If you missed Dusty at the town hall….

You can catch him tomorrow on KCPO.  The Facts will be a special “on-the road” edition, rebroadcasting the SD Tea Party’s Town Hall Meeting with Dusty Johnson.

10:30 a.m. and p.m., in Sioux Falls, it’s channel 2 on Midcontinent cable.

UPDATED — I realize I sounded like a Sioux Falls/Midcontinent snob — KCPO is available on many different cable services including Knology, Golden West, Mediacom and others and is on different channels depending on your city or cable system.  So — in other words — check your local listings.  🙂

19 Replies to “If you missed Dusty at the town hall….”

  1. anon

    Hmmm. That sounds like it would have been good. I guess Dusty being CoS is an oppurtunity for us to get a trial version of him as Governor. I like Dusty so I think it will be good to listen in.

      1. AVA

        I still can’t believe he is the Chief of Staff and left the PUC after being elected. No way Daugaard picked him out of the blue. He was lobbying for the job.

  2. M

    Dusty did a good job. He hit all the important points, echoed Dennis’s values and message, and kept the focus on the Governor and the budget rather than on himself. He was a very capable stand-in.

    1. anonymous

      Dusty always does well. He is a top tier candidate for a reason. Dusty is everything I look for in a candidate except for the one reason I couldn’t support Chris Nelson over Kristi Noem. Dusty hasn’t known any life other than Pierre political jobs so it’s a hurdle he will have to overcome as an insider. Shoot he is probably a bigger insider than Chris Nelson ever was.

      And as much as I like Chris Nelson (he is a great human being) Dusty kept him in office rather than bringing in some new blood. I don’t like recycling or career pols a whole lot and that is one of the big reasons why I supported Kristi Noem and didn’t support SHS.

      Rounds administration, PUC and Daugaard administration isn’t a top of the line resume when I look for someone to vote for. I want to know that the person has real world experience. That said I think Dusty will be a good CoS.

      I think I might be hoping Jim Seward runs for Congress in the coming elections because he seems to be a guy who does it all. Military, private but public service looks like priority #1.

      1. 73*

        It was frustrating to see Nelson get a job in the PUC even if he is a nice guy. The winds had changed this cycle to a new guard with Noem, Jackley, Barnett, Gant etc so I was assuming DD would pic someone with more PUC knowledge like Schlekeway or Russ Olson to fill the vacancy.

        1. AVA

          I’ve been impressed with Barnett and though I doubt he wants to run for a higher office he is one of the nicer people in Pierre with a very friendly down to earth personality. He just seems like a normal everyday good guy without a lot of jockeying.

          I heard a lot of good things about him and Gant after they went before the appropriations committee. Sounds like they are both budget cutters.

          1. Arrowhead

            If I could pick one constitutional to work for it would be Barnett.

            I like Gant too but it is more of a style thing. I look at Gant as someone who will probably be a Corey Brown LG pick in 2018. I just don’t see Dusty gaining any traction anymore. I don’t care if he is a good guy or not he is too political and very entrenched.

      1. insomniac

        Mike Rounds would be a likely Senate candidate. I’m hearing a lot of talk that some of his fundraising friends who were influential to him as Governor are trying to help lay the ground work just “incase” (wink wink) he wants to run.


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