Huether looking at US Senate, and not Congress?

From KELO-AM, Mike Huether is apparently setting high goals for himself as Mayor of Sioux Falls:

Huether is shrewd. He came in knowing that I was going to ask about his future plans. I ask him every time he’s here. He knew precisely what he was saying.

If Huether has any serious intention of running for governor, we should know soon as he would have to begin fundraising fairly quickly.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Huether set his sights on the U.S. Senate seat of Mike Rounds, which comes up in 2020.

If so, it would certainly explain why Huether is in no rush to announce his future plans.

Read it here.

I’m not sure Huether can depend on both Mike Rounds and Donald Trump being completely unpopular in 2020, much less being able to win as an independent on top of it.


5 Replies to “Huether looking at US Senate, and not Congress?”

  1. Anonymous

    Huether showed he has no foundational beliefs when he told us he stuck his finger in the air and decided the winds of popularity were blowing him into the independent category. He won’t have my vote whether he calls himself Democrat, Independent, or Socialist.

  2. Anonymous

    Huether is kind of boxed in. He doesn’t want to run against Jackley, Noem or Krebs. Maybe he thinks Rounds is done in 2020.

    Huether is a good candidate. Too bad he’s in the wrong party for this state. I still say watch out for him.