In remembrance of Tom Adam, Pierre attorney & long-time lobbyist for SD Bankers

Prayers go out for the family of Tom Adam, Pierre attorney and long-time lobbyist for the South Dakota Banker’s Association, who passed away this last week on October 5th at the age of 82. Tom was well known to many in the state’s political community, as a very long serving member of the state’s legal and lobbying communities.

Tom was also as an extended member of the Mickelson family, as a son-in-law to Governor George T Mickelson, brother-in-law to Governor George S Mickelson, as well as an uncle to State Representative Mark Mickelson.

Tom is well remembered in an article today in the Pierre Capital Journal:

While an undergrad, Adam met Patricia Mickelson, whom he later married. They were together until her passing; 56 years


“He had a good reputation. Ask almost anyone about Tom’s involvement with the Dakota State Bank in Blunt, now purchased by First Dakota National Bank,” said Koenecke. Adam had represented the South Dakota Bankers Association for almost 40 years.

Adam was indeed social, and thought of others. He served on the national board of the Easter Seal Society, was chairman of the South Dakota Board of Bar Examiners, and was a director of the Sanford Underground Research Facility located in the former Homestake Gold Mine. He also enjoyed hunting, reading and gardening.

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According to the obituary, visitation with family will be on Thursday, October 10, at the First United Methodist Church of Pierre, 117 North Central Avenue, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  The funeral will also be at the church on Friday, October 11, at 11:00 a.m.

One Reply to “In remembrance of Tom Adam, Pierre attorney & long-time lobbyist for SD Bankers”

  1. Troy Jones

    There are people who have a public persona and a private persona. Tom Adam Is person with not a sheet of paper difference. He was smart, direct, honest, and, in his way, loving.

    If he was on your side, you had a fierce defender. If he was opposed to you, you knew you had a fair adversary. There was really no downside to deal with him.

    On a personal note, Tom and Pat lived in the same married student housing as my parents so I’ve known him my entire life and I am the longest friend of their oldest daughter. In high school we ran in the same group.

    Anyway, Tom had a rule that any boy who picked up his daughter (even if a group and not a date) had to knock on the door and enter the interrogation room.

    Because I knew him, I was always the boy our friends made to go in to get Kathy. They even specifically drove across town even if out of the way to get me first.

    At the end of the interrogation, he’d say, “you have my baby and I am counting on you.” Here is how effective this was.

    In high school, I’d resolved to jump in front of a semi before I’d let Kath stub a toe. And, any boy who ever picked up one of daughters will recognize the drill.

    May the soul of Tom Adam, by the mercy of God, Rest In Peace.