I think there’s someone who would disagree with that statement.

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The problem with Janette’s statement? I think there’s someone who would disagree:


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  1. Anonymous

    Go get them liberals, Janette!!! Both are tax and spenders and want Katlynn in the females bathroom. Enough said.

    1. Shon Anderson

      Keeping our state moving forward requires a lot more than anonymous name calling.

      Making up something like “partnering with Bernie” is a 5th grade move. If I wanted to be equally juvenile about sign placement, I’d suggest she shouldn’t be elected because she was born in the Caribbean!

      Frankly, who was the legislator who pushed to study alternative funding sources prior to endorsing a sales tax increase to fund education and took a LOT of heat for it at the Legislative Crackerbarrell? Jeff did. I know because I moderated that event.

      Who was the legislator that introduced the amendment that will lower the sales tax in the event that the Main Street Fairness Act comes to fruition? Again, Jeff.

      What I’ve seen in Jeff is a legislator committed to studying an issue, examining the need and the budget, and proposing a fiscally conservative solution that is implementable.

      People so passionately convinced should be willing to sign their names. Unless it’s just Janette, that is.

      1. Anonymous

        Bernie is a pie in the sky guy promising all these things that are going to be free. Free? Yeah right! Like I said there are nuts on the left and nuts on the right.

  2. Anonymous

    She is nothing more than a cheap opportunist. I don’t think the voters will fall for lack of intelligence and shameless hyperbole. Another tea party failure looking for a paycheck.

  3. Matt Konenkamp

    You things are getting rediculous when a staunch conservative/freedom fighter like Jeff Partridge is being called a liberal.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Anybody that knows JEFF Partridge’s mother-in-law (Ellie Schwiesel) knows that if he voted like a liberal he’d have been sawed off from the family tree and he’d be eating Christmas dinner in the garage. Is there any real issue in that race?

  5. Troy Jones

    I have seen crazy arguments before, but color of yards signs is one I have never before seen. I am always impressed by something I see for the first time, even if it is crazy.

    1. Anonymous

      Didn’t Republican states used to be characterized as blue states? I thought the Dem states used to be red, which would make more sense since Democrats believe more in the communist way of doing things.

  6. Michael Wyland

    Reagan said two related things: 1) the “11th Commandment” – Never speak ill of another Republican; and 2) the person who agrees with me 80% of the time is my friend and ally, not some enemy to be defeated.

  7. Anonymous

    “A great evening with Michele Bachmann. What an inspiring lady who started her political career as a State Senator!”

    That says a lot right there!

  8. anonymous

    Janette ,
    So disappointed in your attack on Jeff . You must be taking campaign advice from Gordon , Bill and the South Dakota Gun Owners , all losers .

  9. Anonymous

    Didn’t Partridge vote for all the tax and spend bills? Contrary to the spin doctors, that is the definition of a tax and spend liberal.

    These politicians’ records matter, it doesn’t matter what lies they tell themselves of the public, at the end of the day? It’s all about their records. His record shows he’s a RINO.

  10. Anonymous

    Where does Howie find these nut cases? His brand of politics is self centered and nothing more than an attempt by him to make money. What a joke.

  11. Lee Schoenbeck

    Jeff voted for investing in education – that is the definition of caring about the families in your community – particularly the working, blue collar folks that cant do all the other frills and freebies – for them, what Jeff voted for is the best road to success for their kids. And in basic economic terms, he voted to be sure his community could compete in the market for educators – that’s called capitalism.

    I want to know who the moron is that thinks we conservatives have to be opposed to paying market rates for education, those would be the socialists – so Anonymous 12:04 above – you need to get on the Bernie bandwagon with the rest of your socialist buddies

    1. Anonymous

      Good to see you out of the legislature, one less little RINO to be pushing their tax and spend liberal ideas as “conservative.”

      1. Anonymous

        Yep! All these darn tax & spend RINOS! Nothing wrong with going back to gravel roads on our state and county highways, turning k-12 sports to pay as you go club sports and having outhouses at all public buildings since indoor bathrooms are a luxury!

  12. Marnie Herrmann

    A hallmark of effective leaders is knowing how to work together and make productive, incremental gains in their organization or system, while also standing firm on core principles. Sometimes core principles seem to be incongruent, but thinking leaders know how to prioritize for the greatest overall good. Jeff does just that as a legislator. Smart, prudent, productive leadership gets my vote. Color of yard signs…SMH.

  13. Anonymous

    How much time has Janette actually spent in the district she is trying to represent? She’s nothing but a Howie plant.

  14. Anonymous

    Anybody that looks to Michelle Bachmann as an “inspiring” anything has a serious problem dealing with reality. Don’t think I would want that person representing me in Pierre, or anywhere else. Clearly not ready for prime time!

  15. Joel Schwiesow

    Interesting to note that those writing in opposition to Jeff Partridge do so anonomously and those who know Jeff and have advocated factually have signed their name. So much for those without the courage of their convictions.
    I may be accused of bias but I know Jeff as a member of appropriations was instrumental in needed changes to keep SD retirement system viable. He being not one to kick the can down the road but to face head-on fiscal issues.

  16. Elli Schwiesow

    Jeff is a good, decent and hard working man who happens to be my son-in-law. He is an excellent father and a wonderful husband to our daughter. I have a degree in education with minors in music and physical education and I do not disagree with his vote to bring our teachers out of last place in terms of salary. No South Dakotan can be proud when we are in last place in any category.

  17. Anonymous

    All Janette managed to do was to make herself look silly by inferring the color of their signs had anything to do with anything.

  18. Anonymous

    We will find out who looks silly on election day. The GOP electorate will understand who voted for he tax increases and with the Governor on his veto of the bathroom bill=Jeff Partridge.

    If Elli thinks this is a good conservative, she’s changed. It is tough to be a conservative.

    1. Anonymous

      Unfortunately your definition of a “good conservative” requires fringe thought and behavior. Good luck selling that. The GOP electorate isn’t that stupid.

  19. Anonymous

    A “true” conservative needs to do more in the legislature than vote “NO.” They need to attend committee meetings, offer solutions, hear arguments and make a contribution to the process. Sniping from the sidelines after the hard work is done is lazy and contributes nothing to achieving a better South Dakota. Partridge’s work on Appropriations will help reduce government spending in SD for years to come.

    1. Anonymous

      What kind of liberal nonsense is this? “You have to increase taxes and spending in order to reduce spending in the future?!”

      If the RINOs want to be tax and spenders? They cannot then come back and claim they are limited government conservatives. Their tax and spend actions define them as liberals, no matter what lies they tell themselves or the voters.

  20. Anonymous

    Nonsense? Appropriations is where government spending is allocated. Finding savings in each of the endless government agencies is shrinking government and reduced budgets reduces spending negating the need for tax increases. This is not about tax and spend argument. It is about leaving a good and faithful conservative in the legislature who is looking for solutions to government spending versus inserting a drone who will vote “No.” A drone, who when asked why she is running against Partridge stated, “That’s who they told me to run against.” What if they are wrong?