Inside Elections reviews South Dakota House race.

The former Rothenberg Report, now “Inside Elections” came out with an article this week with an extensive review of South Dakota’s US House Race, with a number of tidbits in it that.

What are they noting in their report about the 2018 Congressional race?

*Dusty Johnson is using General Consultants Jeff Burton and Bruce Harvie of Prevail Strategies, and Lawrence & Schiller for Media and Digital.

* The Krebs campaign team consists of general consultant Sean Brown of Axiom Strategies, who is also handling Direct Mail.

* Tim Bjorkman‘s general consultant is Drey Samuelson, and they’re still in the process of assembling their team.

* And Dem’s potty-mouthed candidate Chris Martian has supposedly sent an e-mail to the Democrat Party early this summer saying he’s no longer running.

The article also speaks a bit about how the candidates line up, and Neal Tapio’s potential entrance into the race:

Lots of interesting stuff in it.

Check out the entire article here (subscription required)

One Reply to “Inside Elections reviews South Dakota House race.”

  1. Emoluments Clause

    Well, if the Johnson folks are helping Bjorkman, then the Republicans should be worried.

    But how come you guys aren’t expressing a bunch of negativity against Bjorkman like you use to do to Brendan or Democratic congressional candidates of the recent past with less capable winnability than Brendan or Bjorkman?….. Scared, huh? Not sure what strategy to deploy, huh?

    Do you remember when Mr. Williams announced against Senator Thune? Mr. Williams was good and bright guy, but he had a very formidable task before him in running against Senator Thune. Yet, you guys carpet bombed him with negativity from day one, but with Bjorkman, you guys act like a bunch of scared villagers with your shutters closed…… Why?

    Speaking of that, why didn’t the Minnehaha County Republican Party sponsor a booth at this year’s Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls? It wasn’t that long ago, that you guys loved publishing pictures of Democratic fair booths with no one manning them, but at least the Dems had booths with brochures available, though…. What gives? It isn’t Trump, is it? Or, the failure of your heatlh care initiative, is it?……


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