Huether preparing for statewide run. What that run is, is yet to be hinted at.

Former Democrat and Obama man Mike Huether is apparently trying to look more Republican as this Democrat in Indy clothing prepares for a run for statewide office. What that office is, who knows, but he’s looking at something. From the Argus:

Huether still isn’t saying whether or not he plans to run for governor or U.S. House when his time as mayor ends next year, but a change of political affiliation and some recent political stances on a series of national issues make a statewide run looking more likely.

It was in December when Huether held a press conference announcing he was no longer a Democrat and would instead be a registered independent. He used the time to criticize U.S. House Democrats for sticking with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as their minority leader. The party, he said, was moving too far to the left.


“I would assume what he is doing is some sort of posturing,” said Emily Wanless, a political science professor at Augustana University. “A politician acts today in terms of the electorate he or she wants in the future.”

Although municipal offices are supposed to be non-partisan, there was no secret about his affiliation when he first ran for office in 2010. That’s not a winning recipe for South Dakota politicians of late. Wanless said aligning himself with the likes of Sen. John Thune and other notable Republicans on matters like school choice and the air traffic control topic and abandoning the Democratic Party are attempts to overcome any attempts future adversaries make to label him a big city liberal.

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22 Replies to “Huether preparing for statewide run. What that run is, is yet to be hinted at.”

  1. grudznick

    If this fellow runs for Governor and reaches over to Mr. Nelson to run as his mate it will be an interesting election indeed. Can you imagine Mr. Huether ruling from the big chair and Mr. Nelson wielding the hammer from the top of the legislatures? Fearsome indeed.

  2. Anonymous

    Huether will run for congress if Dusty Johnson us going to be the nominee.

    He knows his business man persona plays well against the bureaucrat label.

    1. Anonymous

      Huether shouldn’t be underestimated. His name ID is high and he’s from the most populous region of the state. I could see that being neck and neck.

      1. Emoluments Clause

        But you are assuming that the Democrats won’t run someone also in that same race, which given Huether’s recent overtures towards Janklow and Trump makes that highly unlikely……

    1. Anonymous

      and a proven Democrat…tell me one time when he attacked a Democrat I can give you 1000 when he attacked a Republican….

      Heuther would be better served running for the House

  3. jimmy james

    Most of us would assume that neither a Democrat nor an Independent would have very good odds of winning the Governor’s race. But if an Independent ran against the two parties with high name ID and executive experience, he’d have a shot.

    We have had something like 38 years straight of Republican control in Pierre. Just like with the President, I suppose the voters could be persuaded to “drain the swamp” after that much time.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes an independent running with a high name ID against the two parties would definitely have a shot. Look no further than Pressler.

      1. jimmy james

        Wasn’t Pressler ahead in the polls at times during the election? But he wasn’t able to raise a lot of money. Huether might.

        I have no idea how a three-way race would turn out but I wouldn’t underestimate the mayor.

        1. Pat Powers Post author

          I don’t think Pressler was ahead of Rounds at any point. However, I believe he was creeping up on Weiland.

          1. jimmy james

            I believe you are right. Looking just now, I cannot find him coming closer than three points of Rounds in the public polls. Close in October, but not ahead.

            1. jimmy james

              It seems that admitting I am wrong is an almost daily chore. Those around me sympathize that it’s a heavy burden. But I believe that it somehow manages to lighten my load.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think anybody is afraid of him, disgusted maybe, annoyed perhaps, but afraid, no.

  5. El Rayo X

    FYI for any one outside the Sioux Falls city limits, Mike Huether is the mayor of Sioux Falls.

  6. grudznick

    Mr. Nelson votes with the Democrats 90% of the time, studies have shown. I think this helps give Mr. Huether the libbie vote if he picks Nelson as a running mate.

    On the other hand, rumors have Mr. Huether running for State Auditor to take a cushy job in Pierre and get his name all over and then leapfrog to bigger office from there.

  7. Pat Powers Post author

    Keep it on topic, please. (Except for Grudznik. He’s funny, and can do what he wants)

  8. Troy Jones


    I think there was one poll (September?) where Pressler went ahead of Weiland and Rounds fell to the low ’40’s. But never were either candidate within 10 points of Rounds (unless you count the one poll “leaked” by the Weiland campaign which said it was neck-and-neck*)

    *Since Weiland got beat by over 20 points means either:

    1). Weiland imploded, or
    2). The leaked poll wasn’t credible.
    3). Both