If you happen to be in Brookings…..

You can catch SHS speaking to a group at SDSU.  The lecture is being promo’ed as her speaking about her time in Washington and her future plans……so will there be any news from tonight?

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  1. MOSES

    Wow be like Kristi and have fund raisers all over the country, keep saying your a deficit hawk and then send out notices telling us how she is doing.

  2. anon

    Assistant adjunct professor? If i was on board of regents I would wonder why we are giving this DC resident a title, much less a nickle. Please, why is SDSU allowing her to claim a SD connection while she lobbies in DC. It is a political gift to her, pure and simple. Nothing more. Glad right now I went to the U.

  3. CaveMan

    Really Now guys!! SHS needs to just have a couple more babies; make a few more million on the connection circuit in DC; and then come home to SD and start a business hiring a boat load of people and really become a Republican!!!! (Pay your own payroll–pay your own taxes–buy your own health care plan—and run a real budget without Uncle Sam rounding out all the errors for you!! Great plan—Just Do It ……………..

  4. insomniac

    So KELO steamed a live interview of SHS on their website? Do you think they’d do that for Kristi Noem if she speaks somewhere in SD?

    I guess if SHS runs for Senate Kelo will be her biggest suppoter.

  5. anon

    What are sdsu’s plans for her? She kept her house in brookings. Jonathan Ellis said the lobbying firm she works for has close ties to SD. It’s like she’s never left.

  6. Name

    Mrs. Sandlin is doing more good for South Dakota and the whole country right now than Mrs. Noem could ever do. Flying to California for cocktails helps no one.

  7. Patrick Leary

    No one commented on the irony of SDSU currently being involved in laying off nearly dozens of faculty members while giving SHS an adjunct position, and giving her some political cover for claiming to be a “resident” of South Dakota. When her son gets to be of school age, she’ll need to decide, and my guess is Washington, D.C. will win. The Brookings Register used the AP dispatch for their coverage of the SHS talk; the article said 150 attended.


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