Peter Waldron & his grinder monkey Gordon Howie take the circus through town, giving us a preview of tomorrow’s Bosworth trial

This evening, Gordon Howie is teaming up, yet again, with the forces of silliness swirling around Annette Bosworth as the time to pay the piper is arriving on the evening before the trial.

Tonight, he’s acting on their behalf and publishing a missive from the man with the dyed hair, Peter Waldron, who is calling his PO Box at the UPS Store a Suite, and lashing out at Mike Rounds & Marty Jackley by filing complaints with the FEC and DOJ.

The problem? The complaints significantly lack merit. And a factual basis.:

The complaints are very straightforward, and represent serious allegations that include Senator Mike Rounds and Attorney General Marty Jackly.

One complaint is under the consideration of the Federal Election Commission, the other with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.


Read it all here.

If you read through it, just like other charges coming from the Bosworth allies, it’s a lot of innuendo, and a lot of stuff being rehashed, over and over.

But at the risk of giving it undue attention, just a few points. Three easy ones to get right, but…. they fall short in playing their games.

The part where Waldron alleges that Rounds benefited from the investigation by Jackley, who was appointed by Rounds long, long ago, he makes the allegation that Marty sent out “DCI agents to intimidate Candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth’s family, employees, and landlord from exercising their right to vote……. some of these visited by SDDCI did not vote as a result,” and he proceeds to name Peggy Craig, Angela Callahan, and Rodney Fitts specifically as those visited by DCI and intimidated.

Well, the problem with alleging that they were intimidated not to vote and as Waldron claims “some of these visited by SDDCI did not vote as a result?” I pulled the voter history records I have at my little fingertips. And in looking, all three of them voted in the primary. Without fail.

So, when he’s naming the three, and claiming that some did not vote…  He is completely inaccurate. He is bearing false witness against his neighbor. He is not telling the truth.  There’s his first strike.

Now, we visit the part about selective prosecution, where he claims that Marty made a decision to “initiate a very public investigation, and to impanel a Grand Jury” before the primary and “it contributed significantly to Dr. Annette Bosworth’s final vote totals.”

Let’s look at that further in a press release issued Thursday, June 19th…

Attorney General Marty Jackley confirms that on Tuesday June 17th a Hughes County grand jury issued an indictment charging Annette Bosworth, 42, Sioux Falls.

Bosworth was originally charged by complaint on June 4th, 2014, for election law violations.  Bosworth has now been indicted by the grand jury on six counts of offering false or forged instrument for filing, class 6 felony punishable by a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment and/or $4,000 fine and six counts of perjury, class 6 felony, punishable by a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment and/or $4,000 fine.

Read that press release here.

So, someone explain to me – how does a grand jury’s indictment on June 17th affect an election taking place two weeks earlier? And trust me, if anyone would have said or known anything about it, it would have been all over the place, starting here.

Again with the whole thou shalt not bear false witness thing.  Strike 2.

Moving on…….


So, four Hutterite colonies were “raided” by DCI who “arrived in a convoy of official state vehicles?”  Does anyone have any evidence that anything of this nature took place? Are there pictures of the alleged “convoy?”  And when one uses the term ‘raid,’ one assumes that a warrant was used to gain involuntary entry.   Again, any evidence of anything like that?

I didn’t think so.

Any interviews with agents of DCI would have likely involved a phone call ahead of time, asking if the would be willing to talk to them, and where it might work for them to sit down.  If they came directly to the colonies, it would have not just been voluntary, it would have been by invitation, as they would have had the right to decline the interview.

So, the Hutterite colonies were raided by DCI? Again, complete and utter bullsh*t.

Strike three.

Now for god’s sake would someone take this guy out of the game? He’s embarrassing himself.

10 thoughts on “Peter Waldron & his grinder monkey Gordon Howie take the circus through town, giving us a preview of tomorrow’s Bosworth trial”

  1. Complete and utter bullshit. Exactly. Oh. Isn’t Boz’s Waterloo tomorrow? Let’s focus on that.

  2. Tell me this. If Marty and Mike are so smart why do they waste time suppressing the vote for someone who gets six percent of the vote. For Gordon, that’s “6.” These evil geniuses sure waste a lot of effort.

  3. I’ve heard from credible sources that Steve hickey is guilty of the exact same thing! Does anyone have copies of his petitions that they can post online?”

    1. Steve Hickey suppressed the Hutterite vote? Damn. Someone call Loretta Lynch!

    2. Go away Gordon. You’re a coward. You always hear crap, publish it, but won’t stand behind it. Very Christian.

  4. Mr. Howie, who is a tax cheat and owes me money back and is insaner than the insanest of them all, will eventually get his. The SDDCI is probably floating balloons over his headquarters right now with listening devices. Soon, Gordo. Soon.

    But let us all leave the poor young Dr. Bos alone. She has suffered enough.

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