Indy Candidate George Hendrickson files for US House with FEC

Independent Candidate George Hendrickson has filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run for the US House of Representatives:

Hendrickson for House by Pat Powers on Scribd

His candidacy notes his top issues are as follows:

My top issues

  • Citizen legislators: Our founders intended citizens, not political pros, lawyers, lobbyists, or people with gobs of money, to represent the people.

  • Consolidation and reform of bureaucracies: Must simplify IRS 74,000 pages of code and a socialized medical program that had 2,000+ pages and was passed without members being able to read it first

  • Continuity of governance: Require all government employees – including elected officials – to be subject to the laws they pass (including health care and retirement/pension provisions)

  • Constitutional integrity: Return power to the states where citizens have access to their representatives who live with them

  • Cannabis: One of the most glaring examples of government interference with individual rights to access remedies for those facing medical conditions and disabilities

You can read it all here.

If he’s successful in collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot, Hendrickson would face the victor of the Republican Primary and Democrat Tim Bjorkman in the November election.

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