Increased Meth supply being shipped in from Legal Pot States according to Attorney General

Interesting statistic from the Attorney General this AM.

The increased availability of meth in South Dakota is coming into the state alongside pot from those states that have legalized it. And both are creating a dangerous, armed drug culture in quiet South Dakota:

Attorney General Marty Jackley said the factors behind violent crime vary but typically involve controlled substances.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, which handles high-volume methamphetamine cases, is prosecuting more of them. The number of federal-level meth-related prosecutions in South Dakota jumped from 24 in 2010 to 46 in 2015 after peaking at 57 in 2014.

In Rapid City, meth was involved in three of the four officer-involved shootings during police Chief Karl Jegeris’ first two years in his job.

The meth increase has come without the aid of home labs. Instead, it’s coming from out of state, Jackley said, alongside shipments of marijuana from Colorado, Washington and Oregon. “All three of those states have the same thing in common: They have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes,” Jackley said.

The public’s appetite for high-grade marijuana and methamphetamine has fostered a more violent drug culture in which buyers and sellers are more likely to arm themselves, Sioux Falls police Chief Matt Burns said.

Read it all here in the Rapid City Journal.

Another good reason not to add South Dakota to the list where people “grow their own medicine.”

28 Replies to “Increased Meth supply being shipped in from Legal Pot States according to Attorney General”

    1. Keeping it real

      Medical is the camel’s nose for recreational and nothing good will come from legalization as it is the gateway as stated for more drugs..

      1. Anonymous

        I agree with both of you.

        Medical..oh I have a headache give me marijuana…total BS


        Medical is always a parade of the worst case scenarios praying on people’s emotions then they come back a few years later and try to decriminalize it completely….NO!

        1. Anonymous

          Here come the medical marijuana folks bringing out the sob stories to get sympathy to try to legalize eventually recreational marijuana. snake oil salesman with their 24/7 medical marijuana shops in seedy areas of towns is all we need.

  1. Nonymouse

    This is precisely why we need to decriminalize the use of Meth….it costs too much to put someone in the penitentiary.

    1. Anonymous

      decriminalize the use of Meth, crack, huffing paint, cocaine, LSD, magic mushrooms and other mind altering drugs.

  2. Jaa Dee

    WHY would meth have to be shipped in from anywhere? It was created in these parts.

    Are you people opposed to the medical legality of morphine and dozens of other drugs that are much more addictive and potentially much deadlier than pot? Why don’t you people go to a pediatric oncology unit and tell the parents YOU have decided their cancer stricken child cannot have something that might make their battle even just a bit less nightmarish?—————Again, are you not complaining about the morphine drip that dulls their unbearable pain? If not, WHY the hell not if you are going to whine about something as benign as pot?

    This is idiocy..

    1. enquirer

      pot is not benign. your assertion that it is probably accounts for why no one wants to discuss this with you.

    2. Anonymous

      Jaa Dee your Marijuana legalization arguments would fall more in line with the myths over at South Dakota’s Stoner Blog, High Times Magazine or in Portland. Most South Dakotans see it as BS!

  3. Anonymous

    Wait! Supposedly all crime and the black market for drugs were eliminated in Colorado, Washington and Oregon since they legalized all uses of marijuana. All law enforcement have been laid off and retrained for other jobs in those states. Pregnant women are smart enough not to smoke marijuana in those states too. Our AG office must be wrong as to the source of the drug traffic and crime.

    1. Anonymous

      Residents of those states do not even need health insurance with all the disease, sickness and injuries cured by the magical effects of weed in those states also.

    1. Anonymous

      You don’t have to tell us you’re being idiotic, we can see that for ourselves. You aren’t he arbiter of all that is good, right, and compassionate, as you liberals always think.

  4. Anonymous

    Nothing — and I mean nothing — fuels as much violence as alcohol does.

    Meth is second.

    Prescription drugs are third.

    Marijuana is last.

      1. Anonymous

        Marijuana impairs judgement as shown in looking at the daily crime and crash reports. We do not need another legalized intoxicant.

  5. Anne Beal

    Prescription narcotics are the gateway drugs for Heroin addiction

    Prescription amphetamines are the gateway drugs for meth addiction

    Prescription marijuana will be the gateway to something. Maybe Sara Lee cheesecake and video games.

    The problem is the people writing the prescriptions, not the drugs themselves. Until the prescribing physicians and other practitioners get their licenses yanked, it’s not going to stop.

  6. Mel

    The link does not have a virus but thanks for again spreading nonsense. Are you so scared of people seeing the truth you have to fabricate BS to prevent it?

    Sad…sick and sad.

    1. Anonymous

      My anti-virus software indicated it did also and if you don’t care about having your personal info and accounts hacked that is on you but I sure do not.

      1. Rlm

        Since I use Mac and tablets, I really don’t fret to much over viruses.
        Since I switched about 5 years ago I’ve never had a problem