I don’t think that’s the reaction ‘David with Amendment W’ expected…

The Massachusetts-based Amendment W people probably need to update their cell phone list.

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  1. Fled to Red

    I don’t want to hijack this thread, but maybe Pat could start a posting on all of the amendments/IMs? Just based on the mailers, one of them doesn’t look too terrible. Is it still “no on everything” or are some of these worth considering?

    I’ll obviously do my own research, but wondering what other’s thoughts were.

    1. District 4 Voter

      There are 2 good ones, in my opinion. Amendment X says we should have a 55% approval vote to change the Constitution, instead of our current 50% +1. Amendment Z says that any proposed constitutional amendment may only embrace a single subject.

      1. Anonymous

        I was thinking ‘yes’ on X but was thinking ‘no’ on Z but that sounds good. Too many say ‘oh, I voted that down because of this or that, I wasn’t opposed (or for) the primary purpose’. Crazy.

      2. Fled to Red

        Thanks. X is the one I got the mailer on, and it sounded OK just from the postcard. Z wasn’t on my radar yet but I certainly agree with that concept. I’ll look into it before election day.

  2. anon

    Did they respond? I’ve heard from several people that after the initial text you never hear anything back from them.

    Apparently texting the new thing. Any statewide campaign worth its salt seems to be doing it now


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