Ignore the critics. Go see Batman V Superman.

I had a friend tell me some of the critics hated the new Superman Movie.

Ignore them.  They know not what they say.

Seriously. I took three of my kids to the movie, and I was glued to my seat. Far, far better than the last Avengers movie.

And despite earlier groaning and apprehension, Ben Affleck was a pretty darned good Batman.  And my girls (College and High School) were positively giddy with Wonder Woman, and the anticipation of the WW movie, which was teased.

Sure, there was an abundance of special effects, but what are you looking for – Downton Abbey?  It was big, loud, and an excellent set up for the Justice League movie.  I already want to buy the DVD (which will probably be out in a month, the way things go anymore) with all the extras they’re saying will be there.

I give it a B+. Well worth your entertainment dollar.

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