Humane Society of the United States Ranks South Dakota Last

petsAccording the Humane Society of the United States South Dakota doesn’t have strong enough animal cruelty laws. To be a bit more precise, South Dakota ranks in the bottom tier of states, strictly based on our laws.

From the Yankton Press & Dakotan

The HSUS report rates all 50 states and Washington, D.C. on a wide range of animal-protection laws. South Dakota ranked last with 8 points out of a possible 65. Nebraska tied with Iowa and Rhode Island for 21st place with 29 points.

The laws of a state, in no way reflects how we treat animals. Many people in South Dakota make their living by raising animals, be it cattle or hunting dogs.  Most people in South Dakota know how take animals,  if they don’t, they ask some who does know. While a couple of roosters may get into scrape in the barn yard, it is a far cry from a cockfighting ring,  It is just the chickens, being chickens.

Farmers and ranchers conduct good practices and police themselves, (Steve Dick, executive director of Agriculture United for South Dakota) said.

?By and large, South Dakotans are good people,? he said. ?It becomes a sense of pride that farm families have out there. People know who is not doing the right thing.?

In other words, we don’t need extra laws to make do the right things when it comes to treating animals properly.

As we approach the legislative session I would like to remind our lawmakers it wasn’t these advocate groups that elected you, it was the people of your respective districts. In two years it will be those same people you have to answer to.

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    1. 73*

      Anyone who’s ever killed a dog without reason I have no respect for. I can understand that an animal that is dangerous or may hurt someone but not an animal that is just not trained. We should always search every possible option for the animal so it has a chance to find the right home.

  1. mhs

    HSUS is an even more radical animal rights organization than PETA. They have essentially hi-jacked the Humane Society name in a deliberate bit of subterfuge, aimed entirely to support their massive fund-raising effort. They indeed have nothing to do with local humane societies. Their television ads trumpet their animal rescue efforts, when in truth, the vast amount of the money they raise goes towards lobbying for extreme animal-right laws throughout the country. They want to ban hunting, ban raising of livestock for food and a host of other extreme measures.

    South Dakota’s own Troy Hadrick (sic?,) a West River rancher, became a Youtube sensation with his “yellow fail” video where he pours out of bottle of Yellow Tail wine in his feedlot to protest Yellow Tail wines giving HSUS $100,000.

    Check out or a host of the other sites that have sprang up to educate folks about HSUS. Besides wanting to cripple agriculture, they have had a horrendous impact on the fundraising efforts of local humane societies as well-meaning people give to HSUS thinking they are aiding the local society.

    1. 73*

      When ever someone starts saying anyone who supports animal rights is like PETA the dialogue becomes muttled and pointless. I am a conservative and I don’t agree with PETA on everything but animal rights are lacking. They are good but we have some really sick people in this country who can abuse animals in the most disgusting ways and in 2 years they are talked about as an MVP for one of the biggest industries in the country.

      You kill a dog you should pay a bigger price. I know we need to forgive.

      I can’t imagine anyone shooting a dog let alone torturing one. We need to make the penalties much more strict and severe.

  2. insomniac

    I find the thought of animals living in their own waste in feedlots without protection from wind or rain or sun or cold kind of pathetic to say that animals are treated well in SD.

    How about those hog farms that only raise animals in AC and never see the light of day?

    We have a lot of issues with livestock in SD that are not being addressed and should be.

  3. Les

    Insom, you are speaking from an absolute lack of knowledge or first hand information. There is a critter up to his as* in manure in SD and it be you!

    1. Arrowhead


      Do you support the idea of putting dogs in a kennel to stand in their own manure without shade from the elements of nature and if it gets hot you pull out the garden hose and spray them off? And if you want them to grow faster you inject them with hormones?

      Then why is it ok for people to do it with livestock? Animals need to be treated well no matter what they are raised for.

  4. Name

    I would like to see strict spay and neuter laws in SD. I would also like to see people show a reason for breeding animals for pets. I find it to be horrible when I see so many dogs and cats without homes.

    Also what the hell are our elected officials supporting horse slaughter for?

    1. anonymous

      It’s hard enough to know our reps support Horse Slaughter.

      If I ever discovered one of our elected officials was cruel to an animal I would campaign my butt off to get them out of office. You hurt a dog or cat you don’t have the compassion it takes to be in a leadership role in office.

      It’s one thing to hunt and another thing to mistreat animals.

  5. Les

    Arrow, you are obviously another who has no personal experience in what you are speaking.

    As Insom states, I find the thought of animals……hmmmm, the though of huh? Not that either of you has any personal experience though, right?

    Visit a ranch, both of you and figure out some of the basics. A healthy cow spatters its feet with manure when doing its job. A healthy dog does not. A dog does not have hooves and hocks and 3/16 inch hide. You are comparing apples and manure.

    Lastly Arrow, you want to treat them really nice so you have less guilt when you knock them in the head and grill baby grill.

    1. Insomniac

      Ranches and pastures are different than animals confined on manure in feedlots. An animal free to eat grass is one thing an animal forced to live on an area of earth that is not capable of growing grass is another.

      We need to be better to the animals God gave us power over. There is nothing more reflective of human beings than the way we treat the helpless.

  6. Les

    You’d personally rather see the horse fight for another day it won’t see on a cold winter night while the wolves eat until the heart finally stops? Now that is compassion!

    1. anon

      I would like to see people treat their pets with respect. I wonder about people who can care for an animal for 10-20 years and then can live with the thought of having Trigger sold for food.

      On the dog front there is enough we can do to improve. 50 or 1. There’s more to do.

  7. SDMike

    We all agree that there are some people out there that treat animals terrible, but there is a majority (that means more then 50% for my feeble minded animal rights people) that treat them very good. The reason for the great treatment is they are trying to make a living and the only way you can do that is to get the maximium gain per day at the loses cost (again for the feeble minded animal rights people) equates to profit. As far as horses goes – what do you do with a sick horse that has no hope for recovery, or what do you do with a horse when you no longer take care of it properly (especially with this crappy economy). Right now they are being shot/euthanized and the rendering truck picks them up for dog food anyway. You animal huggers need a reality check, thus my reason for NOT supporting any of the rescue organization – they lost any common sense left in their pea brain. I’ve already got the fireworks bought for the day they annouce that old Rosey the Brute from Second Chance closes her doors.


    PS: On a side note I did donate two pet carriers and some toys to the SF Humane Socitey – since I no longer had a need for them anymore.

  8. Steve

    On the horse slaughter issue: There really needs to be better public education on this. Banning horse slaughter didn’t prevent Trigger from being killed for food. It meant that horses are now shipped to slaughterhouses south of the border in Mexico, where they’re stabbed to death instead of being put down humanely. Check out this article from the Houston Chronicle:

    Instead of encouraging this horrifying practice to continue, we need to lift the ban on horse slaughter facilities and regulate them for humane practices. The HSUS is completely off the mark here, and they do very little to help people understand the true issue. If you truly care about horses, you should want to see them treated well throughout their lifespan, including when they have to be put down.

  9. Rocker

    The Humane Society of the US aims to destroy the animal-food production industry -period. They are in no way a balanced organization that promulgates concern for animals while demonstrating the necessary understanding of where food actually comes from. Zero relationship exists between the Humane Society of old that actually cares for animals and the radical organization mentioned in this post. It’s a mistake and misleading to even discuss animal welfare in the context of the Humane Society of the US’s ranking South Dakota on any of their criteria.


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