I suppose he’s thinking it’s better than being ignored.

At this point, I’m sure Jay Williams is just glad people are spelling his name right!

5 Replies to “I suppose he’s thinking it’s better than being ignored.”

  1. Lynn

    Oh my, We have this train wreck running and then the “The Extremist at your Front Door” guy running with all his one sidekick and nutcases in tow.

    Annette Bosworth & Lora Hubbel are so yesterday.

    Get a good bag of popcorn out for election year 2016!

    1. Anonymous

      You might want to consider stocking up on popcorn. This Legislative session has angered and disgusted a lot of people in this state. In particular, a very young age group of first-time voters. They can see the SDGOP for what it is, and it’s not good.

    2. Tara Volesky

      I don’t think so…….Bosworth has a big hearing tomorrow at 2:30. Hubbel is running for the Legislature and possibly a primary run against Williams.

      1. Anonymous

        I will bite…what big hearing tomorrow for Bosworth?

        Hubbel for the legislature? which district? house or senate? as a Republican or Independent or Democrat?

        Are you saying Hubbel is going to primary Jay Williams in the Democrat primary?

        Please clarify–honestly asking these questions..thank you.