How long are they going to leave that up?

I checked out the website today. Yet again in vain. They still don’t have anyone talked/bribed/intoxicated/pressed into sacrificing themselves on our Senior US Senator, John Thune.  I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

At this rate, they’ve all but abandoned the idea of participating in most of the elections next year.

But other than that, I have to nitpick. For the umpteenth week in a row, they’ve got the same misspelled video image at the top of their website. represenativeYes, I know I’m one to talk. But my occasional errors are as a result of trying to bang things out quickly, and spell checking not working in the title section of wordpress. Here, when they have a professional paid staff (at least we’re assuming they’re paid) the image they’ve chosen is the only one in the video with the spelling error.

Seriously, this was their big video to do. And no one bothered to proof it? In addition to being a Union Boss, I thought Ann Tornberg was a teacher at one time?

The South Dakota Democrat Party.  Showing profeshunalism at every tern.

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      1. crossgrain

        What? Of course he should, and does, represent natives – AND all the other folks out District 27. The hell are you talking about?

          1. crossgrain

            Original comment was merely a mildly humorous observation. You’re just trying to get weird and make… what? I dunno.

  1. Mr. Blonde

    Aaron McGowan is their best candidate. In fact Mike Huether should consider running for US Congress or US Senate before running for governor. I bet he polls better than most people would expect.

  2. Mr. Blonde

    Best job in SD politics is the chairman of the SDDP. They need someone who will actually make the party relevant though.

  3. Jason Sebern

    Enough with the smear campaign. Ann Tornberg was an outstanding educator and debate coach at Beresford and Lincoln High School. The lack of respect she receives on this website is equal to the lack of respect educators in this state receive from the Republican Party.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      In case you missed it, the commentary here is about politics.

      Former Union Boss Ann Tornberg is the head of the State Democrat party, so there’s an outside chance we might talk about her success, or lack thereof, in running it.


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