Independent candidate announces for Congress on pro-pot platform. And your 15 minutes starts… now….

According to the Argus leader this AM, apparently a pro-pot independent candidate for Congress is announcing today.

The 46-year-old former police officer and medical cannabis advocate from Sioux Falls is set to announce Sunday that he will run for U.S. House. And he’s hopeful that his conservative platform and promise not to accept money from political action committees will set him apart.


The lifelong Republican who left the GOP after he became fed up with perceived corporate influence said he’ll work to reform medical marijuana policy at the federal level, push for welfare program reform and consolidate federal agencies.

Along the way, he plans to listen to South Dakota voters while ignoring political action committees or PACs.

“I’m not going to take a dime from them. I won’t accept PAC money,” he said.


During his time advocating for looser medical marijuana laws in the state and in interacting with the state’s congressional delegation, Hendrickson said he became convinced he needed to throw his hat in the ring to be a more responsive representative for South Dakotans.

Read it here.

And his 15 minutes of fame start about…. now.   (Did I say 15 minutes? they might already be over).

2 Replies to “Independent candidate announces for Congress on pro-pot platform. And your 15 minutes starts… now….”

  1. Thomas

    George should answer questions about his criminal past, his numerous investigations by the DCI, getting into pursuits (off-duty in his personal vehicle), and breaking into sealed semi-trailers while on duty.

    1. Anonymous

      Thomas, Do you mean to tell us that a pothead has no respect for the law?

      “Gambling at Rick’s? I am shocked!”


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