Hughes County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner – Livestreamed via Facebook

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  1. Anonymous

    A friend of mine from Mitchell asked me to watch these speeches to see what someone who didn’t know much about any of them would say.


    The Mcee is hilarious. He should take his tour on the road.


    Jackley: Humorous. Sounded smart. Talked about a lot of stuff I didn’t know much about. Wonky.

    Noem: Soft spoken. Connected more emotionally but didn’t have much depth. Didn’t understand her family intro. Who cares.

    Jackley won


    Johnson: Goofy. He sounded smart but he didn’t have much that grabbed me.

    Krebs: She could lighten up.

    Tapiaes: I don’t know who he is. I don’t know much about what he was talking about. I agree with him on war.

    They all have quite a bit of work to do. If you aren’t going to turn me on just don’t turn me off.

    Attorney General:

    Fitzgerald: Serious. I don’t know what else to say.

    McGuigan: I’m not going to vote for you because you liked TAR camp and boys State. I need more substance.

    Roundsberg: This guy was terrible. My boyfriend told me afterwards that he is considered the frontrunner for AG. I could not believe it. He can’t talk in front of a group like this then he can’t win a trial.

    Russell: I actually thought he was by far the best. He’s mild mannered and soft spoken but I sensed passion when he talked later.

    It was interesting that the 3 house candidates bashed congress and hurt Noem but then the 4 AG candidates dinged on crime and hurt Jackley.

    Satgast: Really didn’t show that he knows much about an office that he wants to be the “institutional knowledge” for. His jokes were not well delivered either.

    Brunner: Knows his stuff. Smart. Wonky. I learned something about an office I didn’t know existed.

    Hader: This guy impressed me the most. Confident. Well spoken. Had flair but he also had substance. He was the better speaker of them all.

    Barnett: Good speaker. Appealing. Was lacking in specifics and why he wants to be Secretary of State. Maybe more noticeable following Treasurer and Public Lands candidates with specifics.

    Fiegen: Oh my gosh. There is no way she gets elected. Do not let her speak if you are running her campaign.

    Nelson: he auctioned. Nerd alert. Wasn’t the PUC cooler when Dusty Johnson was on there?

    1. Anonymous

      I couldn’t disagree with first poster more–first off it is a Lincoln Day Dinner speech where the candidates get like 2 minutes to speak and I did not like that they did it from the floor. They all did well. Different styles, but all did well.

      Sounds like a set up post…you don’t know about politics but then you post here…please…..

      1. Anonymous

        Ive never been to one of these events. Roundsberg was so bad it was terrible. Terrible anyone who supports him needs to watch him speak.

  2. Anonymous


    Gov: Jackley
    House: Undecided
    AG: Russell not even close. He is by far and away the best speaker.

    The above are the candidates I can support. The rest not listed need to improve.

    1. Pat

      Are you kidding me, you couldn’t even hear Russell. He sound like the scared soft spoke kid in the orphanage movies asking please sir may I have more soup. Russell did a very poor job.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree I thought Russell was the worst. Charlie gave a home town speech, which was fine. Fitzgerald was ok but I have no idea where he is going on a couple points. Ravnsborg had the most substance and passion.

        The thought that you want someone to explain their constitutional office in 2 minutes is a joke. First they are not there to do that. They all did fine.

        I thought the most interesting news was that their will be a states attorney’s race in Hughes. I don’t know either. Graham seemed to be doing ok then stopped. Roxanne took charge and announced how she had been appointed states attorney and so Randy Seiler is out.

        All in all a good evening…the LDD are not about the speeches anyway but the interaction. go talk to the candidates.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Your friend Lora, Pat. It’s so obvious who the party sweethearts, keep everything just the same good old boys club. Stagnation.

  3. Anonymous

    What I found interesting was Tapio complaining about the Establishment in an event of party regulars and supporters.

    Then Russell seeming to go after Fitzgerald with the comment about how the job is more than just prosecuting.

    Dusty seems to be outshining the competition.

    Other than that, they all did fine…clearly some trolls are out in the above comments. I do agree with the commentator before it is only a few minutes, they are not there to explain their offices and if you don’t know what their office does going in, take some time to educate yourself.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Snow Flake City. Let’s keep political correctness our party theme. Hey Trump won, get with the program and fight like a girl.

  4. Sioux Falls

    When FitzGerald talks about his personal story and what happened to his family in Boston you can hear a pin drop in the room. No one can compete.

    1. Pat

      Sorry Sioux Falls, if that is your real name. It has no barring on the election, not sure why it was brought up. And no one can compete, seriously???

  5. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but Ravnsborg comes off badly. Going from Jackley to Ravnsborg is pathetic. Just watch him speak and try not to laugh. He’s not qualified.

    He’s a nice guy but not ready for AG.

    1. Cliff Hadley

      Sat with Ravnsborg — along with Dusty — at the Beadle LDD, and both were engaging and pleasant. The 2-minute talks are my least favorite part of the evening at these events. But even most of those were interesting, even revealing. But none of the speeches was disqualifying.


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