How does it feel to get knocked off the mountain?

Mercer has an interesting post over on his blog discussing Herseth Sandlin’s new job as a reason she might not be running for office in ’14.

General counsel and vice president of corporate development is a long way to spell Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. That the Democratic former U.S. representative is taking a post in top management at Raven Industries in Sioux Falls explains why her Brookings home is on the market for sale and also suggests she won?t be a candidate for Congress ? U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate ? in 2014.

Mercer also makes the case that she could jump back into politics.

Herseth Sandlin could use the 18 months from September until the 2014 candidacy filing deadline to further establish her Sioux Falls base and then run if Sen. Johnson declines to be a candidate for re-election. Or? she could run for U.S. House? or for governor? or keep working for a strong company and enjoy running her own life and raising her child. She?s already been to the top, or near top, in South Dakota politics. You have to wonder why she would to try to climb back up there.

The reason Herseth Sandlin would want to climb back up that mountain is simple. She didn’t come down on her own. She got knocked off. I bet it stung on the way down.

A little speculation: My gut (wow! I’m already turning into Jeff Barth) tells me she doesn’t want to run against former Governor Rounds if he gets a free pass in the primary so she will wait to see what Rep. Noem decides. I’m sure she hopes a Rounds vs Noem primary will be to her advantage, assuming she has a free pass to the Democratic nomination. If there is a GOP primary I bet she’s in. If not, she’s young and can sit it out for as long as she wants.

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  1. name

    I am in 100% agreement. SHS does not want to run against Rounds.

    She’s been hoping for a rematch with Noem and I would assume she would have a good shot to win.

  2. toga

    Mercer is naive. SHS’ job with the farmers union prior to ’04 was all about preparing for a run for congress.

    The Dems know how this game works.

  3. Anne

    Wrong analogy. South Dakota is not a political mountain. It is a political cesspool that some people are lucky enough to be lifted out of.

      1. Anonymous

        What a bunch of crap. Go to Chicago with Stace Nelson and then come back to SD.

        You both need to learn what cesspools are all about before you throw such terms around. SD is a patch of wild flowers compared to 99% of any other places.

        1. Job Creator

          Crap is crap is crap. Just because one cesspool is worse than the next does not make the lesser cesspool a rose garden. I can appreciate that you would think that, but really I think your opinion comes from naivete rather than from an informed position.

  4. Amy

    She’s done with politics. She loves SD and wants to raise her kid in this state that she loves. If Kristi Noem leaves politics do you really believe she’ll go back to working on the farm? I bet she’s a lobbyist or a TV anchor in noem time.

    1. GG

      Maybe Noem’s people are just afraid of her coming back? I heard Noem’s people are driving by SHS’ new house to check it out…

  5. Oldguy

    Why is it hard to believe she wants to raise her son here? I am sure she is going to be paid well and let her husband travel. SHS is a very nice person and a great mom. I would be surprised if she would go for a DC job state maybe. I think people should let her be. If she decides to run then would be the time to talk about her but until then let her be.

    1. Anonymous

      Because everything she does is calculated & she hasn’t lived in SD since…about 1989.

      She’ll wait though to see what Rounds does. Raven’s a convenient place to perch in the meantime.

      But yes she is ‘nice’ and now perfectly situated. Game on.

  6. Les

    Hell of a political commentary, “whore for attention”.

    Must be part of the cesspool I was reading about earlier.

    I didn’t vote for SHS but wish I had and will support her if our party doesn’t push talent over looks. Don’t forget, it was West River that unelected Herseth and West River can re elect her.

  7. Anonymous

    Some people just hate to see others do things that are good and just. The same people who hate others generally hate them selves for being hateful. Love thy neighbor love thy self. Words some do not understand.


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