In case Democrats don’t provide enough competition, you could try the PolitiCats

I picked up my daughter from school at DSU yesterday. While on the way home, I heard constant tapping from her and meowing from her phone. So much so I had to ask her what on earth she was playing.

img_2419Her response? “PolitiCats.”

It’s one of those games that as evidenced, you have to tap on constantly to earn “votes,” as well as campaign cash.

You use the cash to purchase a higher level of voter support, as well as campaign staff, teamsters, and any number of other facets to the game, as you run elections ranging from class president to… img_2417well, actual president.

As one website notes about the addictive game…

Players will need to hire and maintain a campaign staff, with roles that range from intern to videographer, volunteers, and even “old cat ladies”. You can also sign endorsement deals with celebrity cats, advance a platform, and even unlock “legendary” cats like Garfield. With the game being in the ‘Clicker’ genre, players are simply tapping on the screen to have their avatar cat give its speech. As this is accomplished, players will see support and donations float up from the crowd, and the background change to indicate successful bids. Every so often, the cat is engaged in debate with a rival, and players must out tap the AI opponent, within a set amount of time.

Read that here.

It’s a mindless diversion, with a bit more insight into the political process than you might expect from a phone game you tap on to play.

And in the 2016 South Dakota election cycle, given the level of candidates that Democrats are bringing to bear, it might actually be more challenging than the real thing.

The game is available for both android and iPhones (I’m playing it on my iPad).