I think he’s referring to someone else..

This has no bearing on those of us with 7 kids. (I think he’s referring to someone else..)

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  1. fretwalker

    Just more proof that pro-birthers are more concerned with women doing IT and being forced to pay for that act than they are with abortion…

    1. Anne Beal

      He’s not the only one who confuses the abortion issue with sex. It’s just like the post-menopausal lesbians who are so horrified by how babies are conceived that they want the babies to be destroyed. You see them at pro-abortion rallies screaming their heads off and you can’t help but wonder why they are so afraid they’re going to get pregnant. They’re way too old to be worrying about it.

      1. The Guy from Guernsey

        Yes, Ms. Beal, it makes perfect sense that those post-menopausal lesbians should abdicate all interest in those issues which concern a woman. This would be especially true for the transexual post-menopausal lesbian.

        But how then to explain Roger Hunt’s fixation with all things gynecological ?


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