In Democrat news.. Sounds like Ann Tornberg keeping up the good work.

From the Dem affiliated website “Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls,” it sounds as if South Dakota Democrat Chair Ann Tornberg is keeping Republicans happy with her performance:

Turning to the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP): While I hate being the bearer of bad news, someone has to report it. The SDDP held a State Central Committee meeting in Rapid City on September 22nd in conjunction with its annual Buffalo Round-Up Dinner and they failed to make a quorum. They needed 14 counties for a quorum but only 12 attended the meeting. Notably, except for Charles Mix, no representative from a County with a dominate Native American population attended the meeting.

Which brings me to a matter of accountability: In April, Ann Tornberg, the SDDP Chair, announced she had received a $50,000.00 grant from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for voter registration in South Dakota with a particular emphasis on registering Native American voters. Six months have past since Ann’s announcement and a check of the South Dakota Secretary of State’s voter registration numbers suggests that the DNC didn’t get much bang for its $50,000.00. Since May 1st, Statewide Democratic voter registration declined by 42 voters, from 157,160 to 157,118. In contrast, Republican registration increased by 6,698 voters, from 247,235 to 253,933.

Read it here.

Keep up the good work Ann……

17 Replies to “In Democrat news.. Sounds like Ann Tornberg keeping up the good work.”

  1. Anonymous

    So for $50k she lost 42 voters? Sounds like she stinks at her job, but I hope the Democrats keep her on. She probably has tenure, another liberal idea of giving people a job for life regardless of how poor they are at it.

    I hope the DNC sends more money Ann’s way so she can squander more of it; the less the DNC has to spend in toss-up races the better.

  2. Benz

    Can’t blame the S.D. state Democrat party…the way the Democrat party is acting on a national level I don’t see why an individual would want to be associated with a group filled with hate and negativity…there is no positive inspirational message coming from them…why join that?…

  3. Anonymous

    Democrats have not done the hard work of registering voters.

    The GOP has a 97,000 voter registration advantage because of a good message and hard work.

    Until the Dems do the hard work they will continue to lose elections.

  4. JKC

    If in-laws matter, then we are all in trouble at some point. They say you can pick your friends, but not your relatives and just because you fall in love with someone, that doesn’t mean you are marrying the whole family.

    Plus, with this in-law relationship, it is not blood like Warren’s limited Cherokee blood is…

  5. Anonymous

    …”no representative from a County with a dominate Native American population attended the meeting.”

    That’s because the winds are whispering across the plains. Look at what the Mayor of MPLS has done to help Indians. They are forced to live in tent cities while Somalia “refugees” are receiving public housing and other govt assistance. Democrats don’t care about us, they lie to us only to get our vote and control us.


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