Huron City Atty arrested for DUI

From Performance Radio, the City Attorney for Huron is in trouble for problems with alcohol consumption:

Huron city attorney Jeff Banks is facing charges of DWI, reckless driving and hit and run.

The incident happened Thursday morning in Huron. He was released on bond.

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9 Replies to “Huron City Atty arrested for DUI”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    I’m pretty sure that if you surveyed all DWI arrests in South Dakota this year, you would find a fair representation of every job description and profession, both political parties and no over-representation from the Irish. This is unfortunate for that person and their family, but it speaks to no bigger issue or trend

  2. anonymous

    I am pretty sure that DUI spans across the whole spectrum of demographics and even so, if Joe or Jane Schmoe gets picked up for DUI, its just his/her name in the paper. But when an officer of the court, a minister, a lawyer, or a LEO gets arrested, it makes big headlines. And undeservedly so, the entire career field is tainted by the court of public opinion.

    1. anonymous

      Although necessary to society, lawyers are ranked in the top ten of most despised professions. Often they are viewed as people who sell their soul to the highest bidder. These two lawyers do not help their image.

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Anonymous, most people love their own lawyer. Check your source on the top ten, print the other 9 and see how many people disagree with that too (if such a list exists)