Hubbel's troubles

The Republican senate primary in district 9 between Rep. Lora Hubbel and Senator Deb Peters already has one of the candidates getting a little stressed.

So is this an effective fundraising strategy? And is anyone interested in starting up a “hair cut” collection fund?

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  1. Frank the Tank's advice to Lora Hubbel

    “That’s right, we can’t have anyone freak out out there ok! We’ve gotta keep our composure. We’ve come too far. There’s too much to lose. We gotta just keep our composure” Old School


    Hubble’s digging her own grave here. And maybe that’s a good thing for the rest of us! I’ll be sending my campaign donation to the Deb Peters for sanity fund! Haha

  3. anon

    I guess this pretty much tells it all… If you’re that totally unprepared, and clueless, knowing full well that this primary is coming, why would you expect anyone to want you representing them in the legislature??

    Better yet, how the h*** did she get there in the first place?

  4. Anonymous

    With Gordon Howee’s help she can pray and sing her troubles away. The audience for his nationally sindicated whatever it is should be able to raise big bucks.

    Leslie Unruh should be able to tap her network for Hubbel. Their husbands may be competitors in the chiropractic business, but politically they’re on the same team.

  5. Anony Mouse

    Troy, trust me. Lora is pretty unguarded on facebook, so I could believe this is her.

  6. Stace Nelson

    Rep. Hubbel is a kind, and sincere person as well as a dedicated Conservative Republican.

    The question that everyone should be asking is how, when the GOP has a super majority, did this sitting Republican legislator get Gerrymandered out of her district by 99%? Especially when that redistricting move went against what was needed for both districts.

    Yeah, yeah… I know the committee chaired by former life long Democrat (turned Republican in 2000 to run for office) Val Rausch, did not do it on purpose, and they didn’t tamper or obstruct her research as reported by Reuben.

    1. lil wayne

      I totally agree also,Stace. Hopefully this move by Rausch will backfire on his old House buddy Peters. Go get her Lora !

  7. grudznick

    Wasn’t this young Ms. Hubble tied up with Mr. Sibby in that IM 10 craziness? I’d think under normal circumstances she’d beat Ms. Peters but that IM 10 craziness thing is going to drag her down worse than any haircut could. And I’m a guy that knows about craziness and haircuts.

  8. John Carter

    I’d say either somebody is pretty good with photoshop, or you all at DWC got Punk’d. Rep. Hubbel certainly has a campaign website up and running already, –>

    Also, I don’t think she’s too worried about funding since she’ll likely get a fair amount of pro-life backing in the primary.

    After all, Peters can hardly run for office on a ‘pro-life’ record in the legislature–especially after she sponsored the resolution acknowledging women’s “reproductive rights”during the last session and then actually had the temerity to claim (after the fact) that she had no idea that abortion was included in that list of so called ‘rights’.

    Apparently Rep. Peters must be from the Pelosi school of government. You know–the one where they teach you that you have to “pass the bill to find out what’s in it”.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for the link. It is apparent she is already working hard. I imagine it is troubling to Lora to realize she is running against someone who will do or say anything, no matter how false–just ask Jarrod Johnson. Also, anyone who would sponsor Equality South Dakota’s garbage each Session, will have big financial backing from those liberal lobbies.

      Lora: You are doing fine, just expose the associations and bills of your opponent and the rest should take care of itself.

      1. Anonymous

        Are you slamming Jarrod Johnson or saying Peters will say anything?

        Like when she grilled him on appropriations? She can be a Witch.

        1. Anonymous

          She is a tyrant! Ask Jarrod or Rich. Thank goodness a conservative has finally run against her. Go Lora!

    2. Spencer

      Pro-life ratings from SDRTL for 2011-2012: Deb Peters gets a D and Lora Hubbel an A. Sometimes there are actually very easy decisions in life; this is one of them. Deb the RINO needs to go!

    3. Anonymous

      For some reason I can see what Bill Clay posted at the top of this thread, but I did find Deb Peters’ website at:

      After comparing the two websites there’s no way I’d vote for Peters if I lived in that district. Big, big RINO!!

      1. caheidelberger

        Indeed, there’s no sign of the depicted post on Hubbel’s Facebook page now. I suppose she could have deleted it since Bill Clay’s potshot. Hubbel is whacky, but even I am having trouble believing that she’d speak this uncautiously, especially the hair comment, which sounds more like DWC comment-section ad hominem than something Lora would say about herself.

      2. Anonymous

        Peters is kind of MILFy on her website. Just sayin’.

        I cannot predict who will win this race.

      3. lil wayne

        A disingenuous website: doesn’t list her biggest supporters-the queers,and her most popular bills- “gay rights”.

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    I have no knife in this fight – but the haircut stuff seems a little wierd to be in the realm of believable. Was this a punking?

    1. caheidelberger

      O.K., “Bill Clay,” we’re waiting for your statement of authenticity. Come out, come out, tell us the source of this image. Did you snap it yourself? Did someone e-mail it to you? Let’s hear it.

    2. Stace Nelson

      Since when did that stop you?

      Still trying to get your knife from betwixt my scapula.

      Curious what your email to me this morn meant. Was it a delayed missive from your SDPB interview?

      Should I answer that query herein?

      1. WWF


        For being 6’7″ 300 lbs and “always a Marine” you sure have thin skin. I would have expected you to have tough RINO hide. Evidently not.

        Everyone likes you accept for the whining about always being singled out. But I will say you are very likable.

        1. Stace Nelson

          Shhhhh! 6’7″ 330+ (don’t tell my wife) I gained weight & more gray hairs after getting to the legislature. 🙁

          Singled out I can handle, its all the snake bites in the back that irritate the old ugly broken down Marine.

          No whining here, no forgetting though either. 😉

    3. lora

      Lee, you were the one who didn’t know when I said, “State Agenda Committee” that I was being sarcastic….like Herman Cain said, “Can’t anyone take a joke?”
      ok…gotta get off the blogs now….i need to engage more than 5 people in this race (sarcasm again)

  10. Flow B

    I’ve been cutting my own hair for years. Amazing the tools you can buy on late night tv. Salad shooters and tin foil hats too.

  11. Wrestling, talons, flesh, piercing, shackles and surveilance

    Read this and tell me if she writes some silly stuff. Look at what she posted in the freakin’ SF Chamber.

    Major Goals:
    Wrestling the federal government?s talons out of South Dakota?s flesh. Getting rid of PPACA as it pierces the pocketbook of our people. Getting rid of REAL ID as it shackles our freedoms with Big Brother rules and surveillance.

    Wrestling, talons, flesh, piercing, shackles and surveilance… All of it in one incy bitsy chamber interview.

    1. Anonymous

      What other district 11 reps said.

      In case you were wondering if you were reading bondage or S&M stuff here is what Mark Willadsen wrote for his major goals to reasure us that it wasn’t S&M.

      Major Goals:
      Balanced budget. Insurance-related issues. Sales tax exempt summer study issues.

      1. Anonymous

        Willadsen was the prime sponsor of the Obamacare bills (insurance-related issues). Tax increases (sales tax summer study issues). Balanced budget (raising revenue). Willadsen is a liberal and too dense to realize it.

  12. insomniac

    She is fringe.

    Here is my experience with Lora. Very nice in person but very confrontational behind a keyboard.

  13. Arrowhead


    Here is some solid advice since I hope you win.

    Go to the most conservative church’s. Get a list of homeshooled families in the area. Find out what kind of a Right to Life group is in the district. Get on voter vault and print out 3 out of 4 and 4 out of 4 voter lists and know on those doors. Go to the Tea Party groups and get them on board for you in the area.

    You will not need an overwhelming plan to win a primary. You can do it.

  14. Bad hair day

    this is hubbel. I saw the post myself. She took it off her facebook by yesterday morning. It was mean to post it here. But she has it coming because she says what she wants about others including the governor. When I saw it I thought shed be better suited to run for the PTA not the state senate. Having a panic moment is one thing. Not having the sense keep it private is another.

  15. Show me the money

    Lora Hubbel says Deb Peters has received over $20000 from Alternative Family Values Groups. How do I find a link to verify that? It’s not in her campaign finance reports. Shouldn’t the Christian Conservative Caucus Clan be held to the truth? Maybe she is taking a lesson from Stace Nelson tossing out accusations that people are guilty even if proven otherwise.

  16. Anonymous

    If I were Lora I would take down my Facebook page. If I were Deb I would make sure I had a screen shot of all her postings. Lora has some reality problems.

  17. 73*

    Facebook is a great tool. Look at several legislators who use it to keep everyone updated. But it can also be a bad thing if someone has diarrhea of the keyboard when using facebook.

  18. lora

    Lol, I can post about how we are falling head long into Bureacrat-controled health care….how your dirver’s license has facial recognition enhanced photography and is supplied by the same company (LD-1 Soluntions now purchased by Safran) that has had a 40 year relationship with Red China… our SB38 over-ruled the Chiro-Copay bill (like I SAID it would) that survived the Governor’s veto last year… I know!!!! With all the attention (and donations!) I’m getting maybe I should keep my bad hair cut as my campaign issue.

    1. interestingly partied

      Health care is already controlled by risk analysts and actuaries, Ms. Hubbel. It’s them or We the People: we Democrats prefer safe to your earth haters’ cheap.

      1. lora

        lol….you are so 1980’s when there WAS mostly private health insurance. We don’t have a lot of insurance now…its MANAGED CARE …that is when one of the richest entities in the USA now tell doctors how to treat their patients… them how much they can charge…tell them even who they can see. Check it out….MANAGED CARE, like the name implies, is becoming Brureaucrat-controlled healthcare. HOW? The Managed Care companies are mostly quasi-governmental entities now since they are not-for-profit or a PPP (public-private-partnership). Good for them…now if they cannot make a profit….they will be BAILED OUT (ever hear of that before?). Just look at what SB38 was ….a MANAGED CARE bill that brought in expensive (because the first-fruits go to government and the Health Carrier now)…low quality care (Ive heard that 70+ year old South Dakotans are now told colon cancer screenings aren’t necessary and their diabetes routine is being challenged by the Government partnered Health Carrier now). Some called it ObamaCare…some call it South Dakota Care (same thing almost). But that isn’t scary unless you understand what that means….and most legislators obviously didn’t.

  19. lora

    PSS….Correction: about $20,000 TOTAL donations…only $10,500 ($500 directly and $10,000 indirectly from Alternative Family Values donors) at last count….and yes, I have the paper trail.

  20. Black Helicopter

    You see Cory heidelbergerwithfries. No denial. She’s at the very least honest.

  21. Anonymous

    The way she is backing up the $20,000 figure only shows that she is supporting what was posted.

  22. Anonymous

    If I was going to judge the above and Lora’s actual writing all I would need to know that it was her would be the little dots after most senences. … … … …. ….. … … … …. … … …

    You get me??? good… life is good… I’m running for senat… hold on to your hat… my hair… david lust…. obama care…

    1. Bill Fleming

      More often than not, the “Lora” here uses 4 “little dots” (aka “periods” as opposed to an “elipsis” which is a symbol for… oh never mind.)

      1. grudznick

        So, Bill, what are you sayin….

        (I might be late tomorrow, order my usual for me, and get me a 4 pronged fork this time)

    2. lora

      wow…and i thought no one ever noticed me…did you also catch all the spelling errors? The reason I entered politics was when I was 36 and the schools were going to teach my children the same of reading that I was taught. The “See and Say” method. I was in the experimental group in 1st grade at Vermillion where I was taught to “guess” a word when reading (no phonics) …just look at thre first letter and last letter and guess what the word is by the content of the sentence. THEN I was taught to write without correction …just judged purely on content. So when my kids were set up for such a handicap, I jumped into the school board race….
      I do know how to write correctly since Mom was a Professor of English at USD , but writing without regard for rules was my way of rebelling… the only way I ever rebelled!

      1. mhs

        It’s clearly a fake. But, so is the ridiculous post you put on Facebook a couple days ago about TSA hassling armed soldiers on a charter flight? That one’s been floating around for ages. Really, an elected official should check your sources. Mitch Daniels’ Nation Guard office even did a release that it never happened.

  23. pierreman

    Looks like there will be a good gathering at Howie’s revival tent….Howie, Nelson, Russell, and Hubbel, the only ne missing is Betty Olason, she cant hld a tune anyways and is from Harding Co. They all deserve where they will be watching from….outside….

    1. Anonymous

      pierreman, have you been drinking or did you ingest something more interesting?

      Could you explain this too us: “the only ne missing is Betty Olason, she cant hld a tune anyways and is from Harding Co. They all deserve where they will be watching from?.outside?.”

      Sorry, I can’t make heads or tails of your post and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing!

  24. Anonymous

    Will Dusty leave the cheif of staff and run for that position,COULD BE A SWITCHEROO IF HE DOES.

  25. Spencer

    Deb Peters accepted $10,000 from the Warner PAC during the 2010 election cycle: In fact, she was the only Republican to receive money from this PAC in the 2010 cycle. Angie Buhl received a mere $3,000 from this PAC in the same cycle. She received another $1,500 from Equality South Dakota: Again, the vast majority of recipients from this group were Democrats. Another $3,700 came from Deb Peters and an additional $5,000 from uncoded individual contributors. Any of this money could be part of the $20,000 referenced in this posting.

    1. Anonymous

      $10,000 is a lot of money to get from one PAC.

      I’m sure the reason Buhl didn’t get as much money was 1. She wasn’t an incumbant. 2. She was unnoposed. 3. She’s one of only 5 in the Senate.

      I would like to know why Peters got so much money from this one PAC. Please explain Mrs. Hubbel.

      And what is bad about “Warner PAC?”

  26. ValleyGirl

    First and foremost 9 is largely a democrat district (save for the last couple of years). With that being stated, a moderate is need, especially during a presidential election year, to beat any dem that should throw their name in the race. Hubble is NOT the person to represent the republican party in this district. I’m sorry.

    Furthermore, I would like someone representing me (a district 9er) who actually knows what the underlines and strikethroughs in bills mean, not someone who had to ask. If you think I’m exaggerating, check 2011 commerce committee audio (I can’t remember the bill).

    1. Anonymous

      so what you are saying is we need to help get the liberal Mrs Peters elected, who doesn’t support Republican values or ideas, so a Democrat cannot do the same? Brilliant, where do I send my money for that not to happen?

      1. Anonymous

        I had no idea that republican values included paranoia, ignorance, fantasy, intolerance, religious extremism, and downright instability. Good luck with that.

        1. Bob Ellis

          Sounds like you’re confusing liberalism with “Republican values.” Of course, given what passes for “Republican” in Pierre these days, I could see where you could make that mistake.

          1. Anonymous

            So Bob, does that six thousand year old earth deal fit in with republican values as well?

        2. little dainty steps of big RINO

          spoken like a true ignorant liberal who hates the republican party, Deb is that you?

    2. Anonymous

      A freshman can learn the underlines and strikes. On the other hand, it is more difficult for a veteran politician to learn about family values when you’ve been taking thousands from Equality South Dakota and sponsoring their legislation. Some things are easily corrected, others not so much.

    1. Anonymous

      At first I doubted that Hubbel wrote this. But it has become clear that it never occurs to Hubbel that people might interpret her ramblings as signs of a mental condition in need of medication. The fact that this never occurs to her is further proof.

  27. ymous

    I will send Hubble money. Deb Peters is a joke and a liberal in line with Joni Cutler. 2 people that belong in the democrat party.

  28. Charlie Hoffman

    Just once I’m chiming in here. I actually sent an email to Rep. Hubbel and asked her if she knew what was going on with her FB and WAR. She said she would check it out.

    Troy I still do not know if this is a hoax or factual misnomers being played or something which should have stayed in a diary.

    The only time I get worried is when I wake up after getting home a tad too happy and wonder what I actually wrote on a blog the night before. (Is that a sign of stupitity or huevo’s?)

    By and large South Dakotan’s are pretty sharp when it comes to the voting booth. They put Fulton back on the map and made Frank a legend. They will also figure out what to do in the new district we see this blog game being played out in.

    Silence on primaries is a really good thing to do from the inside. 🙂

    1. Bill Fleming

      LOL. That explains some of your posts then, Charlie! Thanks for the heads up on that, pard.

      1. Ankasa

        The fact that K.C. has already lrenaed to “earn” his stimming time during break is HUGE! This is one of the first steps in him recognizing there is a time and place for everything! Even stimming or self-soothing/calming methods our little guys all seem to have to do! Noah used to do the same thing….and he now knows there are times and places he can do it and times and places he really cannot …so he has to wait till he gets to the time or place where he can again. He is MUCH more in control now! K.C. I am sure will do it too!