I’m not sure what’s worse, South Dakota or Minnesota.

I’m not sure how to put this, except “eww.”

In the same week that Gordon Howie demands women need to cover up “their girls” for his sake, the on-line pornography website “Pornhub”  released a list of the most searched terms on their website by state. (Safe for work – the link is to a news story on it)


I’m not sure what’s worse, South Dakota or Minnesota.

I suppose Nebraskans searching for “cartoons” is comparatively innocent. But “step mom?”

Seriously, South Dakota. “eww.”

4 Replies to “I’m not sure what’s worse, South Dakota or Minnesota.”

  1. crossgrain

    Ironic with all the backlash against gay marriage that “lesbian” is the most searched term. If “Step Mom” is so repugnant, what would you have preferred?

  2. Anonymous

    This thread topic is wholly unseemly.

    Leave sex, drugs, rock–just leave sex & drugs to Gordo or Kooky Kory, please.

    REALLY, Mr. Powers?

  3. Jeff Endrizzi

    It’s fine Pat. Not political, but a humorous diversion. I would have bet good money that Minnesota would be Hockey Moms.

  4. The Guy from Guernsey

    8-10 years ago, Pornhub searches out of Corson County and the Pierre area (while the legislatures were in session) would have vaulted the term ‘foster daughter’ into the lead for SD.


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