I'm tired of the BS from the crazies

Ok. So our friend Stace Nelson, who has many good qualities, has become a horse’s ass in the last six months.

I was forwarded an email LRC staffer Lou Adamson sent to all legislators late last week describing the status of the legislative planning committee.

From: Adamson, Lou (LRC)
Sent: Thu 5/31/2012 2:10 PM

Subject: I believe we have all the issues ironed out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please fill out the following survey by clicking on the link:

On the previous survey we could tell who they were coming from.

Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful week.
L.Lou Adamson
Legislative Research Council

Stace, being a gentleman with class, chose to respond to Lou and all 105 legislators with this:

Is this in regards to the “Lust for Power” HB 1133 that was passed so ill advisory this last session?

If so, I have no desire to be involved in such an asinine effort at subverting the electoral process of South Dakotans.  Matter of fact, please ensure that legislation is prepared to repeal this abomination in the event the voters are not successful in referring and doing so themselves.

God bless & Semper Fidelis.

Respectfully, your public servant,

Stace Nelson
Representative, District 25 (Hanson, McCook, Northern & Western Minnehaha Counties)
South Dakota House of Representatives

South Dakota State Motto: “Under God The People Rule”

Did Stace just call Lou a “SIR?” I think it’s time for a response of our own…

Dear “public servant” / Rep. Stacey Victor Nelson,

I am not sure if you were raised in a barn, or if you simply have no manners.   Lou happens to be a long term employee of the Legislative Research Council… been there much longer than you.  I’ve also “happened” to notice that she is female.  She is a nice lady.  She answers the phone like a lady.  She even looks like a nice lady.

At the very least, I would have thought a former marine would have the decency to respond to people with their respective gender.  I CAN’T IMAGINE MOST MARINES WOULD HAVE EVER CALLED A FEMALE “SIR.”

Please tell me that you understand what you are doing in Pierre.  I cannot imagine that you were there for two years and did not realize Lou is a female.

It makes me wonder if you are effective / relevant in Pierre if you can’t even properly identify the gender of staff members after working with them for two years.  No wonder you have issues with the LRC when you don’t even know who you are working with.

Semper Fi!

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  1. Anonymous

    Most of the time I agree with Stace Nelson. I’m conservative. When I don’t agree with him it’s because he is dillusional. Like lately.

    Daugaard is a good man and all he does is trash him.

  2. anon

    That’s what I’ve been thinking all along. Stace has been in office one term. That’s four months of actual on the job time in Pierre. Sometime during his first term (about a month on the job) he decided that he had it all figured out, and that the system was corrupt.

    Since then, it’s been like a clip from “Dumb and Dumber” as he continues to dig himself deeper into the hole. At some point, he had made so many outlandish statements that his lies started piling up. Now it seems, he’s moved beyond that and has been riding one of the biggest ego trips of all time, as the wingnuts cheer him on. The biggest of them all is Howie, who’s really not interested in anything other than how he can make some money off this.

    The wingnuts want you to believe that government is broken in South Dakota…. It’s not. We’re not in debt, and operate about as frugally as any government form can. Most of the spending increases over the past several years are a direct result of federal mandates. Our governor and legislature just took 10% off the top…Name any other government that was successful in doing that… Yet, the wingnuts say that’s not even close to good enough.

    Put the wingnuts in office, and let them take another 20% off the budget and see what happens to essential government functions like Medicaid and education… It won’t happen because it’s not possible, but they aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

    The “Lust for Power” committee, as Stace loves to call it, is one of the best ideas in a long time. Since term limits, the legislative branch has become the weakest of the three by far. This non-partisan committee would be a huge step in fixing that. If Stace thought there was any hope of him ever being on the committee, he’d be all in favor of it.

    The only one lusting for power is Stace. I would hope all his semper fi chest pounding would have taught him that respect can’t be demanded, it has to be earned…that’s why the people who are in leadership are there, and he’s not.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Sorry, you clearly have never been there when leadership was elected. Lust, Cronin, & Gosch got their positions because they gave all the new people campaing contributions. Rausch got it because no one else ran.

      1. anon

        Oh, I’ve been there, and it has nothing to do with money!

        Again…make it up as you go, Stace. This is pretty typical of the allegations we hear all the time that have no basis.

        1. anon2

          hmmmmm, looking at last year’s finance reports and he has a point. lust, cronin, gosh, all gave contributions to a lot, including nelson!

          1. anon

            So you figure that is all it takes to get elected to leadership…give em money and they’ll vote for you?? Including Nelson…

  3. caheidelberger

    Notice how “Bill Clay” avoids discussion of the substance of the policy Rep. Nelson is protesting. Rather like how the GOP machine here keeps babbling about the Herseth Sandlin family and wishing they could refight 2010 instead of discussing the actual policies of their current Congresswoman.

  4. Stace Nelson

    In my haste to condemn the grab for power that South Dakota’s new Politburo effort represents, I erred. My apologies for the wrong salutation. No disrespect intended.
    Stace Nelson”

    Billy or should I call you Troy? Drake? or whomever, first off, it is Marine.

    Secondly, I have no problems with the LRC, just dishonest politicians abusing their access and obstructing South Dakota’s other leigislators proper access.

    We had legislators lie to the public and claim my removal from the Ag Committee was a simple move; we had an LRC staff member confirm to three sitting legislators that House “GOP” “Leadership” obstructed/withheld/tampered with other legislator’s bills, AND we had these very same dishonest politicians lie to the world that I threatened to kill Nick Moser and you get your little Sponge Bob Square Pants undies in a knot over my salutation mistake?

    Let’s ignore our own little appointed Politburo, Nelson’s unintended fat-fingered salutation mistake is much more agregious of an affront to the electoral process.

    1. Troy Jones Post author


      I sign my name. So does Bill. I have no idea about Drake.

      I’m confused though. You always keep correcting people who refer to you as a “former marine”. From the dictionary, “former” means “having once, or previously, been; erstwhile: a former president.”

      Marine is defined as “a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.”

      And, “member” is defined as “a person, animal, plant, group, etc., that is part of a society, party, community, taxon, or other body.”

      So, you were once a member of the US Marine Corps. but are now no longer a member. Doesn’t that mean you are a former member of the US Marine Corps., or “former marine” for short?

      I get the ethos “Once a Marine, always a Marine” because Marines believe that being a Marine is forever changing. I get the opposition to the term “ex-Marine” because there could be an implication the person was dishonorably discharged, even though I doubt people who say it mean offense just as people sometimes call a former President “ex-President.”

      In conversation, written and verbal, people use adjectives to distinguish where it is appropriate. Usually, the shorthand is to say for instance Barack Obama is the President and George W. Bush is former President even though they both carry the title “President” for life. There is no denigration by the use of the term “former” as it is clarifying.

      Thus, if a person wants to clarify between an active duty marine and one no longer on active duty, why do do you take offense at the term “former” as a clarifying adjective? And, is there a better adjective that doesn’t offend you or others who are former members of the US Marine Corps.?

      1. Stace Nelson

        Two seperate issues: Describing a US Marine as marine is improper: http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2009/02/marine_nytimes_022509w/

        It is an official policy that it is Marine not former or “X”: http://www.grunt.com/corps/scuttlebutt/marine-corps-stories/its-official-once-a-marine-always-a-marine/

        We should all take take umbrage at “Billy Clay’s” intentional disrespect of Marines.

        Marines are a hard fraternity that physically & verbally spar with each other all day, with adjectives that will never be found in a proper book of terms. At the end of the day, they will put their lives on the line for each other in their combined leadership goals of #1 Mission accomplishment; and, #2 Troop welfare.

          1. toga

            As far as I can tell Stace you are the one disrespecting Marines. Thank you for your service now stop calling yourself one because you are making every other marine look bad.

            1. toga

              You do all kinds of rotten things and say whatever you think needs to come out of your mouth and then finish it off with I’m a marine. How does that make other marines feel to know you are using your service as a cover to be a bully?

        1. Bill Fleming

          Hey Stace, can you spell “who give a rat’s ass?” No one is disrespecting Marines, per say, only people who use their military experience as a cover to advance their political and personal bullshit. It’s not a mommy skirt to hide behind. If you can’t wear it silently and with dignity as a badge of honor you should perhaps rethink wearing it at all. Just sayin’.

          1. Anonymous

            Amen, Bill!! Just because you were a Marine doesn’t mean you can say and do whatever you want, Stacey!

        2. Anne

          You are right, Stace. The presumptive Pope is wrong. Lower case marine is a generic term for things related to the sea. Upper case Marine is a proper noun referring to a specific organization.

          It is a dangerous thing when partisan zealots try to revise grammar to justify their petty personal attacks.

            1. Anne

              It makes no difference as long we want petty wrong-headed disputes over grammar to be the ultimate objective of political discussion.

              1. Bill Fleming

                I agree, Anne. Even so, you are aware that it was Stace who picked the ‘marine’ nit, right? This is after he called a woman, ‘sir.’ If he won’t come off it, what’s to do?

        3. grudznick

          I’m not very internet savvy, Mr. Nelson, but you might not want to use blog posts as your primary source of backup material. Even thought if it is posted on a blog it must be true.

          ***grudznick is a nationally syndicated author. He has been a conservative activist, blog advisor and research consultant for conservatives with common sense for a few dozen years.***

  5. Anonymous

    If I was Daugaard I’d spend 20,000 to get him out of office. He is a flat out liar.

    1. anon

      curious what the big goof lied about? funny how the rinos all use the same tactics as the left

  6. Anonymous

    How about we get back to the issue that Stace doesn’t even know who works in the LRC.

    What does that say about him and his tantrum’s?

  7. Troy Jones Post author


    First, I had no idea we are to use the capital “M” when describing a member of the Marine Corps. I suppose it is the same principle when we say someone who is a member of the Methodist Church is a Methodist. But, I think some understanding is in order. We too often see in print terms such as “a marine unit” or “naval force” so making this mistake for non-experts shouldn’t be inferred to mean more than a simple unintentional error.

    Furthermore, I think your characterization of Bill Clay as an intentional insult is rash. If the use of the word “former” is acceptable to clarify between the current and past President, for those of us who do not get letters from the Marine Commandant, your assertion one is intending insult is presumptious because they used “former” to distinguish between one on active duty and one not.

    Especially since you still haven’t told us what would be a better word to distinguish one who “in the past was a member of the active duty Marine Corps” vs. one who is currently serving in active duty. Furthermore, I still don’t understand why the Marine Corps. is the only place I can think of where the use of the word “former” is considered insulting.

    Final comment: Technically, my church (Catholic) believes that Baptism and Confirmation leave an indelible mark on a person (similar to what Marines believe being in the Corp. does?). Thus, since the mark in indelible, there is no such thing as a “former Catholic.” Once a Catholic, always a Catholic through all eternity. I think most religions who have Baptism as a sacrement where we recieve Sanctifying Grace and Christ comes to dwell within us believe the same thing.

    This said, we don’t take offense when someone refers to himself or another as a “former Catholic” as we understand the intent of the person speaking is describing one who no longer adheres to Catholic beliefs/teachings. And, in this context, if people who believe Baptism is an indelible mark from God that lasts for eternity don’t take offense when one is described as former, I’m a bit taken aback when one thinks the “mark” of having been in the Marine Corps. transcends or is of more signifcance.

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      P.S. I’m further confused because it is appropriate to say:

      “Sergeant Bob has been a sergeant for ten years.” (Use caps when a title, use lower case when it is descriptive.

      Not all of us are students of a the laws of writing. Though we should be so your help on this matter will help.

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        Stace, I know you are probably busy today as it is election day. Hopefully, you can get back to us on this in the future. Take Care.

  8. oldguy

    As much as I want to like as well as trust Stace everyday that goes by it gets harder. He sees a demon behind ever door!!

  9. anaughtynon

    yes, keep attacking the actual conservative worker base of the SDGOP. Nelson cites sir vice madam and that is worth a blog? we have “republicans” that vote pro-choice, anti-2nd amendement, and for raising any tax that comes along and that is okay, but dont you dare mistake the name Lou for a male!

    1. Arrowhead

      The point is that Stace doesn’t have a clue about the people who work in the LRC. He’s just a bomb throwing nut.

    2. Walleye Willie

      You’d think a guy named Stacey would be a little more sensitive to gender neutral names. I asusme he gets lot of mail addressed to Miss, Mrs. or Ms. Stacey Nelson.

  10. A Boogeyman behind every door

    Did anyone notice Stace’s spelling and work use in his email? Yikes.

    “Is this in regards to the ?Lust for Power? HB 1133 that was passed so ill advisory this last session?”


  11. Brian Liss

    Stace is right about the LPC.

    Legislators are not allowed to extend their own terms by passing a law. Apparently a large majority think they can circumvent the constitution by creating a committee on which power-hungry ex-legislators will help rule South Dakota in a legislative capacity.

    The planning committee is able to meet all year, which means many opponents of bad bills will not likely be in Pierre to voice their opposition. This makes the LPC an ideal path for bad bills to pass after receiving minimal scrutiny.

    The LPC exacerbates inequality among legislators. Some will be on the powerful new super-committee, some won’t. This, by extension, increases inequality among voters.

    In conclusion, the LPC, authorized by HB 1133, drags the past into the present with an undue influence on the future. It’s anti-democratic and anti-republican. Call 496-1627 to help defeat this dangerous nonsense.

    Rep. Brian Liss, Dist. 13

    1. A Boogeyman behind every door

      Clearly you and I agree on something Brian. Kristi Noem, John Thune and Tim Johnson made a bad vote and voted for a supercommittee with sequestration and agreed to automatic cuts to some important federal programs.

      That is not what the local SD legislature did. They felt the Governor has too much power and oppurtunity to get an upper hand on part time legislators so they have proposed that the legislators should put forth a committee to study bills and allow them to be better informed so that they do not have to take the governor’s staffers word or other lobbyists.

      But if it’s easier to believe in a boogeyman go a head.

  12. Anonymous

    BS from the crazies!? Absolutely!

    Let’s begin with the obvious. This isn’t a democracy. In South Dakota we have a legislature made up of representatives who are elected by us to work on our behalf. Governor Daugaard, Val Rausch, etc., were all elected by us, and they have done a pretty dang good job of looking out for our best interests. In fact, I am proud to call them Patriots! If anything needs to be tweaked, it needs to be a legislative tightening of our ballot boxes so that we don’t have rampant fraud in our polling places. I honestly hope that our legislature will spend some time putting into place the safeguards that we see in Indiana, Florida, Missouri, and Kansas so that our elections aren’t stolen by whacko unions. Additionally, I am looking forward to our legislature working on DOMA in 2013. Daugaard is a good God fearing man, and I can’t wait see him stand up for the sanctity of Christian marriage.

    1. Mr. Moderate

      Absolutely!!!! Because we all know that voter fraud and whacko unions are the biggest problems we face here in South Dakota. Stop watching Fox news and go to a town meeting– Geesh!

  13. Mike

    You guys should rename this blog “SD GOP Civil War College”. That is the content that seems to dominate blog postings these days.

      1. delegate

        Very sad also considering Daugaard is about as conservative as it gets. My real guess is that Stace wants to be Governor and so does Howie. In order to do that they need to make Republicans look really corrupt so a Dem gets elected and then they can run against that Dem.

        1. anon

          Either one of them has about as much chance as my neighbor’s poodle of getting elected.

          Howie doesn’t care if he’s Governor, or not, just as long as he can find a way to make a buck off the controversy.

            1. anon2

              …id vote for the poodle too before i would vote for daugaard, or any of the ones he endorsed

              republicans should really be looking at this and wondering what the heck is going on in the sd party when we try and villify good republicans while promoting the rinos


        2. grudznick

          Mr. Howie will not ever be Governor. He could have been 2 years ago, but then he went insane. Knowing he will never be Governor (or governor) makes him insaner. The other Howites swarm around him like moths around a candle of insanity.

      1. lil wayne

        No, if Begalka wins,it proves they ARE paying attention, and not just listening to the power and money from the “ruling class” in Pierre talking.

  14. Anonymous




  15. Larry Rhoden

    I should know better than to enter this discussion one more time but,,,
    Brian Liss, please give me page and line in HB1133 that gives that committee any power to do anything other than suggest legislation for the next session.
    BTW, any legislation that they do bring forward has to go through the legislative process just like any other bill and as an aside to that fact, interim committee bill have a notoriously high failure rate.

    1. anon

      That’s exactly right, Larry… However, it’s the same mentality that Stace used when he claimed leadership was spying on his bills…

      Why would they have any reason to spy on his bills? Once he drops them in, they become public knowledge anyway. Dumb bills get killed with or without prior knowledge.

  16. buckwheat

    Guess I’m a little tired of the overly biased posts on this blog. If Lust or Gosch or Rave had addressed a letter to Lou as Sir,I know you wouldn’t have made a post of it. But since you don’t like Stace cuz he’s got real ‘nads,you make fun of him and don’t even mention the substance of the letter.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Man this website sure spends a lot of time talking about Stacey Nelson’s nuts. What the hell? If someone else doesn’t bring them up, he does. Can we catch a break on the Nelson family jewels pretty soon guys? It’s gettin’ kinda creepy.

    2. anon

      I think the point is, that Stace claims to have it all figured out. In just one term he has decided that the whole system is flawed, that every legislator he doesn’t like is corrupt, and that if they don’t agree with his views they must be rinos.

      Most first term legislators are smart enough to realize they really don’t know what’s going on yet, and decide not to make statements that prove their stupidity.

      The fact that a legislator doesn’t know who Lou is proves they aren’t paying attention, and really don’t know what’s going on around them yet.

  17. Charlie Hoffman

    Rhoden! You West River Cowboy, Church Choir Singer, Tough Guy, Former Reprepresentative, Former Single Guy, Former Snotty Nosed Little Kid; you took the words right out of my mouth. You bugger you! I’m thinking slowly, very slowly now, but I’ll get even with you; you Senator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Charlie Hoffman

    Second thoughts a bit quicker now.

    There are only a few but I call them the; “Tea Party Born Again American’s” .

  19. Clay Bill

    Bill Clay, are you a member of the Legislature? Or employed in state government in Pierre? Is that how you obtained a copy of Stace’s letter? I guess that may explain, too, how you know that Lou Adamson is a woman. I bet about 99 percent of South Dakotans would make the same mistake that Stace did.
    How do your fellow lawmakers feel about you posting correspondence between an LRC staffer and a legislator just so that you may simply impugn that legislator’s character?
    Someone is certainly acting like a horse’s ass in this instance, and it’s not Stace.

      1. duck soup

        Stace is a fool.

        (I really like Begalka – he seems like the one guy in the TP who is reasonable – I would vote for him if I could)

  20. Larry Rhoden

    The Larry you know did vote against 1133, and would vote against it again. But not because it is a power grab. Your earlier comments seem to suggest that this committee had the ability to short circuit the legislative process. They have no such authority. The only power granted by 1133 is to suggest legislation to the legislature.
    Last sentence of the bill, “The committee may propose draft legislation and policy recommendations to the legislature”

    1. Anonymous

      Round 1 goes to Rhoden.

      I hope that you bring better arguements grounded in reality in the next round Stace and Liss because it was nearly a knockout from just what Rhoden delivered with one typing hand behind his back…

  21. Les

    ?The committee may propose draft legislation and policy recommendations to the legislature?

    Isn’t that a citizens right without the bill Larry? What is the purpose of running that legislation?

  22. Larry Rhoden

    You are correct and that is one reason I voted against it.
    I hesitate to defend a bill I opposed but the proponents simply wanted a venue in which they could concider current issues facing the state and have the time to research them when they aren’t dealing with the pressure cooker of the session.

    1. Anonymous

      get a clue sir, south dakotans elected their legislators to do that. there is a reason we have the form of government that we have, if we wanted communist appointed committees we would have embraced communism.

      how did that super committee work out this last year in congress?

      heck just do away with all the elections mr. rhoden, you and the others who think they know it all, just appoint a couple of your friends and selves for life to run sd. that would be much better than wasting all the time and money on elections and letting the people think it is their government.

        1. Anonymous

          It’s totally different than what you think “LUST FOR POWER” is. funny name but not at all what it is.

  23. Anonymous

    Let?s get this straight, this guy mistakenly addresses a person named ?Lou? respectively as ?sir? and that makes him crazy? He and others oppose a bill that allows legislators to appoint themselves and their cronies longer in the legislature and that makes them crazy?

    The error makes him human, the opposition to this terrible law makes him a patriot, and the article makes the author an idiot.

  24. Anonymous

    Brian Gosh gets caught violating the law, embarrasses republicans across the state; the governor divides the party with his endorsement of some of the most left leaning legislators, and you people run a stupid story about Nelson not using the proper gender greeting for a person named ?Lou??

    Are you freaking kidding me?

    Yeah, the conservatives that make up 50% of the state are ?crazy? and you rinos are really the brain trust that we need.

  25. Anonymous

    Some people just hate to see others do things that are good and just. The same people who hate others generally hate them selves for being hateful. Love thy neighbor love thy self. Words some do not understand.

    1. anon

      You’ve got that right… The Howie led wacko regime claims to be conservative Christians, yet they have spewed so much hate and so many lies in their postcards, ads, etc, that it really makes you wonder if hypocrite is a strong enough word for them.

      1. Bob Ellis

        You might want to read Matthew chapter 23 (and maybe 1 Kings 18 and Act 7, too) if you think Christians are supposed to be mealy-mouthed pushovers who ignore deceivers and those who would lead others into what is wrong. That’s a lie that the darkness loves to spread, because it helps them perpetuate their corrosive agenda with impunity.

          1. Bob Ellis

            Yes, the dark side’s constant thorn in the side: the truth. The darkness does indeed hate the light. You should read those passages as soon as you can.

                1. Anooner

                  I thought Christianity was based on the New Testament? Why are directing us to the book of Kings? What’s next, select verses from Leviticus?

                  1. Bob Ellis

                    Apparently like most liberals, you need to learn more about Christianity. The references I mentioned are a good place to start.

                    1. Anooner

                      Sorry to disappoint you Ellis, but I’m more libertarian than liberal, and a registered indy. I know the fact that others, even some within your own party, may have differing views than you, is impossible for you to comprehend, You being the model Christian and republican – final arbiter of all that is proper. But if you want to go cherry picking OT verses, you will never become politically relevant. (Yes, I know it pains you to hear this, but you are not currently politically relevant, except maybe in the deep, dark fringe of the political cosmos, created in chpt 1 of Genesis. The Pentateuch (particularly deut. and lev.) is full of crazy, archaic blather – just like you. Best stick with the NT during your crusade.

                2. Bill Fleming

                  “I always made a point of telling the doctors I was sane, and asking to be released, but the more I endeavored to assure them of my sanity, the more they doubted it.” ? Nellie Bly

  26. Bob Ellis

    I hate to break it to you, but libertarian isn’t the same thing as conservative, which is what I am, nor does the Libertarian Party have the same values as the Republican Party. While it isn’t true of all libertarians, far too many libertarians are far too comfortable with moral turpitude. Civilization can go to Hell in a handbasket as long as they personally are left alone to indulge their hedonistic proclivities.

    I also hate to break it to you, but I’ve never once said or claimed to be the arbiter of all that is proper. I only point to the arbiter of all that is proper–which drives liberals and lowest-common-denominator types like yourself mad because you realize you aren’t aligned with what is proper and you don’t want to align yourself with what is proper (Luke 21:17).

    You’ve done nothing more than broadcast your own glaring ignorance of conservatism, Republican values, and Christianity in general. It’s comforting to know that liberals can always be counted on to reveal their intellectual bankruptcy with repetitive clarity. It would be better still for yourself and others if you would try to align yourself with what is right, though.