IM22 Proponents: Those damn lobbyists are corrupt…… do you know where I can hire one?

The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Remember during the campaign this past fall, where the proponents of Initiated Measure 22 went after lobbyists, inferring that they’re all corrupt and trying to buy off legislators?

Now that an injunction has been filed, and a judge has determined it’s likely to be declared unconstitutional, many anticipate that the legislature will be called upon to fix the problems with the measure.

The word on the street among the lobbyist corps is that there are a lot of calls being made to engage them in this matter for this next session.

But, not from the people opposing IM22, but FROM THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED LOBBYISTS AS BEING CORRUPT AND ACCUSED THEM OF BUYING POLITICIANS. Yes, you heard that right. The same people who spent the entire campaign attacking lobbyists and portrayed them as corrupt political bosses buying legislators are now out trying to hire lobbyists themselves.

Good luck with that one, guys.

9 Replies to “IM22 Proponents: Those damn lobbyists are corrupt…… do you know where I can hire one?”

    1. Anon1

      Hold the vote again tomorrow, after what we’ve learned so far. It fails 70 to 30%

      The intentionally misleading campaign was the only reason it passed. The people behind it should be shamed out of state.

      Wait a minute, I guess they never were from in-state. Except for Weiland and a couple of his ignorant buddies.

  1. Anon1

    And don’t forget, Welland made a pile of money on this, his ignorant buddies just took all the hits for free!

  2. do the right thing Marty

    AG jackley came out hard for an Ethics Commission I have a hard time believing he’s not going to bring a bill this year to support one I would be very disappointed if he didn’t

  3. crony capitalism

    Yeah I’m pretty sure you can hire Loren Pankratz don’t forget that’s Marty jackley Campaign manager son so I mean that carries a fair amount of weight

  4. I bet it was hard for Jerome Pankratz to get a job with Marty

    If Loren Pankratz gives Jeremy Pankratz a Christmas present Would that be illegal Just wondering?

  5. Lee Schoenbeck

    A friend got one of Weiland’s group’s fundraising plugs. I think they are using Facebook and emails. Very misleading – still.