I just can't help myself…..

A top Qaddafi advisor has defected.  Moussa Koussa is expected to give valuable information to anti gov’t forces and is thought to be a serious blow to morale of pro-gov’t fighters.   There are more defections expected…..of course if Henny Penny, Foxy Loxy and Turkey Lurkey defect — who’ll be left to tell Qaddafi the sky is falling.

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  1. Bill Fleming

    Boutros Boutros Ghali and YoYo Ma were ordering lunch. Boutros Boutros says, ‘How’s the Mahi Mahi?’ Waiter says, ‘So so.’ YoYo says, ‘I’ll have the cous cous.’

    1. Kristi Golden

      Boutros Boutros Ghali — the man so nice they named him twice! Gotta love a good Boutros Boutros Ghali joke — but with a side of Yo Yo Ma — Priceless!


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