes Newt actually wanted this question asked.

  6. springer

    BF, lovely post from a guy who uses wingnuts to describe the opposition in a previous campaign. The real clown at this point is the one in the Oval Office masquerading as one who has business experience, leadership experience, and plain old common sense. This is the real carnival sideshow, but the scary and sad part is that this sideshow and clown act is running the country.

  7. Troy Jones

    I’m conflicted on George being the moderator.

    On one hand, primaries are an opportunity “within the family” to discuss priorities. A GOP moderator would help that. Last week, Fox/Mike Huckabee hosted a unique forum (as it wasn’t a debate as each candidate was on the “stage” by himself) where the moderators were three state Attorneys General. I thought it very illuminating (I thought Santorum and Gingrich were the clear winners and Perry the only loser).

    On the other hand, a primary is like “prep school” for the general election. In this regard, a non-GOP moderator might help in this regard.

    Thus, my best solution is to have a mix.

  8. Troy Jones

    P.S. Huntsman made a major strategic mistake by not participating. I think he would have done very well as the format seemed to be very conducive to his style. Makes you wonder what he was thinking.

  9. Duh

    I’ve come to the superficial conclusion that Gov Rick Perry has to go. His head is way too small for his body and wearing huge shirt collars doesn’t help. Perry reminds me of the alien in Men in Black where the alien gets his head zapped in a pawn shop and it’s a little noggin atop a big body. I used to listen to him, and now all I hear is that obnoxious Men in Black theme song… Ugh.


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