In Sympathy

I really don’t have any words for the tragedy at the penitentiary in Sioux Falls.  The loss of innocent life is always a cause for sorrow.   My prayers and sympathy are extended to Ronald E. Johnson’s family.

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  1. oldguy

    I happen to drive by penitentary yesterday around 11:00AM. There was firetruck parked in the driveway and serveral people with rifles around the gate. My question is why was traffic still allowed to drive past.God Bless the Johnson family. A guy who was just trying to make a living doing his job.

    1. AVA

      I’m glad we have Marty Jackley in the AG’s office. If possible I’d like to see him seek a serious punishment for these two guys.

  2. Duh

    Now we have two more idiots most likely facing the death penalty as they should. Now, after the dust settles, the even bigger idiots will start protesting against the death penalty. Read the bios on those prisoners before you take aim against justice being done. I believe one of the assailants was already serving two life sentences and the other 80 years, so there goes that argument about life sentences being cheaper than the death penalty. What’s cheaper, appeals ending in the death penalty being carried out or another innocent life lost at the hands of those miscreants? This is so sad and unnecessary.

  3. duggersd

    I know two people who are guards at the pen. I have to admit I held my breath as I read the story to find out who it was. I hate to admit I felt relief to know neither one of the people were people I know. Now I have to have sympathy for the family of Mr. Johnson. And feel just a little bit guilty.

  4. PNR

    My only quibble is the word “tragedy”. Hamlet is a tragedy. A brick falling on somebody or getting struck by lightning are tragedies. This was murder. People talk the same way about 9-11 – “The tragedy in September…” – and it galls me. It is a man’s willful evil that killed Officer Johnson, not happenstance or fate.

    I have friends who work at the Pen, too, and have gotten acquainted with a couple inmates even. My prayers are for the Johnson family and all these who feel the effects of this crime. I pray the murderer repents (I also hope he is sentenced to death – the two are not incompatible hopes).

  5. Name

    “Life is not the way it’s supposed to be; it’s the way it is.
    The way we cope
    with it is what makes the

    The two must be held responsible for the actions they have taken. How society reacts is that of society. Hate is not the correct action. Society must hold them responsible for the actions they took not for our response to hate.

    1. Les

      Hatred begins with a fine line, and ends with a broad swath.

      Thank you name, for the note we should all hold in our hearts.

  6. Troy Jones

    There is a time to discuss what can be done to minimize this in the future. Now we should just join the family with our prayers and mourn for the loss of one who put himself in harm’s way to protect us and our families. May Mr. Johnson rest in peace.


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