IM22 supporters threatening legislators and their families.

Unfortunately, Represent.US and other supporters of the unconstitutional Initiated Measure 22 are continuing to prosecute falsehoods against those trying to fix their mess.

And in some cases, advocates are taking their support of the measure currently being repealed a bit too far:

Curd said the efforts to campaign against individual lawmakers rather than work with them to find ways to reform pieces of the law had the effect of encouraging lawmakers to gut the measure.

“Their continued misrepresenting what it is that those of us that are out here trying to fix this tremendous train wreck of a law that we have now shows me that there’s really not an interest in changing tactics,” Curd said.

Some of the campaigning has led to more serious messages from South Dakota voters. Langer said she received a message on the Senate floor this week from a constituent saying that if she didn’t call him back in 10 minutes, he’d go after her family.

“It’s a bit unsettling,” Langer said.

State highway patrol officers, as part of their protocol, responded to the individual and monitored Langer’s home.

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6 Replies to “IM22 supporters threatening legislators and their families.”

  1. Anonymous

    The senate and house look foolish. IM 22 is a bad law. I don’t understand Republican messaging on this or how they think they are winning this publicity battle. Mickelson sounded great in committee then the argus didn’t print a word of what he said.

    It’s pure BS and republicans should hold the media accountable. They need to be like Stace Nelson and go for the throat. Right now they look bad.

  2. chief

    Jim Langer, SDSU, Miami Dolphins center, undrafted yet Pro-Bowler and Hall-of-Famer. I believe I am correct ?