In case you were wondering what local dems think about rioters..

Here’s the apologist headline this AM from former Dem State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger over at the far left Dakota Free Press:

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  1. anonymous

    I see Cory sucks on the exhaust pipe of the DNC and follows the talking points about ANTIFA not being an organization.

  2. Anonymous

    Just like Cory, Antifa is for fascism; they want a “1984” type world where an elite group-elite for their power, not their brains or worthiness or morality-rule over the rest of us.

    Anyone who questioned whether Hamburglar was demented before need not wonder-he has shown his mental issues to the world.

    The one thing I would say, Pat, is that I wouldn’t say “local dems”; Cory is one sick individual whose mother apparently didn’t show him enough affection. He is responsible for his own statement, and I doubt if all local dems support his lunacy.

  3. Anonymous

    Cory supports Anarchy then. Long before President Trump was elected ANTIFA were anarchists in metro areas doing all kinds of vandalism, doing drugs and riding their bicycles if they even had them. Not many own cars. Even now they are a loose band of anarchists. Cory and the other socialists glorify these thugs and have no idea of their history.

    1. tara volesky

      The Sioux Falls peaceful protesters did an amazing job with their event. The police officers were great and did everything in their power to let them protest while keeping them safe. Then you had a handful or busload of probably paid rioters show up and started in with their thug behavior ruining it for everybody. Rumor is they are going to try the same thing in Mitchell tonight. I don’t think they are going to get very far. Terrorist groups are not welcome.

  4. Anonymous

    Ha, just delete any comments that might not fit the narrative. That’ll fix our endemic issues.

  5. Troy

    I read the headline and thought to myself “This is flat-out nuts” so there must be more to the story.

    I read the body of the post and thought to myself “OMG, this is nuttier than the headline.” I can’t even imagine what rattles around in a head that would make so much effort to perform mental gymnastics to try to say “Don’t believe your eyes. The fires started by spontaneous combustion.”

  6. Gino

    The guy who runs the South Dacola blog was mocking the Sioux Falls mayor for pre-planning for a possible riot. Then he had the gall to blame the mayor for the violence. No wonder the Democrats in SD are a dying breed. I think the blogger took down his post about the mayor because he realized what a dumb ass tool he looked like. People like him harm the SD Democratic party much more than help it. So I guess we should be glad his blog exists.

  7. tara volesky

    I have to give a shout out to the Governor for having the National Guard ready to protect the citizens and peaceful protesters of Sioux Falls. Out of state rioters, you are not welcome in SD.

  8. Michael

    The Sioux Falls area law enforcement and Gov. Noem need to complimented for there handling of the illegal riot is Sioux Falls. These people are not protestors they are criminals and need to be squashed

  9. enquirer

    paul tenhaken claims a lot of the hooligans were locals, so let’s see what his investigators turn up.


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