18 Replies to “I don’t think I’d admit to being a Democrat, either…”

  1. anon

    Pat, it’s more than admitting you’re a Democrat. It’s part of the left’s active strategy to fool the public.

    It’s Billie Sutton saying he won’t raise taxes.

    It’s the Democrat who at a forum last night repeatedly spoke about his slogan, “it’s about people, not politics.”

    It the last 4-5 weeks before the election, this will be a battle for the heart and soul of America and South Dakota.

    Which direction do we want to go? Tyler is a good example of the type of person we would see in power if the left wins in November.

    God help us all if that happens.

  2. Frank

    Why would such an upstanding former legislator with a sterling history of truthfulness blatantly lie to voters?

  3. Kathy Tyler

    Hmmm…no one has asked me about my party affiliation yet. Please tell the person who reported this to you to contact me. All of my contact information is on my rack card. I would like to clarify the statement with him or her. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous

      I thought… #believeallwomen was rule of law? Not the case for you?

      Maybe and FBI investigation is needed?

    2. anon

      Kathy, why don’t you practice the policy of being up front with voters? Instead of waiting for voters to ask you which party you represent, why don’t you just offer it? You know, when you walk up to the door say something like, “Hi, I’m Kathy Tyler, Democrat, running for the House in District 4.”

      Don’t hide who you are and what you believe. Honesty is always the best policy, Kathy.

      1. Nick

        Anon- because some people who are well educated voters vote the person and their stance on issues not the party. Low information voters really on party identity to tell them how to vote.

    1. Kathy Tyler

      And if you listen to the testimony, as a well researched and smart person would do, you would realize that the conversation was about free will…But I doubt that you will. Just keep hiding under the Anonymous moniker.

        1. Anonymous

          Well, her main focus is people – making sure that the citizens of South Dakota are well educated. She’s trying to help stupid people by telling them smart people do research.

  4. Kathy Tyler

    Interesting…the card pictured is from two years ago. Did this happen this year or are you bringing up the past? Just asking.

    1. Anonymous

      Kathy you are doing great! Voters should focus on the candidates anyway. South Dakotans need you back in Pierre. 🙂

  5. anon

    Kathy always has an excuse for everything. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she the head of the Democrat Party in her county? But she tells people she’s not a Democrat? And of course, it’s the fault of the voter because they misunderstood. How do you misunderstand something as basic as party affiliation?

    It’s just more of the same with her . . .

    Says she’s pro-life . . . not.
    Says she’s pro-gun . . . not.
    Says she’s conservative . . . not
    Says she’s pro-ag . . . not

    Like I said, she has lots of excuses. But the voters see through the lies.

    1. Anonymous

      Dang, she really makes those claims?

      I don’t know, maybe Tyler’s on to something with her free will ideas.
      Our free will allows us to murder and lie, like it’s natural or something?

  6. Anonymous

    So why did you block the source of this Facebook post? Your gossip column is losing what little integrity it had left. What a joke.


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