Huntsman ad: mocks Ron Paul

Ron Paul is an interesting figure in this political campaign. He’s got some great ideas and some really nutty ones. Even more puzzling than Ron Paul are some of his supporters. If you’ve spoken to more than two you know what I’m talking about (Of course I’m not saying all of his supporters are conspiracy theorists, but certainly they don’t appear to be in the minority among his ranks).

Jon Huntsman put out this ad that I enjoyed, perhaps more than I should have. I have many friends who are like wind up toys when the subject of Ron Paul comes up. Once they start, they can’t stop. This is for all of my friends who won’t stop obsessing about “Dr. Paul.”

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  1. grudznick

    Has anybody noticed how Mr. Howie could be considered South Dakota’s version of Mr. Paul?

    Except Mr. Paul’s signs are mostly blue, and Mr. Howie’s were mostly red. Otherwise, they are two fellows who are very alike.

  2. caheidelberger

    Sibby for President!

    Note how Huntsman focuses on the foreign policy stuff that gets the GOP primary voters angriest. I wonder if he’s saving the gold standard nuttiness for the next episode.

    Buying out the Southern slave holdings… that’s actually an interesting proposition!

    Digby offers a better critique of Ron Paul and his “libertarian” devotees:

    >>>Libertarianism is a philosophical game played by those without either enough real-world experience of localized, non-state-actor tyranny, or enough awareness of history to understand the immaturity of their political worldview. Unfortunately, the harm they do to the social safety net and to governmental checks and balances is all too real, and all too damaging.

  3. Bob Newland

    It is typical that War College denigrates those who actually believe what the Republican platform says. Ron Paul is what Republicans would be if Republicans were really Republican.

    1. BF

      Interesting perspective, Bob. We’ll see how it shakes out, but today in Iowa it seems there are 3 different flavors of Republican, each quit distinct from the other, as personified by Romney, Paul, and Santorum.

      It’s my impression that SD Repubs are a blend of these three herbs and spices with an occasional secret socialist sauce thrown in, but hey, what do I know? I’m a Democrat.

  4. troy jones

    Huntsman has officially begun his campaign for a cabinet post. A drop in Paul’s numbers will enhance especially Gingrich, Santorum and Perry’s numbers.

  5. Duh

    BN: Are you kidding me? Paul states that 911 was the US’s fault. The 1993(?) bombing was a CIA plot, Isreal was a mistake, he doesn’t think Iran having a nuke is a big deal. He’d pull out all troups that protect our interest. (Don’t think having Iran block oil shipments isn’t a threat?)

    Paul represents the true conservative Republican platform as much as Oblabla. He is completely brain dead when it comes to foreign policy and his ignorance would be completely dangerous to our country. If Paul wins the Iowa Caucus, then Iowa will have absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever.

  6. Bill Fleming

    I made a comment here this morning (twice) and it looks like they got hung up “in moderation.” Too bad I can’t remember what I wrote. It was probably pretty good.

  7. Bill Fleming

    Oh yeah… it was about GOP repubs who seem to me to be kind of a mix of Romney, Paul and Santorum with some special secret socialism sauce thrown in. I don’t recall if I noted that’s probably what explains your general tendency toward ambivalence and in-fighting, but if I didn’t I should have.

    1. grudznick

      Bill, I apologize about my rant this morning about socialism. I was just angry, at Mr. Howie, at Ron Paul, and I took it out when I screamed at you. Next week, all the toast and sausage gravy you can gullet is on me. Socialism is still so insane I can’t believe you keep promoting it, but at least you can have a gravy-filled belly the next time.

      1. grudznick

        I think I figured it out. It was the “gravy-filled belly” reference that had PP banning my comment.

          1. grudznick

            Hmm. Mr. Clay does not seem to be in the mood to post these days with the biscuit served up to his fellows by the young Mr. Nelson and the new young guns in the SDGOP.

            But I did see that my gravy-filled belly comment finally appeared. I thank whoever reconsidered and allowed my harmless jab at my friend Bill to go thru.

            Gravy-filled belly
            Gravy-filled belly

  8. delegate

    I’m finding it hard to be supportive of any of these clowns. Romney is a liberal, Gingrich is old, Santorum is not conservative, Huntsman is a boob, Paul is insane, Bachmann is crazy and Perry isn’t up to the standard a 10 year Governor should be. Hoven would have been more knowledgable on the issues.

  9. delegate

    Ron Paul is absolutely and embarassement to the party. Some of the racist things he said in his newsletters were aweful!

  10. Bob Newland

    This column attracts about as much reasoned comment as does a trailer park bulletin board.