In State Senate Ed Committee this AM

Senate Ed is where the action is with committee hearings on several Education nominees..

Appointments this morning are for Jacqueline Sly, to the South Dakota Board of Education Standards, Becky Guffin, to the South Dakota Board of Education Standards, and Don Kirkegaard, Meade County, Sturgis, South Dakota to the position of Secretary of the Department of Education.

More coming!

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does

    This confirmation hearing was embarrassing and I think the Senate Ed committee owes the appointees and the governor an apology. Why on God’s green earth was public testimony allowed? This should have been an “interview” conducted by the committee. Good grief is there anything the CFL is for?

    1. Anonymous

      “Stupid is as stupid does”

      I am trying to read between the lines…but could you clarify what you meant?

      Is CFL–canadian football league?? 🙂 I know that is not what you meant but could you clarify as I dont know that abbreviation. thank you

      1. Stupid is as stupid does

        CFL = “Citizens for Liberty “. They are a group out of Rapid City who hates anything forward thinking. They had a person there testifying against the appointments based on a personal axe they are grinding. My argument is that, the committee should not have allowed public testimony on an appointee of the governor. The Senate is to conduct the confirmation hearing in an interview style format. Not unlike what you would see on the federal level.

  2. Anonymous

    Good for the CFL ! All three of these nominees have ties to the GEAR UP-yours multi-million $$ fiasco. More part of the problem, not a solution. Thankfully DooDoo and his corrupt admin will be gone in less than a year. (I’m a life-time Repub, by the way). I know it isn’t kind, but Soholt is starting to look a little long in the tooth, aren’t those glasses from the 60’s ?


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